Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Decorating the nursery is one of the most fun parts about expecting a baby! From bedding to wall colour, rugs to accessories, every detail involved is like unlocking a little piece of the sweet life you are about to witness unfolding. And, nursery art is one easy way to put a personal touch on your baby’s room.  

When selecting nursery art for your little one’s abode, it's okay to stick with a theme. But keep longevity in mind for pieces that will continue to feel relevant and special as the room evolves in the years to come. These 16 special nursery prints and other nursery art ideas allow parents to give a baby’s room a special look-and-feel...that will grow along with their tiny tot. 

Modern Nursery Art

Photo: @thesimplewhitehome

Modern nursery wall art is so beautiful and easy to incorporate into a baby’s room. Not to mention, a piece like this one from the nursery of The Little White Home blog will look great in a big kid’s bedroom...through the teen years, and beyond.

Watercolour Animal Nursery Wall Art


Wildlife and baby room decor seem to go hand-in-hand (case in point: the many, many adorable safari nurseries!), but you can make colourful animal wall art more visibly interesting than a standard babyish print. This detailed watercolour is absolutely timeless.

Funky Nursery Art Prints

Photo: @rainbowandthegoose

Your family is anything but ordinary; why should your nursery decor be any different? Think outside the box with nursery wall art prints that charm you. They’re a great way to kickstart creativity as Baby continues to grow.

Needlepoint Nursery Art

Photo: @acornsandpebbles

Whether you take up the art yourself or buy a premade design, needlepoint is an old-school decor form that’s having a major comeback. Check Etsy and other artisan sites for creative, handmade art for your sweet baby’s new room.

Grown-Up Nursery Art

Photo: @allison.crawford

Here’s an idea: Pick a print (or multiple prints) that you’d love for your room, and then let these pieces inspire your nursery colour scheme. This nursery art doesn’t scream, “baby!” but it still looks at home in this cheerful room!

Childhood Scenes Nursery Artwork

Photo: @stephaniemolnarfineart

Classic, ethereal, and absolutely gorgeous. An oil paint or watercolour portrait of a child would look so lovely above the crib or anywhere in your baby’s little corner of the world.

Line Drawings Baby Nursery Art

Photo: @alarnagraceprints 

This style has a definite ‘70s vibe going and we’re here for it! Whether you opt for mother and child or another classic shape—flowers, animals, etc.—a piece like this is the perfect addition to the modern boho nursery.  

Macrame Nursery Art

Photo: @christine_simplybloom

It was big in the 60’s and 70’s and it’s getting there again now; this boho style artwork can work in any room of the house, so if Baby tires of it eventually it can move to the living room or anywhere else you like. Macrame wall hangings come in so many colours and styles to complement the nursery without feeling fussy or overdone.

DIY Nursery Art

Photo: @itspenday

Buttons, seashells, small plastic toys… The options are limitless when it comes to sourcing materials for one-of-a-kind personalised artwork for your little one’s room. This is an easy and affordable idea whether you’re inherently crafty or not!

Soft, Whimsical Nursery Art

Photo: @junimoon_store

It doesn’t have to be a sea of pink, but this colour scheme works well. Any modern pastel wonderland can be accented gorgeously with a bold wallpaper and an assortment of whimsical nursery art prints to create a little magic right in the baby room. (If you are thinking pink, peep these adorable pink nursery ideas!)

Alphabet Nursery Art

Photo & To Purchase: Shop Love Found 

Bring a classic schoolhouse vibe into the nursery with a vintage-look alphabet poster or something similar that makes this part of the house feel like a precious little childhood capsule.

Glowy Zodiac Nursery Art

Photo & To Purchase: Uncommon Goods

This glow-in-the-dark zodiac acrylic-on-paper nursery artwork is truly one-of-a-kind. Your baby will watch in wonder as the lights go out and their star sign comes to life. 

Day & Night Nursery Artwork

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/JJDesignHouse

Nature and nurseries make a lovely pair; so do the sun and the moon. This pretty duo above the crib or centered on any wall are a peaceful, charming nursery art statement that’s neither too loud nor too subtle. 

Hyper Minimalist Baby Nursery Art

Photo: @thelittlesussexhome

Even if your whole home isn’t at this level of minimalist chic, the baby’s room is a blank and beautiful space ready to be peppered with just the sweet things you love. Keep the walls white and add small, framed black-and-white images to bring a sense of peace to the room. 

Simple Wording Nursery Art

Photo: @trueluli

The pennant and framed poster work well here together; pick phrases that mean something special to your family and decorate the baby’s room in a modern style with nursery word art.

Birth Poster Nursery Art

Photo: @thebirthposter

Another totally unique idea is a 1:1 scale rendering of your child at birth; check out The Birth Poster to shop these stunning customised posters perfect for hanging in Baby’s room.

Of course, art isn’t the only way to make your baby’s room special! SNOObear makes a sweet, cuddly nursery accent...that also offers the comforting white noise babies love!

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