Toddler fave Cookie Monster put the letter C on the map for tots with “C is for Cookie.” But for expecting parents, the letter C is a starting point for some pretty sweet naming inspiration. C names for babies offer a variety of consonant sounds, cultural meanings, and overall vibes. Take a scroll through our list of the best baby names starting with C for some inspiration.

Baby Girl Names That Start With C

Calla: A rare baby name starting with C that’s steadily rising, she’ll be unique among the Lilies and Roses at school with this special flower name starting with a C, for the calla lily. 

Cambria: It’s a historic Welsh place name with a romantic, exotic feel. This name starting with C might not be trending yet, but your little girl could move it in that direction!

Camille: A lovely floral name that’s technically gender-neutral, we love it for a little girl. With Spanish origins and an association to the camellia flower, it’s a warm and pretty pick meaning “young ceremonial attendant.” Camilla is another, similarly sweet name. 

Caroline: The French name is a feminine take on Charles and means “free.” It’s a classic name that’s not going anywhere any time soon, but if you’d like something similar in sound but a bit more unique, consider Coraline, a longer version of Cora. 

Calliope: A stunning Greek baby girl name meaning “beautifully voiced,” she’ll likely be the only one at school with this pretty pick that shortens adorably to Callie or Lili.  

Catarina: Catherine is also an option, but this version has flair. The Portuguese version of Katherine, meaning “pure,” is a romantic C baby name to consider.  

Cecilia: A classic name with Latin roots meaning “blind,” it’s the feminised version of Cecil and we love it for its flowy sound and nickname possibilities, like Cici and Lia.  

Celine: Your little girl would be in good company with musical powerhouse Dion, as well as the French fashion label by the same name. Celine is a French baby girl name meaning “heavenly.”

Ciara: The Irish name meaning “little dark one” is a storied yet simple pick with the nickname Cici as an option, and of course, great celebrity company in the singer who goes by this first name alone. 

Clara: Simple and sweet, this baby girl name from the Latin means “bright, clear.” Many associate it with the young heroine of the classic ballet The Nutcracker; its sound is clear as a bell and will work beautifully with any middle names you have in mind.  

Collette: The sharp French name sounds about as cool as its tough-girl meaning—“people of victory.” It’s a feminine variation on the Greek Nicholas and offers chic nicknames like Coco and Lettie. 

Cordelia: It’s a deliciously vintage name starting with C that isn’t heard enough. With mixed Latin and Celtic roots meaning “heart” and “daughter of the sea,” this is definitely a contender for a spot among the best C names for girls. 

Cristabel: From Cristina to Christa, there are many ways to get that opening sound in, but this ultra-feminine pick meaning “fair Christian” of Latin and French origins is among the prettiest.  

Baby Boy Names That Start With C

Cairo: The capital of Egypt is one of those unique place names that sounds gorgeous around the world. It is a powerful baby boy name starting with C that also offers up cool nicknames Cai and Ro.

Caleb: A biblical name meaning “devotion to God” in Hebrew, this beautiful C name for boys is a must-consider. 

Calder: A lively English/Scottish baby boy name meaning “rough waters, stream,” this one makes for a unique nature name starting with C.

Calloway: From the Latin meaning “pebbly place,” it is a poetic boy name starting with a C, shortening easily to Cal for a cute nickname. 

Carmine: A handsome choice with Latin roots and widest popularity among Italian baby boys, this unique C name means “song” and also “purplish red” when traced back to the Aramaic word for crimson. 

Charleston: American place names are certainly on trend, and this Southern city won’t disappoint. Your little Charleston can also go by Charlie at school if a more traditional nickname is preferred. (See more southern baby names!)

Christian: It’s a classic name that probably won’t ever go out of style. There are plenty of nice biblical C names to choose from, but Christian tops our list for relatability and charm. 

Clark: A one-syllable pick of English origin with a multidimensional meaning steeped in professions that involve writing: “scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar, and clerk” are all associated. The name boasts vintage appeal thanks to Old Hollywood movie star Clark Gable. 

Clement: From the French with Latin roots, this strong boy name means “merciful.” Clem is a cool nickname idea for this rare C name. 

Cole: The English surname dates back to the Middle Ages with roots to the Old English word for charcoal. It reached peak US popularity back in 1997 and is not heard as much these days, which could make it a perfectly unique choice for your little man. 

Constantine: A bold name from the Latin meaning “steadfast, constant,” we love its power and historic feeling. Modern Americans might also use it in homage to the race car driver George Constantine. Con is an adorable nickname, too.  

Corbin: This cool C name feels contemporary but derives from early English meaning “raven” or “crow.” It is also used in reference to a dark-haired person. Pop culture references include famous Corbins—Bentsen from LA Law and Bleu of High School Musical fame, to name a couple.   

Cyrus: With Persian roots meaning “sun,” or “one who bestows care,” this lovely C name for boys also appears in the Hebrew Bible. It’s most common in the Iranian community and carries with it the sweet nickname Cy. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With C

Cassis: Traditionally a feminine name from the French, modern parents are giving this name gender fluidity and we’re here for it. The name refers to a town in the south of France but also relates to an Arabic word for “clergyman” (qissīs), giving it flexibility. 

Campbell: Another often-heard surname giving our C list a trendy edge, this gender-neutral C baby name of Scottish origin means “crooked mouth.” For the fashionable family, it’s a nod to supermodel Naomi. You might also consider this one to loosely honor the artist Andy Warhol, whose soup cans put him on the map in the early 1960’s.   

Chesney: Country music fans will go head over boots for this homage to Kenny, but even if you don’t have that association, it’s a lovely C name to consider for a baby girl or boy. Chesney means “oak grove” with English roots. 

Clancy: A super-cute Irish/Gaelic baby name meaning “son of Fhlannchadha,” it’s a perfect example of how old-school familial names can be repurposed for modern use with our own meanings attached. We love this one’s jaunty vibe, easy spelling, and gender-neutral possibilities. 

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