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Cheerful, gender-neutral, and oh-so-sweet, a yellow nursery is such a nice idea for a new baby. Whether you’re going sunshine-y or lemony, deep golden or neon-bright, the options abound with yellow nursery ideas to create a stylish and cosy space for the newest addition to your family. From tiny details to wall colour inspiration, pops of pretty to bedding suites, dive into our list of the cutest yellow nursery ideas around.

Yellow Nursery Rug

Photo & To Purchase: Anthropologie  

The bold hue and jaunty shape of this cheerful Anthropologie rug are sure to bring pep and charm to your little one’s yellow nursery!

Mustard Yellow Nursery Cot Sheet

Photo & To Purchase: Caden Lane 

This floral cot sheet is a perfect example of how one of the deepest yellows can be a perfect fit for a baby’s room. Standing out among the lemons and custards, this soulful, boho shade creates interest and a soothing sense of calm in any little one’s space.

Yellow Nursery Animal Decor

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/TvoyeMacrame

Another fun way to bring on the yellow is with icons and items that are naturally that colour. Look to nature for inspiration like the sun, flowers, and yes, yellow animals like this macrame lion, to create fresh pops of colour throughout the baby’s room.

Gray and Yellow Nursery

Photo: Lay Baby Lay

Shades of gray play beautifully off your yellow accents, to avoid making the baby’s room so bright that it no longer feels sweet and comforting. Whether you reach for charcoal or dove, or simply paint the walls the palest possible gray as shown here, you can’t go wrong with this winning colour combination for the nursery.

Sunny Yellow Nursery

Photo: @mathilde.jmh

You can go all-in on yellow and still make room for other vibrant colours, as seen here. Yellow and orange play nicely together for an overall day-brightening effect.

Vintage Vibe Yellow Nursery

Photo: Michelle Zakko via Project Nursery 

Yellow might be a nursery colour trend now, but it certainly isn’t new on the scene. If you’re an antiques buff, consider a nod to old-school yellow baby rooms by bringing in cheerful wallpaper and kitschy decor, as seen here. 

Bold Yellow Nursery Cot

Photo: Pierson Photo Company 

Yellow wallpaper or paint is definitely an idea… but so is yellow furniture! You can truly make Baby’s room shine with a bright yellow cot like this one. It looks lovely against pale pink walls in this baby girl’s room, but would be just as cute in a gray, blue, or white-walled nursery as well. 

Sunshine-Yellow Nursery Rug

Photo: Lay Baby Lay

Bright and breezy, lemon-squeezy… it’s a sunny and sweet baby room to adore. Lots of natural light streaming through the windows is met with gauzy curtains, a cheerful rug, and lots of buttery-bright trappings for a yellow baby room that feels sensationally hopeful and full of love.

Sophisticated Yellow Nursery

Photo: @luciataittolaniltd 

This yellow nursery could have been ripped right off a vintage postcard. The intricate detailing in the old-fashioned wallpaper, rattan baskets, and the unapologetic pops of yellow throughout the space are inherently adorable and stylish at once.

When Life Gives You a Lemon Yellow Nursery…

Photo: yasmindost

For a yellow nursery that’s as cool as a chilled glass of lemonade, look no further than this cheerful wallpaper. There’s nothing sour about it!  

Unapologetically Modern Yellow Nursery

Photo: Christine Farah Photography via HGTV

Babyish rooms are beautiful, but be unabashedly you. If modern is your thing, there is no shame in decking out your little guy or girl’s nursery with heaps of style and, yes, a bit of grown-up charm. The elegant furnishings throughout this space are a gorgeous tribute to the colour yellow.

Just a Pop of Yellow Nursery

Photo: Happiest Baby 

A little yellow can go a long way! A piece of statement furniture, a single piece of art, or even a couple of strategically placed loveys may be all you need to bring your yellow nursery vision to life. 

Tonka-Walled Yellow Nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Burke Decor

We’re not sure it gets any cuter than this truck wallpaper for a baby boy. Tonkas are inherently yellow; like the animal or floral ideas they can totally set the tone in your little one’s nursery.

Floral Yellow Nursery

Photo: Decor Pad 

Marigolds in the morning and a soft palette of other sweet blooms makes this eye-catching buttercream yellow wallpaper a win for the nursery. Natural wood flooring and decor, plus a plush white rug are all you need… but we’d be just as in favour of a few more yellow nursery details added in here, too.

Modern Geometric Yellow Nursery

Photo: Decoist

Here’s another take on a gray and yellow nursery, this one rounded out by pops of green and brown in the chandelier and flooring, respectively. That sunny hue in the wallpaper and fun, link-inspired geometric pattern add whimsy and joy to the space without feeling overdone.

Black, White, & Yellow Nursery

Photo: Decoist 

Eye-catching, chic, and effortlessly current, a black-and-white nursery with bold brights is a truly cool idea for any little one. We aren’t mad at that turquoise pouf either, but the yellow throw, lamps, and artwork have this one shining as bright as the sun. (See more black and white nursery ideas!)

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