Nursery organisation is one of those things that all parents know they want, but aren’t always equipped to handle. When you’re mapping out the baby’s room, it’s important to build in nursery storage solutions that will help you manage the day-to-day and month-to-month challenges that come with new and growing babies. 

From caddies or drawers for nappy, wipes, and cream to expertly assembled clothing bins and more, you want the nursery to be a zen zone, and it can’t be that without organisation! Whether you’re a colour-coder, a bulk shopper, a label lover, or a total newbie, here are some of our favourite nursery storage ideas to get you and Baby on the right track.

Hanging Crochet Basket Nursery Storage

Photo: @zuri_house 

Pretty nursery storage solutions are a must for Baby’s room. These sweet crochet baskets look like a decor item but serve an extra purpose as a catch-all for anything from spare onesies to dummies or small toys. 

Hanger Divider Nursery Storage Idea

Photo: @brand_new_plot_2 

New parents tend to stock up on multiple sizes of baby clothes, and with good reason. Kiddos grow fast in the first year, and it’s so much easier to have the next size up on hand than to have to go rummaging for it in a bin somewhere when they randomly bust out of their current size. 

Try dividers like these to easily organise the closet so you know what’s what and where at a given moment. Etsy has a ton of cute options and you can also DIY them for something more personal and special. 

Peg Board Nursery Storage Idea

Photo: @ohmeganrowe 

This Instagram Dad gets all the credit for a functional and downright cute DIY bow holder for his little princess. Check Pinterest for easy how-to’s on something similar for your little princess. Bonus: the same idea works for socks, hats, and more too if you have a little boy on the way! 

Shoe Riser Nursery Storage Idea

Photo: @sarahguiler 

Those sweet little shoesies deserve center stage, especially because in a few years they’ll be mud-covered, stinky, and tossed in a bin. We’ve always placed our kiddos’ baby shoes on risers like these in the nursery not only for easy storage and outfit changes but also because it doubles as cute nursery decor! Also note: streamlined bins in a cube case let you stow away unsightly necessities with style. Check IKEA for similar nursery storage solutions.  

Nursery Storage Drawer Goals

Photo: @onlineorganizing 

“A place for everything and everything in its place,” the old adage says. And this is much easier to adhere to with babies who are little enough not to grab, pull out, or mess up their drawers. Give yourself the sanity of a highly organised dresser in the early days while you still can! 

These parents have dedicated the top drawer to nappies, wipes, and associated supplies; bottom to onesies, blankets, and PJ’s. Formal outfits, bubbles, and dresses can be stored in separate drawers or hung. This setup is manageable and makes the most sense for new parents. 

Multi-Use Nursery Storage Baskets

Photo: @bymom_handmade_in_portugal 

These can be purchased, refabbed, or made from scratch and serve so many unique purposes in the nursery. Crates create a rustic and functional feel while looking super cute. Place them throughout the room to fill with shoes, toys, books, or parent-must-haves like the nappy pad and wipes containers shown here. 

Drawer Organiser Nursery Storage Idea 

Photo: @tidypeople

Now, this is a hack every new parent can get behind. What is easier or looks cuter and more organised than baby clothes folded up and slid gently into dividers like these? The poster got hers off Amazon. We’re loving those labels, too!

Clear Nursery Storage Ideas

Photo: @missesclementi

Lucite bins, open-ended bins, and windowed drawers are a total game changer for Baby’s room. The more you can see from the outside, the less you’ll mess up getting to it. And that, friends, is a win! Shop similar nursery storage solutions from Pottery Barn, M Design, and The Container Store.  

Nappy Storage Station on Wheels

Photo: Hello Baby Brown 

Parenthood is a lot easier when you just “roll” with it. Seriously, though, changing nappies ‘round the clock is pretty much a full-time job those first several months, and a genius hack is to use a bar, craft, or coffee cart as a mobile nappy station that can be moved around the baby’s room, into your room, and so on. As Baby grows, you can repurpose the cart for toys, books, art supplies, or whatever he or she needs at a given stage!

Truck Bookcase Nursery Storage Idea

Photo & To Purchase: Crate&Kids 

...Or any cheerful, themed shelving option that doubles as cute decor and functional baby room storage. This cuteness from Crate & Barrel lets you store toys, photo albums, or whatever else is special and meaningful at the moment. Plus it’s low and not a fall risk, making it easy for growing babies to use as they become dextrous and mobile. Bonus: It doesn’t look babyish, so your big kid will still like it in a few years!

Floor Bin Nursery Storage Furniture

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

Gone are the days of ugly plastic hampers and ho-hum nursery storage bins. Todays’ baby rooms are rendered organised and cute with the help of baskets, bins, and gorgeous hampers that fit your theme and allow you to store towels, toys, blankets, or whatever Baby needs right within reach and without a mess.  

Utilise Wall Space for Nursery Storage

Photo: Inspired by This

When decorating your little one’s nursery, don’t forget the walls can serve as functional, attractive storage space. This blogger used a variety of hooks and shelves to hang hats, clothing, and other bits and bobs that will come in handy as Baby grows and her needs change. 

Hanging Clothing Rods for Nursery Storage

Photo: Laurel and Wolf 

Need to create a makeshift closet in a room that’s short on storage space? Go for the gold with bright, metallic clothing rods to hang those itty bitty clothing from. This looks so clean and pretty, and instead of hiding your clever baby room storage you’ll want to keep it exposed. Pro tip: Keep hangers uniform in colour and size to avoid a cluttered or messy visual.

Try a Stuffy Swing for Nursery Storage

Photo: Restoration Hardware

You might be shocked at how many stuffed animals are gifted to your baby in the months before and after your little one’s arrival. And while they’re sweet, the sheer volume can be overwhelming. Avoid over-stuffed nets and baskets with a cute swing! 

Use a Shoe Hanger for Nursery Storage

Photo: Lucky Andi 

Those behind-the-door shoe hangers you used in your first apartment are totally relevant again now that you’re expecting a baby. This clever nursery storage solution allows you to keep all the necessities within your reach—and out of Baby’s! The openings are the perfect size for outfits, washcloths, nappies, and tons of other baby needs.  

In addition to figuring out how to store your baby gear, you’ll need to figure out where Baby is going to sleep! Fortunately, that decision is pretty easy: SNOO Smart Sleeper doesn’t just look great with any nursery decor, it automatically calms a baby’s crying and keeps your little one sleeping safely on the back for all nights and all naps. Learn more about SNOO here.

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