April showers, May flowers, and expectant parents as far as the eye can see! Spring is such a beautiful time of year to throw a baby shower and celebrate a special life soon to enter the world. But if you have not quite settled on a spring baby shower theme, consider these seasonal picks. From sunshine and rain to flowers and fauna, there are so many beautiful spring baby shower ideas here for you to draw inspiration from. Enjoy!

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Picnic Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower ideas: Picnic baby shower

Photo: Project Nursery

Spring is the ideal season for an outdoor picnic baby shower. Guests can pack their own picnic lunches from a buffet of premade picnic eats, like sandwiches and fruit. Lay out blankets and cushions for a cosy and festive fete!

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Our Little Kumquat Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: Kumquats

Photo: Poppy Jack Shop

For a unique spring food theme, give the plucky kumquat a try. Its warm colour and sunshiney vibe is just perfect for such a happy occasion. 

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Bunny Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower ideas: Bunny baby shower theme

Photo: @gabysmadbatter

Somebunny is having a baby! What better way to celebrate than with an adorable bunny rabbit themed baby shower? Decorate with bunny stuffed toys and foil-wrapped chocolate Easter bunnies. Serve bunny cookies or use a bunny ears cake topper. Embrace carrots! The possibilities are nearly endless! 

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Baby in Bloom Baby Shower Theme 

Spring baby shower ideas: Baby in bloom baby shower theme

Photo: Inspired by This

Flowers are a lovely baby shower theme for any time of year, but especially so in springtime. You can select specific blooms like roses or peonies, or a sea of flowers that fit one colour scheme to piece together a gorgeous party.

Spring Baby Shower Idea: 'Showered with Love' Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: Showered with love baby shower theme

Photo and purchase: The Knot Wedding Shop

Umbrellas and raindrops make for a totally adorable seasonal baby shower—or baby sprinkle, natch! Using upside down parasols to hold spring blooms is just the springtime ticket!

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Bee Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower ideas: Bee baby shower theme

Photo: Minted

Want baby shower that creates a bit of buzz? Then a bee theme gathering is for you! This shower can trend boho, bright, pastel, or modern. No matter what, the mama-to-bee will love it! Just think: Honey-inspired drinks! Honeycomb decor! Wildflower seeds as baby shower favours!

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Daisy Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: daisy baby shower theme
Photo: Home with Holly J

Yes, all flowers are a splendid choice for spring baby showers, but honing in on the sweet simplicity of the daisy will always a spot-on spring baby shower theme!

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Gorgeous in Gingham Baby Shower Theme 

Spring baby shower idea: Gingham baby shower
Photo: @timelesscreationsbyjulie

Gingham is effortlessly happy and crisp…just like spring! Beyond gingham-ing up the baby shower cake and cookies, you can tie gingham ribbons into little bows around flower bunches, select gingham balloons, buy or rent matching linens, and more.

Spring Baby Shower Idea: High Tea Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: high tea baby shower
Photo: @sweetteapartyhire

Vintage runners, tablecloths, and glassware. Check. Classic china teacups and tea. Check. Check. Old-school two-tiered serving pieces. Check! Rent, borrow, dig in Grandmas hutch, or rely on thrift store finds to create an elegant high tea baby shower for all to admire!

Spring Baby Shower Idea: You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: You are my sunshine baby shower
Photo: Kojo Designs

Bright and cheerful with lots of sunny pops of yellow make this a gorgeous spring baby shower theme. Consider 'sunny' additions to your baby shower, like yellow billy button flowers, lemon-y tissue paper pom poms or honeycombs, and colourful sun cutouts.

Spring Baby Shower Idea: All White Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower ideas: all white baby shower
Photo: Partyslate

Crisp, clean, and 100% gender neutral, an all-white baby shower theme is beyond fitting for the fresh spring season. While white decorations and food are no-brainers, consider asking your guests to wear all white, too.

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Baby Chicks Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: chick baby shower theme
Photo: Stang and Co.

Spring is a time of renewal and birth, so any and all baby animals are adorable for a shower this time of year. Before Baby hatches, a baby chick theme shower makes the day extra sweet and seasonal.

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Easter Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: Easter baby shower theme

Photo: Country Living

Holiday baby shower themes are just plain fun! For an Easter baby shower, lean into all the festive traditions, like egg hunts, foil-wrapped bunnies, Peeps, pretty pastels, and bundles of baskets filled with food, paper goods, and more. 

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Pastel Rainbow Baby Shower Theme

spring baby shower ideas: Rainbow baby shower theme
Photo: Pop of Gold

Rainbow baby or not, pastels are perfect for the big day. Balloon arches, streamers, fringe garland...no matter how you construct your rainbow statement piece, everyone will swoon. (Think about complimentary clouds, pots of gold, and clear jars filled with a rainbow of pastel treats, too.)

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Sky Blue Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: Sky blue baby shower theme
Photo: InspiredByThis

Relying on a colour scheme instead of a hard-and-fast baby shower theme makes putting the party pieces together simple. Try utilising all the same shade of blue or vary it up with the pops of bright, light, and aqua for a modern monochrome touch.

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Butterfly Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: Butterfly baby shower theme
Photo: @prettyposhparties

Flights of fancy and lots of pretty colours will delight, making a butterfly theme baby shower a feminine and fantastic choice for the mama-to-be with a little lady on the way.

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Strawberry Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower ideas: Berry baby shower theme
Photo and purchase: Zazzle

Chocolate-dipped, as a garnish, in a shortcake, pie, salad, or mocktail: There are so many ways to love a strawberry! While we often associate these scrumptious berries with summertime, strawberry season actually starts in the spring. What a 'berry' adorable spring shower idea this is!

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: Hot air balloon baby shower theme
Photo: Fashionable Hostess

A hot air balloon baby shower is a breathtaking theme that your guests will love. Get the vibe with lanterns (above) or balloons, cotton-crafted clouds, wicker baskets galore...even hot air balloon cake pops. 

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Little Lamb Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower idea: Lil' lamb baby shower theme
Photo: @arisbellmateo

The sweetness abounds when you feature one of the cuddliest, cutest baby animals at a baby shower. A little lamb theme is neutral and easy to glam up or simplify to fit mom-to-bes taste. (Psst: A lamb is a baby sheep—the fuzzy animal we count to go to sleep—which can take your party to a sweet dream level.)

Spring Baby Shower Idea: Going Green Baby Shower Theme

Spring baby shower ideas: green baby shower theme
Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

Fresh, minty green just feels like spring, does not it? You can simply embrace the colour and run with it...or double down making your baby shower 'green' in other ways, too. Opt for electronic invites, use sustainable or reusable decorations, ditch disposable tableware, encourage guests to wrap gifts in paper grocery bags, ask for secondhand gifts, and perhaps get a group together to go in on a SNOO gift card.


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