One of the hardest parts of selecting a baby name is not knowing what your little one’s personality will be like. How are you to know if your precious baby-to-be will have the sunny disposition to carry the name Joy? Will you have a small adventurer who embodies your pick of Blaze? What if your child does not have that old-soul quality you think is needed to truly be an Eleanor?

While there is no crystal ball to help you name your baby—there is the next best thing: Astrology! Whether you check your horoscope daily or barely remember your Zodiac sign, why not allow the stars to help guide you to your baby’s perfect name? After all, any inspiration is good inspiration, right? Read on for name ideas based on what your baby’s Zodiac sign will be.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Kids born between late-March and mid-April are bestowed the very first sign in the entire Zodiac: Aries. (They do love to be first!) Your soon-to-be ram—the symbol that represents Aries—will be a little go-getter who’s headstrong and courageous. Here, names that are a fabulous fit:

Alcie: This charming diminutive of the Greek baby name Alicina means 'strong-willed.'

April: Many Aries’ birthdays fall during the month of April, making this a lovely name for your little lady.

Farrell: A gender-neutral Irish baby name, Farrell means 'courage,' making it a spot-on pick for any Aries.

Liam: This chart-topping Irish name that means 'strong-willed' can easily be used for boys and girls.

Ram/Rama: Aries is symbolised by the tough-as-nails ram, making the masculine or feminine take on the animal’s name a unique and fitting moniker.

Riley: Here is another great name that means 'courage' that is great for boys and girls.  

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Bull-headed? Maybe. But your soon-to-be Taurus will also be hard-working, down-to-earth, and loyal. Celebrate your complex little creature with one of these perfectly fitting names.

Bartlett: Beyond being adorable, Bartlett is a grounded baby boy name that means 'son of the earth,' an excellent choice for baby born around Earth Day.

Brianna: While Brianna has a bit of a princess feel, the name also means 'strong' and 'honorable,' which are two Taurus traits that your small royal will embody.

Finton: Taurus is symbolised by the mighty bull, making this handsome baby boy name that means 'white bull,' a remarkable fit for your new buddy.

May: Vintage names and month names are back in a big way, making May a timeless name to consider for many Tauruses.

Taurus/Taura: When your baby’s star sign has a cool name, you may as well consider using it!

Thoreau: Not only does Thoreau mean 'strength of a bull,' it is so closely associated with famed naturalist Henry David Thoreau, that it is a glorious pick for a near-Earth Day baby. (Here are more nature-themed baby names.)

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

Symbolised by twins, there will be two distinct sides to your super-charming Gemini’s personality: Open and honest, plus indecisive. Fitting names for your quick-witted and social baby-to-be include:

Ames: Geminis are known to be highly social creatures, so this Latin boys’ name which translates to 'friend' could be an ideal choice.

June: A month name is such a great pick for girls…and this one could be just-right for your Gemini babe. (Check out even more summer name ideas.)

Kiki: In Japanese, this spirited baby girl name means 'double happiness,' which is a unique nod to the twins element of the Gemini sign.

Koji: The masculine version of Kiki, Koji means 'double happiness' and 'peaceful boss.'

Twila: This ridiculously cute English baby name has a Gemini-ish meaning, 'woven from a double thread.'

Verrill: As the name connotes, Geminis are super 'honest,' making this an A+ choice for baby boys born this time of year.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

Your intuitive, empathetic, and reliable little Cancer-to-be (symbolised by the crab) will bring oodles of love into your home…with a healthy dose of sensitivity, to boot! Here are some name ideas to capture their personality:

Coyan: This French boys' name means 'shy' or 'modest,' making it a cute and super-rare pick for your little crustacean.  

Fideline: Another wonderful French name, Fideline means 'loyal,' making it a superb pick for your tiny Cancer girl.

Loyal: The name speaks for itself! Loyal is a great name that highlights one of Cancers’ most prominent traits.

Onyx: Not only does Onyx project toughness and strength, beautiful onyx stones are known to represent protection and love.

Prudent: Cancers are known for their cautiousness, making the old-fashioned sounding Prudence a fitting name choice.

Ruby: July’s birthstone is the ruby, and it belongs to many Cancers, making it a passionate and pretty pick for lots of baby girls.

LEO (July 23-August 22)

Leos are the lions of the Zodiac—and yours will soon be the center of attention in your family! Enthusiastic and loud, passionate Leo babies brings on the fun. Here are some appropriately awesome names to add to your baby name list:

Ardent: Meaning 'burning, passionate,' and 'enthusiastic,' this gender-neutral baby name of Latin origin hits the nail on the head with Leo traits.

August: While most birth month names trend girly, this warm and summery pick is well-suited for boys, too.

Daya: The Hindi girls’ name means 'compassionate,' making it an adorable and apt pick for your little Leo.

Leo/Leah: Leo means 'lion' in Italian, whereas Leah is its feminine adaptation.

Stella: It is true, your Leo belongs in your family’s limelight! Help get her there with this Italian name that means 'star.'

Zeal: This energetic name means 'passion' or 'zest,' making Zeal a fabulous name for Leo boys and girls.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Organised to the extreme, a deep thinker to the point of over-thinking, humble, loving, and kind…your late-August through September baby is going to colour your world while keeping it tidy! Here are some favourite names for Virgos:

Corinne/Corinna: Both versions of this elegant Greek name mean 'maiden,' which is the symbol of Virgo.

Gareth: This Welsh baby boy name means 'gentle' and 'kind,' and it really could not be cuter!

Imogen: Another 'maiden' name, this one is Celtic and has a hint of whimsy.

Pavao: This Croatian baby boy name translates to 'humble' and it is simply stunning for a little Virgo.

