Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

It’s not hard to see why the boho aesthetic has taken hold of so many homes: It manages to be both pulled-together and totally effortless (aka the vibe most of us aspire to as parents!).  

The boho nursery invites lots of interpretations...from print-mixing to rich textures, earthy colours to vintage details, lush foliage to loads of rattan. Boho nursery decor at its core is an eclectic mix of items that are pieced together to fit your tastes—meaning it’s not supposed to look the same for everyone.

Whether you are into vintage or rock-and-roll, are all about rainbows or monochrome, are a complete minimalist or believe more is more, there’s probably a boho baby nursery design that’s perfect for your babe-to-be’s new space. So, in full bohemian spirit, just relax and soak up the inspiration from these gorgeous boho nursery ideas.  

Wicker Everywhere Bohemian Nursery

Photo: @ProjectNursery

From the baskets to the ottoman, natural materials take center stage in this artful boho chic baby room. The white walls and cot allow these pieces to truly shine, while creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Monochrome Boho Nursery Decor

Photo: Winter Daisy

Don’t be fooled into thinking a black-and-white boho nursery will be boring. This magical space proves that you can create plenty of interest without bringing in a bunch of colour. The black is crisp and chic against white and tan; the stars on the walls create childlike cheer, and the whole room works in harmony to create a celestial boho love fest your little will adore! (See more black and white nursery ideas here!)

Prickly & Pink Boho Nursery


Photo: Two Babes and a Bundle

This sweet room proves that you can go pink and nature-y at the same time in a boho baby room for girls… and we are all about it! Joyful cactus wallpaper with little pops of pink ties in the pink armchair and curtains, while the rest of the space is kept neutral and more traditionally boho in style.

Boho Chic Nursery With Vintage Vibes

Photo: Farmhouse Living

You can run wild with a bohemian baby room theme, and one such idea is to make the old, new again. Vintage wall hangings, rugs, and mirrors are perfectly bohemian in affect and easy to manipulate into the bigger picture. If you’re a music fan, try an old guitar; if you’re reaching for a California vibe, a vintage surfboard works. Remember, boho is eclectic, and vintage can be just that!

Boho Nursery Rainbow Wall Decor

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/TrendyAndyDesigns

Woven rainbows are the epitome of boho-chic, and these Etsy finds are nothing short of perfect. No matter what your colour scheme, add colour and texture to Baby’s bohemian themed nursery with a wall hanging too pretty to pass up. (Peep more rainbow nursery ideas here!)

Modern Boho Nursery Name Sign

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/BloometteSauvage

Wooden name or monogram signs for the nursery are big right now; make yours bohemian to set the tone. These are most often placed above the cot but work anywhere to enhance the boho vibes while also feeling traditional. From flowers to rainbows, leaves to vintage-style fonts, there are so many boho name signs out there—pick the one that feels the most like you!

Bring in Lots of Colour With Your Boho Nursery...

Photo: Fab Fatale

It might not be exactly what comes to mind when you think “bohemian baby room,” but boho brights are such a cool way to create a unique space for Baby. The bold oriental rug, polka-dotted ceiling, and hints of turquoise keep the eye moving in this happy space.

...or None at All for a Neutral Boho Nursery!

Photo: What Molly Made

White, cream, and beige are a stunning combo in a baby room, and if you love neutrals, you’re in luck with a boho themed nursery! This decorating scheme opens the door for plants, wood elements, and other natural textures that pop beautifully against a white or neutral wall colour.

Boho Nursery Statement Pieces

Photo: The Modhemian

It’s okay to do your own thing… this is your baby, after all! If name signs and potted plants aren’t for you, don’t be deterred from building a bohemian nursery that feels more authentic to your personal style. We’re loving the 1-2 combo created by this faux taxidermy and hanging yarn art above Baby’s cot. What a fun and fresh way to decorate!

Frothy & Delightful Boho Nursery

Photo: @sheachristinephoto

For a room that absolutely wows, take inspiration from boutique hotels, '70s movies, and, well, your wildest dreams. This gorgeous, pink and honey-hued baby girl room has plenty of boho charm but with such an upscale twist, your princess will never want to redecorate—or move out!

