Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Gray gets a bad rap for being drab, dull, or even gloomy...but in reality, it’s full of potential! Gray nursery decor is a perfect gender-neutral nursery choice that works flawlessly for the transition from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond. And, gray plays nicely with every other colour under the rainbow. There are so many ways a gray nursery can set the tone in your baby’s room...from moody to crisp, striking to serene, and frilly to rugged, gray can be whatever you want it to be! Here are a few of our favourite gray nursery decor ideas…

Coastal Gray Nursery Decor

Photo: Angela Marie Made

If visions of sea spray dance in your hand, consider a coastal-themed nursery for your little boy or girl with gray overtones, little pops of blue and white, and ocean-inspired details (like the fisherman sweater, sailboat picture, and boat-inspired lighting). This dreamy gray and white nursery serves as stunning inspiration for the coastal vibe.

Gray Baby Room Ideas With Celestial Details

Photo & To Buy: Pottery Barn Kids

Soft grays are a perfect palette for a moon-and-star-themed nursery. This sweet little shelf is a great example of a simple way you can carry out a celestial theme in the gender-neutral nursery.

Charcoal Gray Nursery Cot

Photo & To Buy: Pottery Barn Kids

A dark gray nursery cot with visible wood grain is equal parts rustic and chic. Baby will snooze in style with this statement piece anchoring down the gray nursery.  

...or a Dove Gray Nursery Cot

Photo & To Buy: Buy Buy Baby

While charcoal wood is rustic and wonderful, going sleek and pale is another gray cot option for the modern nursery. This look is elegant and elevated, and will work well for a boy or girl (and subsequent children to come—another bonus of investing in any gray cot!)

Gray Nursery Textured Walls

Photo: @kaylabcollection

Texture is a lovely way to create aesthetic interest without incorporating colour that detracts from your gray nursery theme. This accent wall with square molding is a beautiful choice for a gray nursery. 

Gray Nursery Bookcase/Changing Table

Photo & To Buy: Target

This convertible bookcase and changing table is a modern nursery staple and one of our favourite pieces out right now. In gray, it makes a style statement while upholding multiple functions in Baby’s room. (See more stylish nursery bookshelves here!)

Pink and Gray Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery

Gray nurseries don’t have to be completely neutral, monochromatic affairs; you can accent the gray with pops of pale pink to create a sweet and airy baby room—as shown here—with the simple addition of a ballet-pink pouf. (See more pink nursery ideas!) 

Super Sophisticated Gray Nursery Idea

Photo: This is Our Bliss

A very cool way to decorate a baby’s room is to approach the project almost as if it isn’t a baby’s room at all. Decorating with a more adult aesthetic can not only benefit you in the long run when you’re ditching babyish details in three or four years, but also creates an ambiance of calm. This sophisticated gray nursery hits all the right marks—and that paint colour on the closet wall is perfect! 

Soft Gray Nursery

Photo: Morgan Bullard Blog

You don’t have to go bold to make a big statement. A pale gray accent wall is a beautiful choice for a baby’s room, and serves as a blank canvas to bring in whichever pastels best fit your style.

Gray Nursery Statement Rug

Photo: Etsy/ClaraLoo

If you’re going cool on the colours, create a sense of fun in the nursery with surprising pieces like this oversized faux grizzly bear rug. It’s cute, soft, and oh-so-sweet; not to mention it fits in with your gray baby room theme flawlessly.

Sporty Gray Nursery

Photo: The Scanlan Story

Leaning toward a sports theme nursery? Gray will make it chic. This family created a personalised “scoreboard” to hang above the cot, which is a creative and not-cheesy way to bring the baseball theme home.  

Earthy Gray Nursery

Photo: @babybeddingdesign

Your gray nursery can benefit from warm earth tones and natural textures like wicker and wood. This boyish and whimsical room is ready for dreaming and play.

Dark Gray Nursery Door

Photo: @cait_mcdonnell 

If you’d like to keep your grays mostly soft, a dark accent like the door shown here adds some dimension. This nursery also benefits from sweet white dots on the walls, a statement light fixture, and modern nursery art.

Gray Nursery With Flower Power

Photo: Inspired by This 

Here’s a feminine take on the gray baby room, proving that you don’t need pink (or any colour!) to pull off a floral nursery. The monochrome flower print wallpaper and sea of black, white, and gray are expertly combined to create a serene space for Baby Girl. (Check out more nursery wallpaper ideas here!) 

Green and Gray Nursery

Photo: Happily Inspired

Gray plays nicely with vibrant strokes of green, as seen here. The light gray rug and dark gray door add interest and set up the green details to really pop!

Muted Gray Nursery Idea

Photo: @BabyBellaBunni

Sometimes less is more—an effect pulled off expertly in this low-key gray nursery. Light gray accents pop against the dark flooring and dresser. A couple of pink touches add a dose of levity here—but consider this sophisticated baby room the perfect canvas for your favourite accent colour (or perhaps one bold piece of art).

Beyond Gray Nursery Decor…

The perfect centerpiece of any gray nursery? SNOO Smart Sleeper! SNOO blends a sleek, modern design with state-of-the-art technology that allows it to respond to a baby’s cries with womb-like sensations that calm crying...often in under a minute! Learn more about how SNOO adds sleep here.

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