Sure, a mom’s first baby shower comes with lots of fanfare, but isn’t your second (or third...or fourth...) baby worth celebrating, too? If you’re in the camp of “every baby deserves a party,” you’re absolutely not alone. Lots of parents are saluting their second babies (and so on!) with baby sprinkles. After all, there’s something special about a more intimate shindig for a mama’s growing brood. 

What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

Baby sprinkles are a (somewhat) new concept and an elegant solution to the etiquette problem of whether or not to throw another big shower for each subsequent kid. While it may be a slight breach of etiquette to ask anyone to throw you one, it’s certainly acceptable to throw it yourself. And if a friend or family member offers, don’t turn them down!  

A baby sprinkle is typically a smaller gathering of the inner circle—not necessarily every single great aunt twice removed will be there! Baby sprinkles usually consist of a less-involved menu, fewer baby shower games, and generally a lower-key vibe.

Even though baby sprinkles tend to be simpler celebrations, that doesn’t mean you have to throw a totally bare-bones affair. There are plenty of Instagram-worthy baby sprinkle ideas that let your bestie, sister, or daughter know how excited you are to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world—without going over-the-top. 

These are some of our favorite baby sprinkle ideas to make the day extra special for all involved.

Donut Display Baby Sprinkle Idea

Photo: CoogeeStudios via Etsy

When you’re off wine, nothing says “party” like a special sweet. Donut towers and display boards are an edible piece of installation art that “sprinkle” just a little something special onto the mom-of-the-hour’s big day.

Beers & Babies Baby Sprinkle

Photo: Minted

A baby is brewing—isn’t that worth toasting with a cold one? Lots of couples celebrate baby two or three with a more casual backyard beer party. Guests bring a pack of diapers or wipes and enjoy snacks and beers. Up the fan involvement with interactive baby-themed games for your sprinkle, or stick to a chill vibe by using the get-together to simply sit around and watch sports together. 

Toddler Table Baby Sprinkle Idea

Photo: LittleOrchardCraft via Etsy

Since the expectant mama has other children, consider a kid-friendly party! Set up a low table with coloring sheets, stickers, juice boxes, and munchies to delight your youngest guests while the grown-ups relax and chat nearby.

“Sprinkle” Mama With Love

Photo: Kristina Does the Internets

If you want to take the baby sprinkle theme literally, why not go full-out? Deck out the entire space in sprinkles—we’re talking sprinkle decor, sprinkle cupcakes, and sprinkle baby shower favors. If you’re at a loss for ideas, Pinterest has plenty!

A Night at the Movies Baby Sprinkle

Photo: Pixabay

All moms know that their diaper-bag-toting posse doesn’t get out much. Why not give the gals what they really need… a night on the town! Many movie theaters do private screenings for parties, or you could simply assemble the group and remind them to purchase tickets in advance. Treat the leading ladies to sodas and popcorn, let Mama put up her feet, and enjoy the show!

Brunch Baby Sprinkle

Photo: Hooray Mag

Sometimes hosting outside of the home is best—no cleanup, limited setup, and a variety of food choices for the whole group. If you decide to throw a baby sprinkle at a restaurant, make sure to notify them in advance that it’s a special occasion and find out what they allow in terms of decor. Most places will let you at least bring your own floral arrangements and some balloons… and if you have a corner spot you can really make it feel intimate with a small gift table and so on.

Flowers & Showers Baby Sprinkle 

Photo: Soiree Event Design

A super-sweet theme for a baby sprinkle incorporates sunshine, rain, and florals. Use upside-down miniature umbrellas for a bread and pastry display, cut out (or purchase!) a paper banner of little raindrops, and scatter fresh blooms everywhere. These small but thoughtful details will come together to make her baby sprinkle feel just as significant as her first shower.

Taco ‘Bout Another Baby! Baby Sprinkle

Photo: GlamCelebration via Etsy

A taco bar is ridiculously easy and affordable! It’s an adorable—and delicious—way to celebrate second- or third-time parents. Serve virgin and regular margaritas and pick out some baby sprinkle decorations at Amazon or Target. A punny banner ties the whole thing together. Personalize the “taco ‘bout” verbiage to fit Mama (for example, if this is her second or third child but her first daughter, the theme could be “Taco ‘Bout a Baby GIRL!” and so on.)

Keep It Simple Baby Sprinkle

Photo: Two Peas in a Prada

Elegant and easy are the way to go when it comes to planning the perfect baby sprinkle. Remember that a mama who already has children at home is extra tired and could use a few glamorous adults-only hours. Make her feel spoiled with chic tablecloths, china that doesn’t necessarily have to withstand the force of a toddler, and other fancy touches she can’t enjoy every day! Ditch the baby-heavy themes and go for muted pastels, lovely flowers, and a sophisticated tablescape. 

“Plant” a Wishing Tree 

Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

Guests will love jotting down their hopes and thoughts for the baby-to-be, and the glowing parents will cherish these little wishes. Make it easier on them by collecting the notes at the close of the party and assembling them into a little book or shadow box for safe keeping. (Searching for the right words? Here’s what to write in a baby shower card!) 

Photograph the Mama-to-Be!

Photo: Popography

After the first pregnancy, a lot of moms don’t have time to take as many bump pics as Baby #2 grows. Make sure, no matter what the theme or details of the day, that you get some lovely snaps of the expectant mama at her baby sprinkle, because she will treasure these for years to come. 

Baby Sprinkle Gift Etiquette

Parents who are expecting a second, third, or fourth child are usually not expecting shower guests to bring big presents on their special day. Traditional baby sprinkle gifts are diapers, wipes, bottles, and other simple things that won’t be left over from previous children. But lots of parents expanding their families need and want other things for the new babe as well—including the pricier stuff.

Snoop around to find out if a SNOO Smart Sleeper, double stroller, second infant car seat, or another big-ticket item is at the top of their wish list and go in on it with all the sprinkle guests to really make their day! (Psst! Happiest Baby’s Gift of Sleep makes it easy to chip in on a SNOO. Buy the mama-of-the-hour a week, two weeks, three weeks, a whole month—or more!—of sleep).

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