One of the best places to look for baby names is your own backyard—literally! After all, gardens are where some of the most beautiful baby names bloom! Whether you are looking for a nature-inspired baby girl name, baby boy name, or a gender neutral name befitting of any baby, here is a virtual bouquet of floral-inspired ideas.

Plant and Flower Baby Names for Girls

There are plenty of beautiful botanical baby girl names that you are already very familiar with, like Daisy, Dahlia, Ivy, Jasmine, Lily, Rose, and Violet. And while each of those floral-inspired monikers is stunning, here are some equally lovely…but lesser-known flower and plant baby names for baby girls.

Adelia: This undiscovered gem of a German baby name means “nobility,” but it is also the name of a flowering plant native to Latin America and the Caribbean, blooming with cute nickname potential. Hello, Addie!

Flora: The crown jewel of flower baby names, Flora, is the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and springtime. If you love the idea of Flora but are looking for something with a tad more heft, there is always the lovely Florence, which means “blossoming.”

Fleur: This sophisticated French moniker is not your garden variety botanical name! Instead, it is the ideal option for someone looking for a chic and unique take on a flower baby name. While it is still not bursting with popularity in America and other countries, Fleur is flourishing among the Top 100 baby names in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

Freesia: The pink, purple, and yellow-coloured petals of freesia flowers are a staple of wedding bouquets for a reason: They are beautiful…just like this rare baby name!

Hana: Not to be confused with the Hebrew Hannah (hann-ah) that means “favour” or “grace,” Hana (hah-nah) translates to “flower” in Japanese and Persian, making it a fresh botanical name choice for your baby girl! (Find more Japanese baby names.)

Holly: This plant-inspired baby name is not just for Christmas babies! Although Holly has faded from popular use in America since the 1970s, this English baby name remains a top pick among the British.

Iris: Not only does Iris mean “rainbow” in Greek, the stunning flower of the same name is a symbol of hope, wisdom, and courage. Translation: You simply cannot go wrong with this sophisticated flower baby girl name! (Here are more Greek baby names you will love.)

Juniper: Inspired by the diminutive shrub of the same name, Juniper is a positively fresh baby girl name that is quickly rising to the top of the crop. For example, Juniper first entered the Top 1,000 baby names in America in 2011 and has since climbed to the top 150! 

Laleh: Persian for “tulip,” Laleh (laah-LEH) is a stunning and unique flower-inspired baby name to gift your baby girl. If you are looking for more flower baby girl names with a Persian flair, Jasmine and Hana fit the bill, too!

Leilani: The Hawaiian baby name Leilani means “heavenly flower” and is among the top 30 names given to baby girls in the island state, but this Hawaiian flower name deserves to flourish all over the United States—and beyond! 

Linnea: This Scandinavian baby girl name is a super-popular botanical name choice in Sweden and Norway. Linnea means “lime tree” or “linden tree,” but when spelled Linnaea, it translates to “twinflower,” which is a delicate member of the honeysuckle family that blooms pink and white flowers throughout the forest.

Mallika: If you are toying with the name Jasmine but are not sure it is the right flower baby name for your little girl, consider Mallika, which is Sanskrit for “jasmine” or “the scent of jasmine.”

Nyssa: Fall foliage fans may want to consider Nyssa for their botanical-inspired baby name. Nyssa is short for nyssa sylvatica, commonly known as a tupelo tree, with branches bursting with rich autumn colours of red, gold, and orange. Fun fact: The tree was named in honour of the mythological Greek water nymph, Nyssa.

Poppy: This cheerful and vibrant bloom makes for an equally chipper flower baby girl name! It is also an excellent choice for an August baby (poppies are one of your little one’s birth flowers) and fans of the classic The Wizard of Oz who may remember the colourful field of poppies that lead to Emerald City.

Tamar: This Old Testament baby name actually translates to “date palm tree,” which means Tamar is the bearer of sweet fruit! This decidedly classic Hebrew name, Tamar is a fantastic choice that meshes botanical and the biblical. (More biblical baby name picks!)

