Celebrate mum-to-be with a gorgeous butterfly themed baby shower! Butterfly cakes, cookies, favours, decor, and more—there are so many wonderful ways to create an Instagram-worthy butterfly baby shower that all will remember.

A Flock of Beauty

Butterfly baby shower ideas

Photo: Martha Stewart

There are baby shower cakes…and then there are cakes everyone will talk about for ages! A simple shape with classic cream frosting covered with a rich smattering of colourful butterflies is definitely the latter!

Fluttery Drink Toppers

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo and purchase: Etsy/ZCreateDesign

Deck out your table setting with these precious, acrylic butterfly drink tags. Buy them engraved or blank, which allows guests to write their names on the wings. Bonus: No accidental germ swapping. Double bonus: They can double as party favours!

Butterfly Baby’s Breath Bouquets

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: Design Improvised

Could bunches of baby’s breath be any more perfect for a baby shower? And dotting each bouquet with 3D butterfly stickers makes them even more ideal. Love!

Butterfly Photo Op

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: @dfwluxpicnics

Pops of pink and gold against a grassy green backdrop make for a nature- and boho-inspired butterfly baby shower photo op. 

Fanciful Finger Sandwiches

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: A Milkhouse Party

A mum-to-be butterfly tea party is a spot-on spring baby shower idea! Along with winged decorations, butterfly-dotted china, and tea, serve up these too-cute finger sandwiches shaped like our most favourite insect!

Butterfly Goes Boho 

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: Catch My Party

Who says a butterfly baby shower needs Easter-like pastels or bursts of bright glam? This bohemian butterfly vibe is right on-trend…and totally breathtaking.

Crown of Joy

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/ADDYOU

Treat mum-to-be to something special she can wear on Baby Shower Day…and again for maternity or newborn photos. A delicate crown of pearly flowers and butterflies is a fairy-princess touch that she will love!

A Cart of Sweetness

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: @cielitomioglobos

Treats are the heart of any good party, and a butterfly baby shower is absolutely no exception. A candy cart adorned with butterflies, balloons, and blooms will surely wow party goers.

An Enchanted Statement

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: Nick and Alicia

Take your guests into the forest where the butterflies live with a lush, DIY mossy table runner. Simply pick up a few bags of moss from your local dollar or craft store, spread it over your table, and dot with flowers and butterflies to create this magical look.

Sign of the Times

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: Parties on Purpose

'Hearts aflutter,' 'Butterfly kisses,' 'A butterfly is on the way,' 'Carried on the wings of love'…or simply, 'You give us butterflies.' There are so many ways to adorn the space in heartfelt signs.

A Beautiful Bite 

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: @caldwellcookies

The wee gold butterfly accents, the faux-grass cookies, the bold blue and metalic butterflies: It is all too pretty to eat…almost!

Favours Aflutter

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/GloryParty

Handmade soaps are always a wonderful baby shower favour. And for a butterfly themed celebration, these little beauties—complete with a fluttery thank you—are simply adorable.

Bookish Butterflies

Butterfly baby shower ideas 
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/moffka

Books and butterflies are truly an amazing mix! This literary-inspired butterfly garland makes it easy to incorporate building Baby’s library into your fluttery fete.

 Pink-on-Pink Cake

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: @alittleslice

Pale pink rosettes topped with even sweeter blush butterflies of varying sizes make this seemingly simple baby shower cake something to swoon over.

Butterfly Balloons

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: Etsy/BlushBalloonParty

While arches and clusters are popular, good old mylar balloons should not be overlooked! This pretty butterfly balloon, bought it bunches, can be used as a centerpiece, set up outside of the house, or peppered throughout the space for maximum whimsy.

Natural Beauty  

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/CaliCraftDesign

This beautifully carved cake stand is a lovely addition to any boho or in-the-woods butterfly themed baby shower. Warm and modern, it offers the just-right amount of whimsy. Plus, mum-to-be can use again and again…maybe even for Baby’s first birthday!

Butterfly Kisses & Baby Wishes

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: Simply Beautiful by Angela

Stock up on pastel Hershey Kisses! They are the ideal sweet treat to gift to guests of a butterfly themed baby shower for the wordplay alone!

Seats of Fancy

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: Kara's Party Ideas

Butterfly fairy wings are a staple of little kid dress-up bins…and they absolutely work as unique decor items for a butterfly themed baby shower. Here, they are attached to the backs of chairs for a truly royal seating arrangement.

Winging It! 

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: @narisevents

Installation art? Photo backdrop? Baby shower statement piece? Amazing nursery decor? Yes, yes, yes, yes! 

Golden Nuggets

Butterfly baby shower ideas
Photo: Catch My Party

Forget standard chocolate-covered strawberries! A butterfly baby shower deserves an over-the-top treat.

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