Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

In nature, we are most at peace with ourselves—and in a nature-themed baby room, your child will grow and thrive while being surrounded with elements of the outdoor world. The options for a nature nursery are limitless, so whether you’re looking for a seed of inspiration or need some fodder to help your vision sprout and flourish, here are some of our favourite nature nursery ideas.

Wildflower Nature Nursery Idea

Photo: @e_chambers

Flower baby rooms are a popular trend—and the appeal is pretty obvious (and obviously pretty)! If you’re using neutral furniture and want a simple way to create a wildflower theme, consider nursery wallpaper like this to set the tone in your little one’s space.

Sunrise Nature Nursery Art

Photo & To Purchase: Society 6 

Minimalist, modern, and nearly monochrome, a gender-neutral baby room gets the perfect backdrop in the form of this classic theme. Whether you choose a nursery mural like this or a more childlike interpretation, the sun rising over the ocean is a beautiful starting-off point for a nature themed nursery.

Mountain Nature Nursery Idea

Photo: Project Nursery

A geometric rendering of a mountain range feels earthy and modern at once. The little moose and sweet hot air balloons add whimsy to this soft and soothing space.

Frolicking Butterfly Nature Nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

Gold-tone flutters and a splashy throw blanket make this upscale butterfly-themed nursery an absolute winner for a baby girl. Butterflies can be incorporated in a host of colours and styles; if you want something super elegant, this is the photo to pin!

Nature Nursery Cactus Corner

Photo: Ideal Home

A desert theme is so cute for the nursery! This baby’s corner of the world is tricked out with greens and golds, plenty of cacti, and bright white walls to serve as an ideal blank canvas for the rest of the quirky details. We are especially swooning over that border and ceiling wallpaper! What a fun pop of colour and style it makes.

Animal Party Nature Nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/KidsWallpaperDesign

There are so many ways to create a cool animal theme in the baby’s room. We are especially in love with whimsical prints that create joy and character. These woodland creatures are having a wall party in Baby’s room and the fun has just begun! (See more animal nursery ideas!)

Into the Wood Nature Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery

It’s a unique rustic nursery theme that keeps the eye moving while still feeling warm and fresh… Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s mini man cave they put together for their son is a gorgeous example of a nontraditional nature theme room. (Peep woodland nursery inspiration!)

Greenery Nature Nursery

Photo: @amyboylanbailey

Lush, elegant treescapes are a hard yes for a gorgeous baby room. This example keeps it neutral, but you could easily bring in blush, sky blue, or another pastel as an accent colour.

Sea Nursery Idea

Photo: @ProjectNursery

We have a thing for ocean-themed nurseries around here, so consider this a jumping-off point and then dive into our other article dedicated solely to this idea. A splash of ocean waves on the wall behind Baby’s bed is a bold and beautiful way to bring nature into the scene. 

Creature Comfort Nature Nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Little woodland creatures and other critters are always a cute way to frame your nature-themed nursery. These nursery storage bins are the perfect place to start… and that little acorn is beyond adorable!

Deep in the Forest Nature Nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/KIINO

Woodsy rooms can be moody without feeling too dark… The trick is to bring in plenty of bright pops of colour like this mural does. Whether slanting more feminine by including magenta and lavender, or going strictly male/neutral with browns, blues, and greens, a strong forest-themed wallpaper makes a bold statement you can build around easily. 

Beachy Beige Nature Nursery

Photo & To Purchase Cot Sheet: Project Nursery Shop 

A little bit surfer vibe, a little bit desert chic, this baby boy nursery ties together browns, whites, and sage in a perfect symphony of natural cool that’s simple to recreate to fit your fancy. 

Palm Pretty Nature Nursery

Photo & To Purchase Wall Decals: Project Nursery Shop 

Palm leaves create a lovely meeting point of bohemian and nature-themed in the nursery. (Browse more boho nursery ideas!)

Oh, Deer Nature Nursery

Photo: @haylieduff

They’re some of the sweetest creatures and lend well to a boy or girl nursery; any direction you take the deer-theme baby room is a good one; how sweet is Haylie Duff’s baby’s room featuring this lovely wall mural?

Woodland Whimsy Nature Nursery

Photo: Tuft & Trim

Show. Stopper. Literally all we can say about this absolutely magnificent baby boy room that proves girls aren’t the only ones who can have glamour in the nursery! This mum chose a soft palette and elegant fixtures to round out her nature-themed baby boy room, and every detail is just divine.

Night Sky Nature Nursery

Photo: Little Crown Interiors

All manner of amazing things can happen under a starry sky… you can take inspiration from this incredible ceiling and go in any direction whatsoever, but the safari animals and crescent moon are great ideas. The navy rug serves as beautiful symmetry for the ceiling, but a paler palette everywhere would be lovely too.

Lemon Love Nature Nursery

Photo: Dina Bandman Interiors

How about the Amalfi coast for a little bit of nature nursery inspiration? This stunning baby room rife with lemons and linens is a gorgeous scene to consider recreating for your little one.

A Secret Garden Nature Nursery

Photo: Marie Flanagan Interiors

Another take on flowers, if the wild ones aren’t your style. A gold-dripped garden intricately crafted for a baby girl earns high marks for beauty and charm in this nature nursery. 

Birds of a Feather Nature Nursery

Photo: Kids Interiors via Style Me Pretty 

Little birdies of all kinds can be a sweet basis for a nature-themed nursery. Whether you prefer penguins or parrots, hummingbirds or hawks, let the details do the talking as shown in this cool baby room. 

Take Me to the Tropics Nature Nursery

Photo: Digs Digs

Soft pink accents play nicely with the vibrant wallpaper print, but white and gold are easy swaps if the rosy hue isn’t your colour. Either way a tropical themed wall creates a lively backdrop for a baby room.

More Nursery Inspiration:

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