One interesting thing about Z names is that Z is one of the least used 'first' letters in the English language, and most of the names are very rare, but there are SO many of them! For how infrequently you hear a Z name other than Zoe, Zachary, or Zane, it is downright zany to consider the endless possibilities if you are in fact after a baby name that starts with Z.  

Zig-zagging your way around our list of the cutest Z names for babies, you will discover lots of history, some biblical influence, and culturally intriguing names from all around the world. Whether you are looking to name your baby for an initial Z in the family or just would like a rare first initial, consider our favourite Z names for baby boys and girls. 

Girl Baby Names That Start With Z

Zabelle: If Isabel feels pretty but too tired for your tastes, this very rare Armenian baby girl name is actually an ancient form of the more familiar Isabel, meaning 'pledged to God'. 

Zabrina: You might raise some eyebrows, but this fun take on Sabrina is a contender stemming from Celtic mythology and referring to the River Severn. 

Zafira: We are getting major princess vibes from this Arabic baby girl name meaning 'to succeed' that feels sparkly like a sapphire. 

Zahava: A rare Hebrew name that is actually not old or biblical like most; it translates to 'gold' and is only traceable to modern usage. 

Zalia: If you love Talia or Amalia, consider this Hebrew girl name meaning 'zealous' or 'ardent'. 

Zamara: The name of Islamic roots—'conscientious'—is a real zinger for your kind-hearted little girl. 

Zara: It has gotten a leg up thanks to the global fast fashion powerhouse brand by the same name, but that connotation takes no shine away from this beautiful baby girl name of mixed Hebrew/Arabic roots that means both 'blooming flower' and 'God remembers'. 

Zaria: A gorgeous baby girl name similar to Zara in sound with an added syllable, it is of Arabic roots translating to 'princess' or 'scattering wind'.

Zatara: If Zara and Zaria are not quite rare enough for you, we suggest this baby girl name of African origin that is actually a surname, handpicked for a little one! 

Zayleigh: Every list of the best baby girl names needs something in the Hayleigh, Riley, Kinsley vein. This modern invented name fits the bill with a unique first initial to boot. 

Zeba: A powerful Greek baby girl name referring to the force of Zeus, she will probably be the only Zeba she ever meets, but that is a good thing. 

Zelda: Who would not love this magical feeling moniker? It stems from the arguably less cute Griselda, meaning 'gray fighting maid'… for maybe the most random baby name meaning of all time? As a diminutive of the Hebrew Zelig, though, it also conjures joy and blessings. 

Zella: Slightly off the familiar Zelda, this one is another feminized version of Zell or Zelig from the Hebrew. It is also an African baby girl name in its own right, translating to 'one who knows the way' or 'having it all'.

Zenda: Such a fun name with a quirky sound and easy spelling, it is of Persian/Ukrainian origin meaning 'sacred'. Zendaya is an adjacent but distinct choice, from Africa and meaning 'to give thanks'.  

Zeta: The last letter of the Greek alphabet makes a creative name idea for a final baby!

Zinnia: A striking, colourful flower in the daisy family… and a beautiful nature baby name idea for your little girl. 

Zoe: By far the most common Z name for girls, it is likely the only one on this list you will find high in the naming charts any time soon. It means 'life' from the Greek and has multiple spelling options including the popular Zoey. The Russian version, Zoya, is a lovely alternative.  

Zora: This gorgeous Croatian baby girl name translates to 'dawn', for a sunny and hopeful name idea for a daughter. 

Boy Baby Names That Start With Z

Zachary: Along with the Jonathans and Daniels that have never fallen too far out of favour in the past couple hundred years, this gem meaning 'the Lord has remembered' of Hebrew origin is a beloved classic. 

Zaden: The modern invented name is a contender if you like Aiden and Jayden but want something rarer. Zayden and Zaiden are spelling options, and Zay makes a cute nickname. 

Zaid: An Arabic name meaning 'to increase', it has an uncommon yet comfortable sound. 

Zalman: So debonair, the Yiddish variation of Solomon meaning 'peace' is a gorgeous baby boy name idea.  

Zander: The diminutive of Alexander—'defending men'—is a familiar Z name to consider. Shorten it even further to Zan for an extra cool, single-syllable name. 

Zane: As Zachary and Zoe, it is popular as far as Z names go. It is believed to be a version of John meaning 'God is gracious', but when spelled Zayn (like the musician Malik of One Direction fame), it is also an Arabic name, meaning 'beauty, grace'.  

Zaragoza: About as rare as they come, this name ranks somewhere in the 7,000’s for modern babies, which is perfect if you want something one-of-a-kind! Zaragoza is a name of Spanish origin relating to an ancient capital kingdom called Aragon.  

Zared: Love Jared but want something that stands out a bit more? This Hebrew baby boy name means 'trap', for the one who has your heart on lockdown. 

Zaven: The ancient Armenian boy name has dubious meaning but could refer to the concept of strength.

Zavier: A phonetic version of the popular Xavier, this one is less seen than the original but rising in popularity. 

Zed: Cool on its own, the single-syllable baby boy name is actually a shortening of Zedekiah—'the Lord is just'.

Zeke: Up there with Zed for the coolness factor but a bit more familiar, it stems from Ezekiel meaning 'God strengthens'.  

Zebediah: A devout sounding Hebrew baby boy name, it translates to 'gift of Jehovah'. 

Zell: Technically a modern invented name, it is related to Zellig from the Hebrew. Zelig means 'blessed'.

Zenon: The Ancient Greek/Polish form of Zeus somehow has a futuristic feel which could be a big, zealous 'yes' for the modern parents!

Zeus: Greek god of the underworld… and a cute little boy who is about to rule your house.

Zhivago: So rare and mercurial, the Russian literary name is an absolute stunner for your baby boy. It means 'life'. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With Z

Zaire: We adore this effervescent place baby name, after the River in the Congo. 

Zalley: Similarly to Vale and Yarden, it is a name people will hear and wonder, 'Why did I not think of that for my baby?' Zalley is a contemporary name with no known meaning. 

Zamari: Gender-neutral, easy to spell, trending first letter Z…the only thing this name does not offer up is a special meaning or translation, so you have the freedom to make up your own.

Zarin: The Persian name meaning 'golden' is a glowing choice for your little girl or boy. 

Zaza: Could it be any cuter? We love names that sound like nicknames, and the gender-neutral Zaza translating to 'movement' in Hebrew is a win! 

Zeal: As a gender-neutral word name, it refers to energy and enthusiasm. If you would like a long form, consider the place name Zealand. 

Zeferine: The Portuguese names Zeferino (boy) or Zeferina (girl) could be made gender-neutral with an 'e' in the final position. No matter which spelling and pronunciation you favour, the meaning 'west wind' makes this one extra charming. Zephyr is the anglicised version.

Ziggy: A German gender-neutral diminutive of Sigmund or Siegfried—'victory'—it has pop culture relevance and a cute sound. 

Zion: In Hebrew, the 'highest point', it is an exalted baby name idea for a boy or girl.

Zuri: A lovely gender-neutral name from Kaswahili (African) origin, it means 'good' and 'beautiful'.

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