Looking for an extraordinary baby name? You might consider the initial X, one of the least-used letters in the alphabet. Funnily, while first names that start with X are rare, the letter has been sneaking its way up in popularity on the naming charts as a central or closing sound for years (Axel, Lexi, Max).

In addition to being a rare first initial, it’s a complex one, with multiple pronunciation options and diverse cultural significance. If you want your little one’s name to be extra special, this is the exact place to check first. 

Girl Baby Names That Start With X

Xandra: A modern shortening of the classic Alexandra meaning “defending men” from the Russian, it will definitely give your girl an edge. 

Xanthe: This rare Greek name for girls means “golden” or “yellow.”

Xaviera: A stunner that doesn’t get nearly as much play as its male counterpart, Xavier, but is just as special. 

Xara: Pronounced like Zara, which has mixed Hebrew and Arabic roots meaning “blooming flower” or “God remembers” depending on your preferred interpretation, it is a unique X name idea for a daughter. 

Xena: The Greek name meaning “guest” exists on its own unlike some of the tweaked X names that originally began with Z; we love its simplicity and warm meaning. 

Xenobia: A super rare name choice for a daughter, it is also of Greek origin, translating to “of Zeus.” Zeus was an all-knowing protector and god of the sky in Greek mythology. 

Xia: The Chinese baby girl name means “glow of the sunrise,” for a promising and pretty pick for your little girl. 

Ximena: The Spanish name is actually a feminised version of Ximeno, or “son,” so with a dubious translation you can consider it as referring to your daughter. 

Xiomara: With mixed Spanish and Portuguese roots, this lovely X name for girls translates to “famous in battle.” 

Xochitl: The Native American baby girl name belonging to the Aztec tribe means “flower,” for a special take on the nature name trend. 

Xolani: An African (Zulu/Xhosa) baby girl name, it has a gorgeous sound and the sweet dual meaning, “peace” and “please forgive.” 

Boy Baby Names That Start With X

Xabat: A shortened version of the Spanish Salvador— “savior”—it has serious style. 

Xaiden: A modern invented name in the Jayden and Hayden vein; the pronunciation is up to you, but an opening “Z” sound is preferable. 

Xan: Some short baby names leave much to be desired, but this one packs a punch as a diminutive of Alexander (“defending man”) worth considering on its own. Xander is another option. 

Xanthos: This handsome Greek name for boys means “golden-haired.”

Xavier: Definitely the best known X name for babies, it’s a Basque name translating to “new house” popularised by the Spanish musician Xavier Cugat in the mid-1900’s. The nickname Xavi can also be given as its own name. 

Xenophon: A truly rare and alluring baby boy name, it comes from Greek roots and means “foreign voice.”

Xerxes: The Persian name meaning “hero among heroes” has a unique sound and beautiful meaning for your little guy. 

Xoan: A smart way to name your baby after a John in the family, the Galician version will set him apart. 

Xyler: With the X trend rising, more familiar names are getting a revamp with this new initial. Xyler is another modern invented name, rhyming with Tyler and open to your interpreted meaning of choice. 

Xylon:  The Greek nature name—“the forest”—is a clever pick to satisfy the need for an X in the first position. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With X

Xen: Pronounced like the more familiar Zen, with which it shares a meditative meaning, the name of Japanese/Buddhist origin is adorable and gender-neutral. 

Xiu: A whisper of a name from the Chinese, it surrounds a “beautiful culmination” and is related to grace and elegance. 

Xinyi: This one is a place name for a district in Taipei, Taiwan; its Chinese root words conjure joy and harmony in the mind and soul. 

Xoese: The gender-neutral Chinese moniker meaning “one who believes” is a strong choice for a little one. 

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