The natural world has long served as inspiration for everything from iconic works of art and literature to architectural and scientific innovations. So it’s not surprising that nature baby names have sprouted up, too. 

Naming your child after your favorite flower, tree, or fern is not only a way to pay tribute to the natural world, but these names also pack a punch with lovely meanings and bold or breezy sounds. And while classic nature names, like Lily and Rose, probably aren’t going anywhere any time soon, a growing trend is to select less traditional nature names for babies...which is where these nature baby name picks come in. 

If you’re looking for baby name inspiration—and a hike in the woods or stroll through the garden—hasn’t sparked anything, take a look at these 33 unique nature baby names. 

Girl Nature Names

Azalea: Plenty of flower names can work for Baby Girl, but the name of this hot-pink flowering plant from the Rhododendron family sounds just as snappy and resplendently gorgeous as the flower itself. 

Berry: Technically a unisex name, we love this one for little girls. It’s bright and to the point! Once Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, fruit names became universally acceptable... lucky for your ‘berry’ sweet little girl!

Bloom: A nontraditional flowery name for girls, this one holds promise and joy in its very meaning; to grow and to flourish. 

Calla: From the callalily, it’s a classic and cute flower name with a modern twist. 

Coral: As beautiful as the popular jewel names Pearl and Ruby, but with oceanic origins. While its sister-name Cora has risen in popularity in recent years, Coral stands out, feeling more whimsical and close to nature.  

Darya: Slightly more exotic sounding than Dara or even Arya (similar-sounding top picks for girls), it means “the sea” with Russian and Arabic roots. 

Elara: This extra-special girls’ name doesn’t just appear in Greek mythology—it’s the name of one of Jupiter’s moons, meaning that it totally qualifies for our nature baby-name list. And it sounds pretty, too!

Evanthe: The Greek name meaning “fair flower” is an original nature name for girls, and lends itself easily to modern nicknames like Ev or Evie. 

Forsythia: It’s an exotic species of flower that blooms gloriously yellow. Your little girl will grow into such a bold flower name and can go by Thia for simplicity. 

Hazel: An English name—“from the hazelnut tree”—this one hit the number 42 spot in 2018 for most popular U.S. girls’ names. 

Juniper: Another nature baby name growing in popularity, Juniper is a tart berry and a much more current, elegant answer to Jennifer from the 1980’s.

Wisteria: It might be a bit more “out there” than Willow, a more popular W nature name, but this southern name that symbolizes devotion in the language of flowers would make a gorgeous name for a baby girl.

Boy Nature Names 

Acacias: The male version of Acacia, a female plant name. This nature baby name refers to a family of shrubs and trees, many flowering and others that are used to provide wood.  

Alder: The English tree name for boys strikes the perfect balance between having a natural meaning and a traditional sound. 

Beech: Along with its oceanic counterpart, Beach, this one has a breezy, yet strong, feel. The beech tree produces very strong, split-resistant wood; a nice metaphor for Baby Boy.

Birch: Although a gender-neutral name, we especially love Birch for boys. It’s a tree name for boys that has English roots and fits today’s trend of one-syllable, cool-kid names. 

Canyon: A deep gorge with a river running through it, or a perfect outdoorsy name for your baby boy? It could be both! The depth and perceived wisdom that come with a name like this cannot be overstated, despite its lower ranking in popularity. 

Danner: The German name meaning “dweller near the fig tree” is a handsome choice for baby boys. 

Ewan: Made popular with this generation by actor Ewan McGregor, it’s the Scottish form of the Galic name Eoghan, and means “born of the yew tree.”

Reef: The masculine answer to Coral, it’s a gorgeous baby boy’s name with a surfer-chic feel.

Stone: While girls have lots of fun gem name options, this is the “hardcore” male’s version of an elemental rock name.

Unisex Nature Baby Names

Addax: The addax is a white, Saharan antelope whose name serves as a stunning choice for a little boy or girl.

Alani: It’s a Hawaiian name meaning “orange tree,” and while it’s traditionally been used more for girls, Alani is growing in popularity for baby boys, too.  

Arbor: From the Latin for “tree,” this lovely unisex nature name is easy to pronounce and not over-used. 

Ash: From Asher to Ashlynne, Ash- names have been around forever. But the simple, one-syllable derivative from the ash tree (or indicative of ashes after a fire) is a modern gender-neutral nature baby name. 

Ember: A nature name that glows from within—its literal translation is the hot coal element at the heart of a fire. It stems from Hebrew for “appointed by God.” 

Forest: For boys, it’s considered an occupational name meaning “woodsman,” and for both genders it translates exactly as the English word, for “woods.” If you like this nature name, you might consider Meadow for a girl. 

Halcyon: Greek for “kingfisher bird,” this unisex nature name coolly has alternate meanings with a whimsical, soothing feel. As an adjective, it means looking back to a time of peace. Plus, it’s part of the proper name for a leafy, blue-green perennial Hosta Halcyon.    

Jonquil: A rare flower name that’s used for boys, too. The unisex nature name refers to a rush daffodil and has a soothing feel thanks to the same suffix as the word “tranquil.” 

Kai: The one-syllable, unisex nature name most widely known for meaning “sea” in Hawaiian is also a Japanese word for the willow tree, giving it extra-natural cred. 

Lark: An English bird name traditionally used for girls, this one is now picking up speed with little boys as well.  

Wolf: In German, the name as given to a child is specific to a “traveling wolf,” but parents today use it for boy and girl babies in reference to these stoic canine creatures. 

Wren: Rounding out our list is a bird’s name used for boys or girls; in the Celtic culture the wren symbolizes action and enthusiasm. It’s an easy-to-pronounce neutral name, if an uncommon one. 

Final Thoughts on Nature Baby Names

For more nature name inspiration, consider heading to your local botanical garden, or maybe even leaf through a wildlife guide. (And if you’ve found a favorite nature name that’s not on our list, let us know in the comments!) 

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