More and more parents-to-be are trading the long and multisyllable likes of Benjamin and Arabella and going right for the short, sweetness of Ben and Bella. Short baby names are in! And this trend goes hand-in-hand with the rise of gender-neutral and classic baby names…with a whole lot of fresh and fun contemporary choices in the mix, too. But it is not all trend. After all, short baby names have been used for eons. Both John and his bestie James have been near the top of the baby name lists from 1910s through the 1990s. And petite names for girls have reigned supreme in that time span, too, including Ruth (1910s), Joan (1930s), and Amy (1970s). While it is impossible to list all of the adorable short baby names to consider for your little one, here are some of the best!  

Anne: You cannot go wrong with a centuries-old beauty that blends effortlessly into most any middle or last names. Anne is the French variation of the Hebrew name for 'grace.'

Britt: This short gender-neutral name is a diminutive of 'Brigid,' meaning 'high goddess.'

Brooks: This English name has been edging toward more recognition for decades, but now it seems that Brooks has a real shot! This moniker means 'of the brook' and it has skyrocketed from near obscurity to the Top 100 in the past 20 years. 

Cash: Do baby names come cooler than this? While more popular for boys than girls, Cash is a gender-neutral name brimming with swagger. 

Dane: An English name meaning, quite simply, one who hails from Denmark, Dane is a dignified choice for a boy or girl.

Eve: This Biblical name might be associated with a woman who does not follow all the rules..and we are here for it! 

Finn: Meaning 'white' or 'fair' you are more likely to see this Irish baby name used for boys, but Finn is a charmer, no matter Baby’s sex.

Gem: Less frilly than Gemma, Gem is the name of a precious rock..and perfect for so many sparkly newbies!

Huck: This is a fab option if you like literature names or just cheeky baby boy names. Huck is the diminutive of Huckleberry and it is downright adorable. 

Ivy: Botanical names are big right now, meaning petite Ivy is primed to climb the popularity charts.

Jack: This guy’s never going out of style! Jack is the diminutive of John, which means 'God is gracious.'

Kyle: This one definitely has an ’80s feel, but it still sounds contemporary and cool. The Scottish baby girl or boy name translates to 'narrow spit of land.'

Lael: Meaning 'belonging to God' this Hebrew name is a lovely and unique short baby name choice. 

Mack: This Scottish name translates to 'son of' and it is an easy way to pay homage to Babys parents! Simply make one of your names your little one’s middle name!

Maeve: This short and soulful name means 'she who intoxicates' and it is working its way up the charts. Maeve hails from Irish mythology belonging to two queens, one being the queen of the fairies.

Nell: Another pert baby girl name with flair, Nell is a shortened version of Helen and Eleanor, meaning 'bright and shining one.'

Onyx: This stone name fits two trends: A nature name and a shorty! Onyx also features an x for cool-kid cred.

Pace: This word name is not yet popular…but will be soon! Pace is a modern alternative to Pat or Grace, sounding super chic. 

Quinn: A bold name with Irish roots, Quinn means 'intelligence' and 'chief leader.' 

Reed: Meaning 'red-haired,' Reed is also a name tied to nature. This universally cute baby name is typically given to boys, but is starting to inch into gender-neutral territory. 

Scout: Made popular by the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is one of those nickname-style choices that feels familiar and fun. 

Taft: This moniker has Presidential vibes. Taft is an English baby name that also means 'building site.'

Ula: This ethereal Celtic baby girl name translates to 'gem of the sea.'

Van: As in Morrison, or just because it sounds delightfully edgy, Van is one of those unisex baby names that is not going anywhere but up! 

Wade: Meaning 'at the river crossing,' Wade is a watery English baby name to love. 

West: Looking for some direction in your baby name search? Well, here you go!

Xael: This short baby name is definitely not one you hear every day! But names are experiencing a popularity spike…and this modern choice would definitely set your little one apart. 

Yael: Things are looking up for this romantic Hebrew baby name for a boy or girl that means 'to ascend.'

Zach: Like the longer (and more popular) Zachary, Zach means 'the Lord has remembered.'

Zoe: A Greek name that means 'life,' Zoe is a spot-on short Z-name pick for girls and boys. 

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