Tansy: If you are looking for a perky flower baby name that is also unique, look no further than Tansy! It hails from the flowering plant of the same name that is erupting with sunshine-y, button-like blooms. Beyond the garden, Tansy is a Greek name that means “immortality.” 

Flower and Plant Baby Names for Boys

There are definitely more flower- and plant-inspired baby names for girls, but that does not mean your baby boy needs to be tossed from the forest or garden! Here are a few botanical baby names befitting any little boy.

Alder: Talk about a rockin’ baby name: The name Alder comes from the alder tree, the wood of which is used to make Fender electric guitars! Another fun fact: In some Celtic cultures, alder trees are associated with eternity. (Here are more music baby names that hit the perfect note.)

Cedar: If you are looking to branch out from flower names, consider the strong and sturdy baby name Cedar, which comes from the aromatic tree of the same name. While still considered a rare botanical name, right now, Cedar is as popular right as it has ever been!

Florian: Nearly the male version of Flora, this Latin baby boys’ name means “flowering” or “blooming.” While it is not yet sprouting up all over America, this plant-inspired baby name is budding in popularity in various European countries, like Austria and Switzerland.

Florin: A French and Romanian moniker, Florin, means  “flower” or “flourishing,” but it is no shrinking violet of a name! The distinctly sophisticated Florin is a popular name choice amongst many Romanian footballers—and is a perfect fit for any fans of The Princess Bride who may recall the Kingdom of Florin from the book and film. 

Hawthorn: If you are expecting a Taurus or Gemini, Hawthorn may be your ideal plant-inspired baby name. The hawthorn, which is a lovely flowering shrub sporting thorny branches, is one of May’s signature birthday flowers! As a baby name bonus, this botanical name also feels like a literary baby name thanks to its Old English roots! 

Gender Neutral Plant and Flower Baby Names

Nearly any plant-inspired baby name can be a gender neutral name! To inspire your budding bub, here are several gender neutral botanical baby names to consider.

Aster: From the Greek word for “star,” Aster is also a cheerful star-shaped flower that is a fresh botanical name for boys and girls. While Aster is a great baby name for any little one, it is especially spot-on for many Virgo and Libra babies, since the aster flower is one of September’s birth flowers. (Get inspired by even more baby names connected to the month they will be born.)

Briar: Technically, Briar means “a thorny patch,” but it is also the name of a lovely rose species, and “Briar Rose” is Princess Aurora’s pseudonym in Disney’s 1959 Sleeping Beauty. But that does not make Briar a girls-only name. In fact, this newly popular flower name began charting in America for both genders starting in 2015! 

Jarrah: In Australia, Jarrah (pronounced jar-uh) is another name for the koala-loving eucalyptus tree. And in Hebrew, this botanical name means “God gives sweetness” and “honey.” Either way, it is a unique gender neutral name for the nature-loving, tree-climber about to join your family!

Kiri: The kiri tree goes by many names, including paulownia tree, the princess tree, the Adam tree, and more! Originally from China, this flowering tree also sprouts in Japan, where it is closely connected to happiness and prosperity, making Kiri a ripe choice for nearly any baby! 

Laurel: A sophisticated and elegant, this floral-inspired baby name comes from the laurel tree. In ancient Rome—and today—laurel wreaths signify success and honour, which is why they are often featured on noteworthy awards.

Linden: With its heart-shaped leaves and enchanting scent, it is no wonder the strong and beautiful linden tree is the inspiration for baby boy’s and baby girl’s names. The alternative spelling used by Lyndon B. Johnson is always an option, too!

Reed: To the Brits, Reed means “red.” To music lovers, a reed is “instrumental” to woodwinds. And to nature lovers, the name Reed is a beautiful nod to the tall, slender grass with feather-like plumes of the same name.

Rowan: Not only is rowan an elegant tree with a mystical history, it is a strong baby name for little boys and girls! And if you think you might be having a crimson-haired baby, Rowan, which means “little redhead,” could not be a more ideal baby name pick!

Sage: This gender-neutral name is inspired by the aromatic shrub that produces a favourite herb. Beyond its botanical background, Sage also means “wisdom” and “good judgment,” making this name a smart baby name choice!

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