Maybe you’re considering a Spanish baby name in homage to home, family members, or ancestors... or simply because they’re beautiful in sound and meaning. No matter the impetus behind your choice to use a Spanish baby name, look no further than our list of the prettiest, most unique, and coolest Spanish names for babies. We’ve got Spanish names for boys, Spanish names for girls, and even unisex names covered on this comprehensive list of the best Spanish baby names around.

Spanish Baby Girl Names

Amaranta: The stunning Spanish version of the Greek girls’ flower name Amarantha is sharp and beautiful in this form. Its meaning is “unfading,” and it lends itself easily to plenty of pretty nicknames. 

Bernadina: Your little Berny or Birdie will grow into this gorgeous Spanish baby girl name meaning “brave as a bear.” 

Clarita: It means “bright and clear,” and this cleansing and hopeful Spanish baby name is super-cute for a modern baby girl.

Coleta: This unique Spanish girl name is a derivative of Nicole, meaning “people of victory”...but it also has a chic nickname that will appeal to fashion-lovers: Coco. 

Eleticia: It has the energy and pizzazz of Elektra, a charged English name, but this fun Spanish baby name for girls means “joy and gladness;” or “God is my salvation.” It also lends itself easily to the popular girls’ nickname Ellie, or the more vintage feeling Cici. 

Floriana: If you didn’t think it was possible to make the name Flora even more alluring and lovely, here you go! The name meaning “flourishing, prospering” features subtle floral undertones for a gorgeous and meaningful Spanish girl name that has a natural feel to it as well. 

Genoveva: The Spanish version of Jennifer or Guinevere is a roll-off-the-tongue beauty with multiple meanings including “juniper tree,” “white shadow or wave,” and “tribe woman.” She can be called Jenny or Vivi for short. 

Isabelita: Lovers of Isabel will delight in this special version, a Spanish baby girl name meaning “pledged to God.”

Jacinta: It’s a unique Spanish nature name meaning “hyacinth;” name your little girl after these lovely flowers in a uniquely pretty way. 

Kahlo: The modern Spanish girls’ name honors Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, whose art and life have inspired many.  

Lediana: This beautiful Spanish girl name means “happy,” and sounds it, too!

Livinia: A fun pick for girls that echoes a popular choice, Lavinia, from the early 1900’s in the US and Canada. It’s a Latin place name with a lyrical feel.

Luminosa: She’ll glow with the Spanish girls’ name meaning “light.” Bonus: Lumi is an absolutely gorgeous and simple nickname for girls.  

Natalina: An exotic take on Natalie, the popular Spanish baby girl name means “birthday of the Lord,” making it a perfect pick for a baby girl born around Christmas.  

Pacifica: This gorgeous Spanish girl name means “tranquil” and has oceanic vibes to boot.  

Palomina: A little more eccentric than Paloma (as in Picasso), the off-beat and cool baby name for girls from the Spanish translates to “dove-coloured filly,” a rare horse. 

Verana: This Spanish baby girl’s name meaning “faith” is just as lovely to pronounce as its meaning implies. Like many names on this list, it lends easily to a variety of nicknames, including Vera, Viva, and Rana.  

Spanish Baby Boy Names

Alvaro: It’s just in the top 1,000 in the US, but still considered a rare baby name for boys. Alvaro means “cautious” though it sounds cavalier, giving it cool-boy status for a new generation of sons. 

Baltasar: A slant version of Balthazaar, it comes originally from the Greek for “God protects the king” and the Spanish spelling feels less intimidating and more down-to-earth. 

Cayo: It means “rejoice,” and this adorable Spanish baby name for boys is quite rare here and abroad. Yet, it’s easy to spell and pronounce so your son wouldn’t have any issues with this unusual name once school starts. 

Celestino: The celestial name with Latin origins meaning “belonging to heaven” is an absolutely stunning choice for your little boy. Change the “o” to an “a” for the girls’ version.

Diego: It’s in the US top 150, but the common Spanish “James” still feels unique and cool for a baby boy. The name means “supplanter;” it’s also a Spanish saint name and a cultural pick for fans of Mexican painter Diego Rivera.  

Galo: A Spanish place name meaning “from Gaul,” this is such a cute baby boy name that isn’t heard too often.  

Helio: It’s a gorgeous nature baby name for boys meaning “the sun,” making this bright and beautiful pick the perfect one for a summer-born son. 

Izan: The Basque version of Ethan is popular and currently in the top 20 for baby boys in Spain, though would be considered more unique for an Australian baby boy. 

Leandro: A version of Leander—“lion man”—this is a still underused Spanish boy name with potential.

Manolo: Fashion mamas will love the connotation to the man behind the shoe brand; this elegant variation of Manuel means “God is with us.” 

Marcial: Derived from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars, this powerful baby boys’ name is not currently ranked in the top 1,000, making it a perfect choice if you’re after a rare Spanish baby boy name. 

Navarro: It’s a Spanish place name—“from Navarre”—of the Basque kingdom. The beautiful Spanish surname is rising in popularity as a first name for baby boys.  

Omero: The Spanish take on Homer (with obvious philosophical ties), means “security, pledge,” and has the added benefit of a slant sound similar to ‘humor’ in English—making this an all-around adorable choice for your new baby boy.

Santiago: A popular baby boy name meaning “Saint James” has fun associations including the city in Chile, a patron saint of Spain, and a popular Spanish surname. It has a lovely cadence and easy nickname choices, making it a very cool pick for a son.

Silvio: This Spanish nature name for boys means “wood” or “forest,” giving it the perfect blend of boho-chic meaning and an exotic, suave sound. 

Valencio: This powerful name for Spanish baby boys, with roots from the Latin—“strength, health”—is a favourite of ours.

Gender Neutral Spanish Baby Names

Angel: The classic Hispanic boys’ word-name is being given more and more for little girls, and both options are just precious. 

Azul: It’s a colour name—“blue”—making the rounds on cute Spanish baby name lists for boys and girls. 

Baez: It’s a surname, and the Joan connotation of 1970’s folk is too good to pass up for modern-day hippie parents seeking a cool Spanish baby name for their little girl or boy. 

Dali: After Salvatore, or just because you love it, this Spanish surname is being used for modern babies of either sex. 

Elian: This unisex Spanish baby name means “light” and while it ranks higher for boys than girls, either application is acceptable for modern children.  

Madrid: It’s a newer trend to impart Spanish place names on babies, and this one is absolutely perfect. The capital city of Spain is a rich and historic place, the home of countless artistic geniuses and cultural achievements. It’s also adorable for a baby boy or girl name. 

Paz: Spanish for “peace,” this one-syllable baby name is short, simple, sweet, and best of all— gender-neutral. 

Final Thoughts on Spanish Baby Names

Spanish baby names have a ring to them...but if you’d like to look elsewhere for inspiration, take a look at our other favourite baby names:

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