Praxis: This gender-neutral Greek moniker translates to 'practical,' making it a very Virgo choice!

Theora: The feminine Theora is a lovely Greek name meaning 'thinker/watcher.'

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

This Zodiac sign is represented by a scale, which means your Libra will be all about balance. Charming, social, and giving are also par-for-the-course traits for your soon-to-be baby. Here, name options that will surely suit any Libra:

Autumn: How lucky for Libras that their birth season—autumn—is such a beautiful baby name option.

Emlyn: This rare, edgy, gender-neutral moniker has Welsh roots and means 'charming.'

Harmony: Since 'harmony' is a more romantic way to say 'balance,' we are here for it as a Libra name choice!

Justice: Keeping with the scales and balance theme, Justice is another perfect-fit name for your Libra boy or girl.

Karim: This Arabic name means 'noble, generous,' making it an excellent choice for a Libra.

October: Many Libras are born in October, making this brisk gender-neutral name a fitting choice. Plus, Toby or Otto are super-sweet nicknames. (Here are even more name picks for autumn babies.) 

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

A natural born leader, your soon-to-be-Scorpio will be itching to conquer so many life goals! Translation: Your baby will not be short on gusto! Here, some names that just might fit your super-intelligent bub:

Dara: This gender-neutral baby name has multiple cultural origins and meanings, but it makes our Scorpio list for the Punjabi translation: 'leader.'

Ishhara: This ancient girls’ name is tied directly to the Zodiac. Ishhara was the Mesopotamian goddess associated with the scorpion.

Max: Meaning 'greatest,' your little leader will fully embody this name! Whether you lengthen it to Maxwell or Maxine, or go with the short and sweet version, it is a winner for a Scorpio baby.

Nya: This stunning African baby girl name means 'tenacity,' a main personality trait of Scorpios.

Quinn: Your quick-witted Scorpio baby would be well-suited with this all-genders name meaning 'intelligence.'

Warrick: This name means 'strong leader who defends,' which just about sums up a Scorpio!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

A sign full of energy and zest, a Sagittarius is going to keep you busy and inspire you to embark on lots of adventures. It might be exhausting, but it will sure be fun! Here are some Sag baby names you just may adore:

Archer: The symbol of the Sagittarius is an archer, so this 'bowman' name could not be a better fit.

Mehira: A rarely heard Hebrew girls’ name, Mehira means 'energetic, swift.'

Kyler: Another name that means 'archer' (this one is Dutch) that is great for boys and girls alike.

Reece: This favourite gender-neutral name made the Sag list for its 'fiery' meaning.

Scholar: Sagittarius babies love to absorb everything around them, making this studious name a natural fit for your little learner. (Here are more ideas for smarty-pants names.)

Viva: An energetic name meaning 'life,' but also 'living' and 'alive,' Viva has movement!  

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

Busy, emotional, and always hustling, little Capricorns are chock-full of motivation to complete all the tasks they care about most! Your determined and perfectionist-leaning Cap-to-be would be very well-suited with one of these names:

Amelia: A popular name for girls, Amelia means 'work,' which Capricorns are all about. If you like the sound and meaning, but crave something rarer, consider Emmeline.

Delmar: Since the symbol of the Capricorn is a sea goat, why not consider the Spanish name Delmar, which means 'of the sea?'

Ethan: In Hebrew, Ethan means 'enduring, firm,' two signature Capricorn traits.

Imara: This adorable name with Kiswahili roots means 'firm.'

Maverick: Virtually unheard of until recent years, this fighter’s name is effortlessly cool for a Cap, with its apt meaning: 'independent.'

Winter: Born in the heart of chilly season, a Capricorn would do well with this dignified and natural name. (Check out even more winter baby name choices.)

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)

Despite its watery sound, Aquarius is actually an 'air' sign, which means your baby-to-be will have a big heart, an open mind, and a free spirit. There is a very good chance he or she will fare well with one of these appropriate names:

Amethyst: This February birthstone is a charming and delightful name for an Aquarius born that month.

Althea: A cool-girl variation of the Greek moniker Althaea, this name translates to 'with healing power,' making it a great choice for a little one who will change the world. (Aquarians are known to be fixers and healers, after all!)

Asher: This gender-neutral Hebrew name means 'blessed, joyful' or 'happy one,' making it an appropriate pick for your content small Aquarius.

Brady: The Irish baby name meaning 'free-spirited' could not be a more apt choice for an Aquarius babe.

Rebel: A natural free-spirit, Aquarians can also trend rebellious, making this edgy name a just-right choice.

Valen: Meaning 'strength, health,' Valen is a solid yet soft name representing both sides of an Aquarius.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)

A Pisces baby is symbolised by a fish. Now picture that fish swimming in two directions at once—toward a realistic goal and a lofty dream. Now, that is your soon-to-be baby! Here, some spot-on names for your dramatic, creative, generous, and sometimes-brooding Pisces:

Annabelle: Who does not love a classic? Annabelle means 'loving,' and Pisces are known to be just that.

Minnow: A cheeky choice, Minnow means 'small fish,' giving a nod to the sign’s symbol.

Monet: For children born under this creative star sign, any famed artist could make for a fun name. Consider one of the greats like Monet for European flair and style.

Philo: This Greek boys’ name means 'loving' and sounds both strong and sweet. 

Pike: Another fish name, this one has spunk.

Spring: Seasonal names can strike the perfect balance of natural vibes without being too 'out there.' Your Pisces girl will love this one! (Here are more ideas for names with a spring-like flare.)

Think you found the perfect baby name? Awesome! But before you for-sure decide, here are the seven things you need to consider when choosing a baby name.

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