B is for baby—but it can also be the perfect first initial for your beautiful new addition. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect baby name starting with “B,” look no further than our curated list of favourite B names from around the world.

Baby Boy Names That Start With B

Banks: It’s dignified and short, yet anything but simple. This handsome English word name is a fitting starting point for the list of best baby B names. 

Bairam: A spirited Turkish name starting with the letter B meaning “festival,” your little guy will love growing up with this one.

Bastien: The long form, Sebastien, is having a bit of heyday. Break with the trends and consider this shortened version of the exotic, ancient French/Spanish place name that starts with B. (Check out more baby name trends!)

Baxter: Rarely heard, this chic British name is a fancier sounding take on Baker (another beloved B name!) and shortens adorably to Bax.

Beck: We love a one-syllable B baby name that packs a punch, like this one from the English meaning “one living beside a small stream.”

Bennett: If you love Ben, but would prefer him to stand out a bit more than Benjamin, the Medieval version of Benedict or “blessed” is perfect.

Bidal: The Latin name starting with the letter B translates to “life, vitality,” and it’s a gorgeous choice for a baby boy. 

Bishop: It’s an occupational baby boy name starting with B from within the Christian Church and it has a gentle—yet polished—sound.

Bodhi: This cool-kid name starting with a B is of Sanskrit origins means “awakening, enlightenment.” 

Bowen: A Welsh familial name with a sturdy, familiar feel, it brings with it the cute nickname possibility Bowie—a nod to pop music culture. (See more music-inspired baby names!)

Brayden: Originally an Irish surname, this baby name starting with B has a sound that’s very popular in modern American baby naming. The root meaning is “salmon.”

Briggs: A variation on the English word name Bridges, it’s fun and perky for a little boy and will age well with him as he grows. (Bridge or Bridges are cute picks, too!).

Baby Girl Names That Start With B

Baila: More unique sounding than Bella, the Spanish baby girl name starting with B meaning “dance” is a prized pick for a princess. 

Bardot: The famous French surname carries chic appeal thanks to Brigitte (which is another pretty B baby name). Bardot makes a lovely first name for a little girl.

Beatrix: A Latin B name for girls meaning “she who brings happiness” or “blessed.” Plus, we love its nickname options: Bea and Trixie.  

Behati: This is the Afrikaans version of Beatrice with the same meaning as above; it sounds exotic and romantic, and could serve as a perfect bridging of two cultures in your search for the perfect B baby name for girls.

Beline: It’s an absolutely lovely French baby girl name translating to “goddess.” 

Bettina: A diminutive of Elizabeth meaning “God is my oath,” this punchy girls’ name that starts with B feels modern and classic at once. 

Bexley: Nontraditional and totally cool, the English place baby name is earning high marks among American parents as are many names containing an “x” these days. 

Birdie: The vintage name with modern appeal means “bird” from the English and carries with it a whimsical, fresh feel. 

Blythe: Mature and elegant, it’s a one-syllable B name that manages to pack in multiple consonants for a complex sound. Blythe is an English name meaning “happy, carefree.” 

Briar: The English baby girl name translates to a “thorny patch” for an unusual nature name she’ll adore. 

Brielle: A shortened version of Gabrielle, this charming French baby name means “hunting grounds.” 

Brynn: We love this Welsh “B” name for girls meaning “hill,” and also the elongated Brinley, which means “burnt meadow.”

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start with B

Baez: A Spanish surname (as in Joan), this baby name starting with B has flair and charm. 

Banner: From the English meaning “flag bearer,” it’s unexpected and dignified whether given to a son or daughter. 

Bayar: The Mongolian name translating to “joy” is a rare gender-neutral baby name with heaps of potential.

Baylor: It’s familiar but not overused; the English occupational name is a cute baby name starting with B for a boy or girl. 

Bellamy: With French origins meaning “fine friend,” it doesn’t get sweeter than this gender-neutral B name.

Bentley: The luxury car connotation certainly doesn’t hurt, but we love the original meaning of this boy or girl name—“meadow with coarse grass.” 

Bevan: Welsh for “the son of Evan,” this pretty baby name with a B is among the rarer on our list, but easy to spell and pronounce. (Browse more rare baby names!)

Blake: From the English meaning “fair-haired” or “dark,” it’s a popular one-syllable first name starting with a B that we love for boys and girls. 

Brighton: A British place name starting with B that has a bright and cheerful feel, it works just as well for a little boy or girl.  

Brogan: A gender-neutral Irish baby name meaning “shoe,” it’s short, sweet, and cheerful with various nickname options including Brogue or Brogy.

Burgundy: The French place name is also a colour name, with a deep, rich feel and gender flexibility. 

Beyond B Baby Names:

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