Boho Nursery Rattan Furniture

boho nursery rattan furniture

Photo: @rajahomewares

It’s very popular on the bohemian decor scene, and rattan furniture can truly transform any space into the boho baby room you’re vying for. Cruise Facebook marketplace and your local antique stores trying to get lucky, or spend a bit more for new pieces that feature this charming old-school look.

Crafty Boho Nursery Shelves

Photo: Bre Purposed 

Create an eclectic vibe and make Baby’s room feel super cosy and homey with pieces like this ladder-style shelf that serves as a catchall for knick knacks and needs. (See more nursery storage ideas here!)

Eclectic Boho Nursery

Photo: @themamanotes via @__themillers

You can put all your effort into creating a minimalist baby room, or you can throw caution to the wind and let the baby’s room build on itself. Textures, toys, and tons of memories in the making are the name of the boho nursery game with a comfortably cluttered—but still oh-so chic—space like this one!

Cosy Boho Nursery Decor

Photo: @khloekates

A really special blanket might be the one element your baby’s room is missing. This hand-knit gloriousness is a great example of how a vintage vibe can feel warm and new while wrapping up your boho babe in love and comfort.

Boho Nursery Tapestry

Photo: @palmtree_living via @lilrayaavarose

Nursery art is all a matter of personal taste and style, but when you’re putting together a room that’s bohemian in feeling, a tapestry is a great place to start.  

Invest in Plants for your Boho Nursery

Photo: @christine_simplybloom

Real, fake, dried, or otherwise...plants are the key to bohemian nursery decor that’s primed to perfection. From rose petals to potted ferns, snake plants in hearty vases or feathery things like shown here, definitely figure out a way to “plant” some cuteness in the baby’s room.

Light and Airy Boho Nursery

Photo: @oksanakatch

You can pull off a boho baby room without any colour at all! Case in point, this boho nursery that leans on textures and details in the absence of colour.

Boho Nursery Drapery

Photo: Little Willow Vintage

A blend of textiles and plants hanging from the walls is effortlessly boho-chic. For Baby’s room, you’ll want to use faux plants if recreating a sweeping look like this—for both convenience and safety!

Boho Nursery Art Print Mixing

Photo: My Domaine

It doesn’t clash if it’s all pretty! Mix and match prints and patterns in your decorating to create a lush bohemian space for Baby. These parents chose sweet wallpaper, a funky rug, loud curtains, and other bold looks that work together in harmony.

Multi-Textured Boho Nursery

Photo: @jessandtylerdawson

A muted colour palette isn’t just perfect for pattern-mixing, it’s great for blending different textures. Wood, brass, faux fur, and knits play nicely in this boho nursery.

Loud Earth Tone Boho Nursery

Photo: Livettes Wallpaper

Rusts and browns, taupes and grays, are often considered quiet colours. But if you’re drawn to these hues and also want a room that spells F-U-N, try out some earth tones in a wild array. This bohemian baby girl nursery brings all the best elemental colours together in a dance of patterns and shapes that’s almost 80’s, it’s so intense...and we’re loving it.

...Or Try a Muted Earth Tone Boho Nursery

Photo: @quincystreetcollection

Then again, you can’t go wrong with a boho nursery that’s big on the browns, coppers, and such, with simple details and a quiet sense of cosy. No matter how you decorate your bohemian space for Baby, remember that boho nursery decor all comes down to the details you love, and the more you mix it up, the better it will be!

Boho Nursery Sanctuary

Photo: @life_with_linn

The addition of a sweet, decorative canopy is one of the most adorable details to bring into a boho baby room (just make sure it’s out of Baby’s grasp). This whole nursery is absolutely swoon-worthy, but that cosy corner takes the cake.

More Nursery Inspiration:

Because boho invites the eclectic, you may get some inspo from some of our other favorite nursery ideas. But no matter which prints, colours, or patterns, the perfect piece for your boho nursery is a SNOO! Learn about how SNOO boosts sleep here.

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