Mini trend alert! Lately, some beautiful Welsh baby names have been springing up all over popular baby name lists. It may have something to do with their often whimsical, soft, and romantic sounds like W, L, and R…or perhaps it is the vintage vibe that so many possess. Or maybe it is that many Welsh baby names are closely tied to nature or emotions. No matter the reason, if you are on the lookout for a baby name that feels familiar, yet very special, take a peek at these favourite Welsh baby names for girls and boys.

Aeron: Aaron and Erin are so last century. This Welsh mythology name—with the alternate meaning 'berry'—is a perfect compromise if you like those other names, but crave something more unique. 

Alwyn: This Welsh river name for boys or girls is a favourite. 

Anwen: Meaning 'very fair' or 'beautiful,' Anwen is a darling pick for a little lady. (The adjacent name Arwen, meaning 'noble maiden,' is similarly sweet.) 

Bowen: Somehow, Bowen sounds like a traditional Southern baby name, but it is got Welsh origins and means 'son of Owen.'

Briallen: This Welsh girls’ name means 'primrose,' making it perfect for a first-born daughter. 

Bronwen: Traditionally a girls’ name, Bronwen translates to 'white breast.'

Bryn: Short and sweet baby names are big! And the petite Welsh name meaning 'hill' is no exception.

Cadell: This fierce boy name pick translates simply to 'battle.'

Cambrie: If you like Cameron or Amber, consider this Welsh baby name to set your soon-to-be daughter apart. Cambrie is derived from the word Cymru, which is the Welsh word for, well, Wales.  

Carys: This lovely girls’ baby name means 'love.' Keris is a similar Welsh name that shares the same meaning with a slightly different pronunciation. 

Dawson: You might remember Dawson from his days at the Creek, but this charming Welsh baby boys name (meaning 'son of David') is ready for a comeback.

Dylan: This crowd-pleaser has made it into so many best baby name lists and for good reason! This gender neutral Welsh name that means '[son] of the sea' is always in style.

Edwynna: So, Edwynna might not be the most popular name around, but it is way too precious to overlook. This feminised version of Edward means 'wealthy friend' in Welsh.

Eira: This alluring little girls’ name translates to 'snow.'

Ellis: This Welsh name that means 'benevolent' is perfect for a boy or a girl.

Emlyn: Looking for a rare unisex baby name? Emlyn fits the bill, meaning both 'rival' and 'charming, flattering.'

Fflur: Floral names are so hot right now, and this blooming girls’ name, which is Welsh for 'flower,' is catching fire. 

Gael: The Welsh word for 'wild' is a welcome gust of cute for a little boys’ name. 

Glenda: So much more than the good witch, Glenda is a perfect combo of the Welsh words glân—meaning 'clean, pure'—and da, meaning 'good.'

Griffith/n: Both Griffith and Griffin share the same meaning: 'strong lord.'

Gwendolyn: This vintage-chic choice is back in style and has lots of nickname options, like Gwen, Wendy, Dolly, and Lyn. Gwendolyn means 'white ring' and can also be spelled Gwendolen. 

Jestin: Toss an A at the end to feminise or leave as is for a striking gender-neutral choice. No matter how you customise the tail of Jestin (the Welsh take on Justin), that E will always give the name something special.

Kane: This baby boys’ Welsh name gets modern-day country cred thanks to the likes of star Kane Brown. But don’t be fooled! Kane means 'beautiful' in Welsh. 

Llewelyn: Sometimes spelled with two sets of double Ls, Llewelyn/Llewellyn is a classic Welsh moniker meaning 'lion.' 

Lloyd: This is a stoic, yet chic pick for a little guy. (Lloyd—again with the Welsh double Ls—meaning 'gray.')

Meredith: While considered a feminine name in some places, Meredith is actually started off as gender-neutral moniker in Wales. It means 'great ruler.'

Morgan: Another gender-fluid pick, Morgan means 'sea-born, sea circle' and is a popular choice in Wales and America.

Owen: You might know it best as a boys’ name, but this Welsh baby name meaning both 'young warrior' and 'well-born' is just as appropriate (and awesome!) for a little lady. 

Penrose: If you adore the name Primrose, but are having a boy—or you want something slightly less fussy for a girl—this Welsh name is spot in. Penrose means 'top of the heath.'

Price: Simple and strong, Price means 'son of Rhys' in Welsh.

Rhain: This handsome name with a fighter’s heart is technically for boys, but could absolutely scoot on over to gender-neutral territory. (Rhain means 'spear or a lance.') 

Rhys: Currently a popular name for boys in Wales, the classic moniker (pronounced Reese) means 'ardor.'

Rhiannon: This cool-girl Welsh name means 'divine queen.'

Seren: This stunning Welsh name means 'star.' It is among the top 50 girls’ names in Wales, but it is 100% gender-neutral. 

Tegan: Tegan is a Welsh saint’s name meaning 'fair' and it is a balanced fit for a boy or a girl.

Trystan: Even though this haunting unisex baby name means 'noise or sorrowful,' it is a lovely pick for any baby—boy or girl. (Trystan is the Welsh version of the Celtic moniker, Tristan.)

Tudor: Anglophiles and Royal-watchers will love this cheeky pick, which is the Welsh variation of Theodore. 

Vaughn: While the name Vaughn means 'small' in Welsh, it is certainly big on swagger! 

Winifred: Little Winnie might just have the sweetest name of all the babies on the block with this classic Welsh pick that translates to 'blessed peacemaking.'

Yale: In the United States, this gender-neutral beaut is strongly associated with a prestigious university. In Welsh, Yale means 'vigorous.'

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