Popular and rare V names for babies are a fun place to explore options for your little one on the way. There are many you’ve definitely heard—like Victor and Vanessa—and some that might be completely new to you—like Vero and Vanya.  

Many of the best V names for babies are related to strength in war, conquering, or showing an astute sense of health and heartiness. This is a result of being rooted in the Latin vi, or “strength,” and the offshoot victorum, or “victory.” As such you’ll discover many names on this list are powerful and bold in their meanings, even if flexing a softer sound. 

One thing we can promise as you scroll through our list of V names is that even the most classic ones don’t feel dated, but rather nostalgic. Here are our favourite baby names that start with V.

Girl Baby Names That Start With V

Valentina: It’s an illustrious and charming baby girl most popular in Italy but originally from Latin, meaning “strength” or “health.” 

Valerie: This classic stems from the same root (and has the same meaning) as Valentina but is a French take.

Valencia: Rarely heard and definitely statement-making, this Spanish baby girl name meaning “strong” and “brave” is a, well, strong choice!  

Vanessa: A beautiful name given throughout literature to many complicated and provocative characters, this is one those names that can come in and out of favour without ever feeling dated. Speaking of literature, it actually stems from the Greek mythology name Phanessa, and picked up popularity after writer Jonathan Smith changed the Ph- to a V and gave it to the heroine in his famed 1713 epic poem. It is also the name of a type of butterfly. 

Veda: If My Girl was one of the first movies that ever made you weep, this V name is probably already on your short list. But just in case it wasn’t, consider the short and sweet Sanskrit name translating to “knowledge.”  

Verbena: In a time when nature names are a go-to, this subtle Latin one meaning “sacred foliage” could be it! Adjacent name Verena (“integrity” or “green”) is also worth considering. 

Venus: The Roman mythology name for the goddess of love and beauty is certainly a contender for its ethereal-glam factor. 

Vera: Another short yet romantic V name, this one with Russian roots meaning “faith.” In Italian, the similar word vero means truth, for a second meaning you can consider if it fits. 

Veronica: One of the more widely used V names on our list, it’s one of those baby names that’s neither unfamiliar nor overdone. It is rooted in Latin, translating to “she who brings victory.”

Victoria: Another more popular V name for girls, it also means “victory” in Latin, and would actually make an adorable twin naming option with Veronica if you’re having two girls.  

Vienna: This lovely Italian place name has a fancy feel and is a perfect way to make a nod to one’s Italian roots or just a love of that city or region of Italia

Violet: Such a darling name for a little girl, but one that will age well with her. It’s both a flower and a colour name, hitting two trends in one go! 

Virginia: The US state name may have fallen from popular use in recent decades but is still an option if it has intimate meaning to your family. If you like it but want something slightly more posh-sounding, think about Virginie, which is beloved by the Brits.  

Vita: Adored all over the world and given to celebrity babies including the daughters of Michael Bublé and Matthew McConaughey (who chose the Spanish spelling, Vida), the Italian name means “life,” and we’re here for it! 

Vivian: A charming baby name, it’s technically gender-neutral but tends to be used more for girls. You might consider Viviette if looking for a rarer take. Both are rooted in Latin, with the “ienne” or “iette” endings belonging to the French. 

Girl Baby Names That Start With V

Vadim: Fun and fresh if you like Adam but want something more off the beaten path; it means “attractive” in Russian. 

Valentine: Romance vibes all the way with this handsome, ambling baby boy name meaning “strength” or “health.” It is considered gender-neutral, but the “a” ending is far more common than the “e” when given to a girl. 

Valerian: It has an antique, almost Shakespearean feel, as another name sharing the root and meaning with Valentine. 

Vance: An English/Irish boy name meaning “someone who lives near marshland,” it has historic relevance but a modern feel. 

Veer: This rare baby boy name is of Sanskrit origin and translates to “brave.”

Vernon: The green, hopeful name for little boys has never been stunningly popular, but you’ve probably met one or two along the way. It means “place of alders” (alders are a green plant). 

Vero: From Latin meaning “great hero,” it’s a strong name for a little man. 

Victor: The Latin V name for boys meaning “conqueror” is actually one of the oldest Christian names still in use today. It has been popular since tracking started in the 1880s and is going strong today. 

Viggo: Not a name you hear every day, the Scandinavian moniker meaning “war” is yet another bold and battle-ready V name to make our list. 

Vihan: It has an airy and warm quality, meaning “dawn” in Sanskrit. 

Vincent: Like Victor, it’s among the best known choices among our V names for baby boys; it means “conquering” with Latin roots. You might also consider the Italian version, Vincenzo. Vinny is a cute nickname either way, and he could go by Vin as he gets older as well. 

Vintner: If you’re loving this perfectly unique baby boy name for a “producer or grower of wine,” now’s the time to use it before it catches on and becomes a chart-topper!

Virgil: The Latin name meaning “staff bearer” can be used for babies of either gender but is a much better match for a boy.  

Vladimir: We’re closing out our favourite V names for boys with a Slavic standby heard often among Eastern European countries and families—the name means “renowned prince,” making it a royal pick for your little guy.  

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With V

Vale: This beautiful nature name for boys and girls rose from obscurity when morning television host Savannah Guthrie gave it to her daughter in 2014; it’s a geographical name meaning “valley” and we absolutely adore it. 

Valor: A name of strength and dignity, it was not used historically but is a bold and cool choice in a time when word names reign supreme. It means “exceptional courage,” especially in the face of danger or uncertainty. 

Vanya: The Russian diminutive of John is a spirited and spiritual choice for your little lord or lady; it means “God is gracious.”

Vaughn: A brief Welsh pick meaning “small,” it would be an adorable name idea for a younger sister or brother. 

Velvet: Totally hipster baby names are ranking high these days, and while this undiscovered gem is lurking below the charts, it could be the perfectly rare word name for your baby boy or girl.

Veridian: In a time when parents are seeking more and more unique names for babies, give this gender-neutral V name a ponder for your little girl or boy; it means “green” with Latin roots and is a nice way to bring some nature vibes in without reaching for the more standard picks. 

Vermont: We love a place name. When it comes to the United States, few places rival the hills, mountains, dirt roads, corn fields, and fresh powder in this nature-forward, beautiful-year-round state. If Vermont holds a spot in your heart, it’s worth considering as a first name for your baby. 

Verona: If you like Verena and Vernon but are after something gender-neutral, this gorgeous Italian place name could be it! 

Vesper: A somewhat mercurial name, it takes mulling over a moment but could fit your need for a chic, moody, and beautiful choice for your child. Vesper means “evening star” in Latin.

Virtue: Another fine word name for your little boy or girl; what better concept could we impart when naming a baby than good character and a sense of doing what’s right? 

Vivendel: The Norwegian nature name meaning “honeysuckle flower” hits the right note for a boy or girl if you want nature-related, easy to say and spell, and truly special. 

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