Shopping for baby shower gifts is easy, especially when there’s a registry. Writing the heartfelt baby shower card…not so much. Whether you’re celebrating your bestie or a co-worker you’ve never socialized with before, it can be tricky figuring out what to write in a baby shower card beyond “Congratulations!” But unless you buy really tiny pieces of stationery (we kid), you’re going to have to come up with a few other well-chosen words.

How to Address a Baby Shower Card

Take your cues from the baby shower invitation. If it’s a couples’ shower, include both parents-to-be in your well wishes. For ladies-only showers, you can address simply to the expecting mom. A traditional greeting is “Dear Meghan and Harry,” or “Dear Kate,” but if you know the recipient well and want to opt for something less formal, you can use a nickname (“Dear Super Sis”) or pump her up with encouragement (“Dear World’s Best Mama-to-Be”).

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Baby shower cards don’t need to be long, but you’ll want to write at least a sentence or two. Whether you’re looking to say something sweet and sincere or want to be a little more tongue-in-cheek, here are some baby shower message ideas to get you started.

Congratulatory Baby Shower Card Wishes

Simple and heartfelt, these congratulatory messages work well for almost any baby shower card:

  • Congratulations and all the best to your growing family. We are thrilled for you.
  • What a lucky baby to have you as a mom!
  • Wishing you an easy delivery and a lifetime of happiness!
  • Welcome to the world, baby! I can’t wait to meet your bundle of joy.
  • Here’s to new adventures! Wishing you luck and love.
  • Thanks for inviting us to share in your baby shower celebrations. Warmest congratulations on your precious new baby!

Funny Baby Shower Card Messages

Especially for good friends and family, laughter is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Enjoy the shower today—it might be the last one you get for a while.
  • Remember how we used to stay up all night partying? Consider that your training for a newborn!
  • I’ll come over any time to hold your delicious little baby while you take a nap. I don’t charge much!
  • Sleep now or forever hold your peace.
  • You two were meant to procreate. Congratulations on the new addition!
  • Hello, baby. Goodbye, sleep.
  • One smile from a baby is worth 100 diaper changes. You can do this!
  • Dear Baby, please sleep through the night. Love, your mom’s BFF.

Religious Baby Shower Card Messages

Devout parents will appreciate receiving a spiritual sentiment in their baby shower card.

  • I’m praying for the health and happiness of your new baby.
  • A baby is a gift from God. May God bless your family.
  • We thank The Lord for this greatest of gifts. You are blessed!
  • A little miracle from above, a beautiful baby to cuddle and love.
  • Such a big miracle in such a little package. We look forward to welcoming your precious angel.

Baby Shower Wishes for Girls

If you happen to know the baby’s gender, it does open up a world of fun possibilities, like these baby shower messages that welcome a baby girl.

  • We are tickled pink to welcome your baby girl.
  • I am tutu happy you are having a girl!
  • News of your precious baby girl has us twirling for joy.
  • Sugar, spice, and everything nice is coming your way! We’re so excited for you.
  • A baby girl is on her way, and I can’t wait to go shopping for her!        
  • Welcome to your little Princess! Long may she reign!
  • We can’t wait to meet Mommy’s mini-me and Daddy’s little girl.

Baby Shower Wishes for Boys

Are the parents-to-be painting the nursery blue? Here are some baby shower card messages that welcome baby boys.

  • A bouncing baby boy is cause for celebration. Congratulations!
  • Can’t wait to meet your little dude!
  • Congratulations on your baby boy. Just four more and you’ll have a basketball team!
  • He may outgrow your lap, but he’ll never outgrow your heart.
  • A baby boy arrives, and just like that, everything changes. The world gets bigger, hearts grow fuller, and life means more because he’s in it.
  • Little hands, little feet, and a little trouble are all on the way. Congratulations!
  • Oh boy! I can’t wait to meet him.

Quotes to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Want to wow the parents-to-be? Borrow sentiments from great writers. (We’re all for original thought, but sometimes it’s best to leave it to the pros.)

  • “I love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.” —Charles Dickens
  • “It is a smile of a baby that makes life worth living.” —Debasish Mridha
  • “Children bring us a piece of heaven on earth.” —Roland Leonhardt
  • “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” —Elizabeth Stone
  • “A new baby is like the beginning of all things…hope, a dream of possibilities.” —Eda LeShan, writer
  • “Ten little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill our hearts with love that overflows.” —Unknown

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card to a Co-Worker

Here are some messages that allude to your working relationship…without getting too personal.

  • Job well done! I can’t wait to see pictures of your precious new baby.
  • Congratulations on your most amazing project yet. May you both be healthy and happy!
  • I’m thrilled to celebrate the launch of your new venture!

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card From Grandparents

Grandparents have so much love and wisdom to share. Their baby shower cards are the beginning of a very special relationship.

  • It brings us so much joy to welcome our baby’s very own baby.
  • We can’t wait to spoil our grandchild.
  • In preparation for the birth, we have baby-proofed our home and memorized “Good Night Moon.”
  • Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. That’s why they come with grandparents. We are here for all of you.

How to Sign a Baby Shower Card

You’re always safe with “Best wishes” or “Yours truly,” but if you have a close relationship with the parents-to-be, feel free to pen a more emotional sign-off such as “Love always,” “Over the moon,” or “With love and excitement.” Just add your name and you’re done…at least until the baby comes!

No matter what you decide to write in your baby shower card, there’s no sweeter message than the gift of sleep! With a Happiest Baby Gift Card, you’ll help make the baby shower gift of every parent’s dreams—SNOO Smart Sleeper—a reality!

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