To find the perfect baby name, sometimes you need to stop looking, and start listening. Music is not only the product of creativity, but it also drives creativity and can be a powerful source of inspiration...especially when it comes to music baby names

A music baby name, whether based on genres or instruments, iconic artists or even an unforgettable tune, will help your little one march to the beat of their own drum with a moniker that’s as meaningful as it is lyrical. These music baby names for boys and girls strike exactly the right chord. They’re cool, unique, and can be incredibly personal. So, without further prelude, here are 40+ music baby names that...totally rock.

Music Baby Names for Boys

Aubade: This unusual choice from the French means “morning love song,” making it a very sweet and rare baby name for your little boy. (See more French baby names!)

Brio: It’s a musical word from the Italian, translating directly to “vivacity, zest.” In music, the term is used to describe a piece with brilliance and energy; often Mozart’s pieces contain “brio.” (See more Italian baby names!)

Canto: The Italian word for “song” or “stanza” is a beautiful baby boy name. 

Chord: A cool one-syllable music baby name for boys, this choice is easy on the ears and requires no translation.

Elvis: Name your little boy after one of the most famous male musical icons and set him up for a lifetime of style, edge, and legacy. If you’re not keen to put Elvis in the first name spot, it works effortlessly as a nod to Presley when used as a middle name as well.

Hendrix: After Jimmy, this cool music baby name for boys is currently rising in the ranks—and it’s clear why so many modern parents love its artful sound and funky spelling. 

Herod: The rarely used Greek baby name means “song of the hero,” for a beautiful, musical baby name for your son. (See more Greek baby names!)

Major: We love this bold music baby name; the word pertains to the key of the piece (major vs. minor, where major is vibrant and lively and minor more melancholy). Since this English word name has multiple meanings, it’s a subtle choice for your little guy to grow into.

Ramone: Another rockin’ baby name for your tiny dude; the Latin-derived music baby name is most often given in tribute to the Ramones, and it has an utterly cool vibe and easy spelling to it.

Riff: The son of a guitar-player or any music obsessive would be well served with this unique music baby name that pertains to a repeating chord or melody in guitar-playing. 

Reed: It has nature connotations as well, but in music, the reed is the component of a woodwind instrument that creates the sound. It’s also a very cute music baby name for your boy!

Ronen: A less obvious choice for the music baby name list, this well-loved name is most often associated with the Irish name Ronan, but in Hebrew and with this spelling, it actually means “song.”

Rhythm: A solid, music baby name that your little guy will love growing up with. 

Shiron: The popular Hebrew baby name means “songfest,” and it’s a very cute option to consider. 

Zamir: It’s another Hebrew baby boy name, translating to “song.” 

Zimri: Meaning “my music, my praise,” this lyrical Hebrew baby boy name is sure to set your little man apart. 

Music Baby Names for Girls

Allegra: The Italian music word that translates directly as “joyful” refers in music to the uptick of tempo or more lively parts of a song. 

Aretha: Name your daughter after the great singer Aretha Franklin and we’re pretty sure she’ll appreciate the implied greatness from the start. 

Aria: Another beautiful Italian music baby name, this one means “song or melody” while also translating to the word “air,” for a light and breezy, pretty baby girl name to adore. 

Cadence: The Latin term for “rhythm or beat” in music is a baby girl name pick that’s been gaining popularity in recent years. Neatly, she can go by the super-simple Catie if she prefers.  

Cantrelle: A French name translating simply to “song,” we love this unique music baby name for a girl. 

Clarion: It’s an ultra-rare baby girl name with musical connotations; the term relates to a medieval trumpet but in modern contexts sounds like a more lyrical version of Claire. 

Harmony: A music term that is best suited for a baby girl, it has Greek origins. 

Madonna: If you’re looking for an icon to name your little girl after, you can’t go wrong with this stunning Italian name belonging to the famed American singer who needs no other moniker. 

Madrigal: Give little “Maddie” something more unique than the obvious Madeline with this special baby girl name that means in Latin, “a song for unaccompanied voices.”

Melody: This music baby name would make an amazing pairing for girl-girl twins with Harmony, but Melody has stand-alone cred as well, meaning “song” in Greek. (See more twin baby names!)

Philomena: This ethereal music girl baby name comes from the Greek and translates directly as “to love.” Plus it has musical connotations with a slant meaning, “lover of singing.”

Piper: This music baby name is experiencing a stunning rise in popularity at the moment, and while it’s technically considered unisex, Piper is far more widely used for girls. It’s an English occupational name meaning a “pipe or flute player.”

Rayna: Meaning “song of the Lord” in Hebrew, this strong musical baby girl name is such a pretty choice for your little one.

Tehila: We love a rare baby name, and this one hits the mark. Tehila means “praise song” in Hebrew and is just lovely for a modern-born daughter. 

Sonatina: A gorgeous Italian baby girl name that stands for a simple and/or short song. 

Viola: The instrument name is a beautiful pick for a little girl, and she’ll be in great company with Davis and others. It’s also just a step from the pretty and popular Violet, giving this music baby name for girls a vibe that’s familiar yet special. 

Gender-Neutral Music Baby Names

While many of the sweet music baby names on this list could be used for either a boy or a girl, and that decision is ultimately up to you as the parents, the handful to follow represent our choices that are most often considered gender-neutral music baby names. 

Adagio: The Italian word technically means “at ease;” as it pertains to music the term refers to a slower or more suspenseful portion of music. 

Chanson: A French music name meaning “song,” this one was traditionally given to girls but has a more male-leaning feel to an English speaker, so use and enjoy as you see fit. 

Jazz: This cool music baby name refers to the style of music by that same name, and has, fittingly, an upbeat feel. 

Lennon: After the legendary John, this precious music baby name is an homage to not only the man but that entire era of music. Sweetly, it also translates to the Irish word for “lover” and is given to both boys and girls. 

Liron: The gender-neutral Hebrew baby name meaning “song for me” is a beautiful choice for your baby and your little one can be nicknamed Ron or Lira for a boy or girl respectively. 

Lyric: A word in a song, and also a gorgeous gender-neutral music baby name that’s growing steadily in popularity. 

Morgan: Many may not realise that this well known gender-neutral baby name has musical connotations. It’s a Welsh name with the direct translation “sea-born,” but also “sea-song.” 

Roni: A Hebrew name with dual meanings “my song” or “my joy,” this would be a sweet-sounding music name for your little boy or girl. 

Sonnet: Traditionally given as a girl name, we like this music baby name for either sex. A sonnet is a “little song” from the English and Italian, and offers something unique yet easy to spell and pronounce.

Beyond Music Baby Names...

If none of these baby names were music to your ears, check out more inspiration below. And, once you’ve picked out the perfect name, it’s time to pick out the perfect baby bed...that’s where SNOO comes in! Learn more about how SNOO adds sleep here!

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