The unique sound of Indian baby names—soft vowels and complementary consonants—give these beautiful baby name choices for littles something extra special. Whether your child is of Indian descent or you are simply paying homage to this wonderful culture, the perfect Indian baby name for your little one might be on our list!

Indian Boy Names 

Aarush: This is such a popular Indian boy name, meaning “the first ray of sun.”

Akarsh: The Hindu name that means “attractive” is not wildly popular yet, which makes it a unique Indian name with a nice, positive meaning.  

Armaan: We like how this Indian baby name blends easily with a variety of middle names and yet remains special. Armaan, meaning “longing” or “wishing,” is of Persian origins but widely selected in Punjabi by Sikh and Hindu families. 

Badal: It means “cloud,” for a sweet nature name to impart on your baby boy. 

Devansh: This one has a dignified sound and the meaning “part of God;” or for a similar translation, “demigod.” It is definitely a cool name choice for a little boy. 

Divit: A popular Indian boy name which means “immortal.”

Emir: It has Arabic/Turkish roots and an aristocratic meaning akin to “king” or “noble;” Emir is used throughout India, West Africa, Afghanistan, and many Arab countries for a name with global resonance. (See more Arabic baby names!)

Farhan: The Muslim name translating as “happy” or “gay” is a somewhat popular pick around the world. It doesn’t yet hold a top spot in India, making it a more unique Indian baby name. 

Ishank: It's a common Indian baby name, meaning “the peak of the Himalayas.” This would be a grand choice for your little man. 

Kabir: The popular Indian boy name means “famous saint” and is picking up speed, too. 

Kiaan: This is a fun name because its sound is more global but with this spelling, the meaning is undoubtedly Indian. The name of Sanskrit and Hebrew origins meaning “grace of God” is a variant name of Lord Vishnu in Hindu. 

Lakshay: A very cool Indian baby name for boys meaning “target;” the association is someone who seeks fairness and honesty. What a lovely message to impart on Baby Boy.

Miraan: The Hindu boy name meaning “princely” is a pretty adorable pick for your little prince. 

Nirvaan: A unique Indian boy name meaning “ultimate bliss.”

Rohan: In Sanskrit, this Indian baby name means “ascending.” Rohan lends to cute nicknames Ro or Roey, and has a modern feel despite being an ancient name. 

Sadhil: One of the most popular Indian boy names, it means “perfect.”

Vihan: Another popular Indian boy name, Vihan means “dawn” or “morning,” for a hopeful name that’s filled with renewal and promise. 

Indian Girl Names 

Aahna: We love the similarity to Western name Anna; the sanskrit name meaning “to exist” makes this a beautiful choice for a baby girl. 

Adhira: One of the most popular Indian girl names, Adhira has a glowing quality with natural roots and it means “moon” or “lightening.”

Anushka: Also a top name for Indian girls, this pretty pick means “grace.”

Bhavani: An offshoot of the Hindu goddess Pavarti, Bhavani is a lifesource name brimming with creative energy, that translates literally to “giver of life.”

Daksha: The Hindu name meaning “glorious” is a truly special pick for your baby girl. 

Deepa: This a pretty popular Indian baby name for girls meaning “lamp” or “light.”

Gauri: It’s a sparkling Indian girl name that translates to “shining, brilliant”—making it a lovely  choice for your little princess. 

Hiya: A short, cute Indian girl name meaning “shyness.”

Izna: We love this Indian baby name for girls which translates to “light.”

Jiya: A pretty and popular Indian girl name that sounds very much like the Italian name Gia; Jiya is widely used in both India and Nepal and means “living” in sanskrit. 

Juhi: The Indian word for the jasmine flower makes a gorgeous nature name for your baby girl. 

Kaveri: It’s another Indian nature name for girls, borrowed from the river that flows throughout the country. 

Lakshmi: A nod to Padma, or just because it’s pretty! This lucky Indian girl name meaning “sign of prosperity” sets her up for a charmed life. 

Milana: The gorgeous sanskrit name with a multipart meaning that revolves around the idea of connection, its literal translation is “joining” or “encounter.” Also, the cute nickname options with this one abound: Millie, Mila, Lana, Lala… parents can really get creative!

Nira: A Hindu name with a sweet sound and multiple meanings including “consisting of water, ploughed field, of the loom,” and “part of God.” Pick your favourite to attribute it to if this is your choice for Baby Girl. 

Pari: A very sweet Indian girl name meaning “fairy,” for a whimsical choice to impart on your bundle of joy. 

Zahira: The oft-used Muslim baby girl name means “shining” or “luminous.”

Gender-Neutral Indian Baby Names 

Chandan: Traditionally given to boys, the name of Hindu/sanskrit origins meaning “moon or light” is now widely used for girls, too. 

Hansa: It means “swan,” for an elegant gender-neutral Indian name to adore. 

Jiva: An energetic Indian baby name for boys or girls, translating to “alive, healthy, living.”

Kajal: The Hindi name directly translating to “eyeliner” or “kohl” has a more gender-neutral “confidence” vibe that makes it usable for boys as well as girls. 

Pavi: An ancient Sanskrit name meaning “thunderbolt, fire, lightening” is the perfect Indian baby name for a little boy or girl. 

Shakti: One of the more popular Indian baby names, it means “ability, strength” and is traditionally given to girls, but lately it’s been used more freely...opening up gender-neutral possibilities for modern parents. 

Beyond Indian Baby Names…

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