The season of warm days, long nights, and fireworks is a special time to celebrate a little bundle of joy on the way. If you’re planning a summertime baby shower and are stumped for the perfect theme, we’ve got inspiration that’s as vibrant as the season itself. Drawing from the best summer has to offer—including fruits and flowers, beloved traditions and holidays, and, of course, plenty of surf and sand—we’ve rounded up the best summer baby shower ideas around. So just kick back with a lemonade, and let these sunshine-y ideas wash over you like a refreshing wave.

“Berry” Excited for Baby Summer Baby Shower 

 Table decorated for a strawberry-themed baby shower

Image: HWTM

A strawberry themed baby shower is such a sweet idea for a little one on the way. Pick paper goods in a juicy red, display snacks in cardboard baskets that look like they came right from the farmer’s market, and serve yummy, strawberry-infused drinks and desserts. 

Sweet as a Peach Summer Baby Shower Theme

Cookies decorated as peaches for a peach-themed summer baby shower 

Image: Ellywise Studios

Shower the parents-to-be with a peachy keen celebration as delicious as the little one on the way. Happily, peach is a gender-neutral colour that creates endless decorating options for a boy, girl, or “team green” baby shower.  

Pine-Appley Ever After Summer Baby Shower

 Table decorated for pineapple-themed summer baby shower

Image: Kara’s Party Ideas

Bring on the fruits! There’s something extra sweet about a pineapple-themed summer party. In addition to their tropical vibe, pineapples have have special meaning among parents grappling with fertility issues, so this seemingly light theme could be a powerful way to pay tribute to that winding path to parenthood. (Related: Beautiful Ways to Announce a Pregnancy After Infertility

“Let’s Flamingle” Summer Baby Shower

 Summer baby shower decorated with pink balloons and plastic flamingos

Image: Catch My Party

These bright pink birds are associated with warm climates and summer days, making them an adorable idea for a baby girl shower in warmer months. Have fun with splashes of colour and flamingo-themed banners, table scapes, and balloons for the parents-to-be.

Baby-Que Co-Ed Summer Baby Shower Idea

 Cupcakes decorated for a barbecue-themed summer baby shower

Image: Etsy/TangerinePaperShoppe

This is a crowd-pleasing baby shower theme for the whole crew. Plan for burgers and ‘dogs, ice-cold beer and summery mocktails, checkered tablecloths, and all the trappings of a traditional barbecue with a couple upgrades, like a balloon arch and fresh flowers. (See more co-ed baby shower ideas!)

Our Little Sunshine Summer Baby Shower

 Light-up sign that says "sunshine" decorated with pink and yellow balloons for a baby shower

Image: Alpha Lit Orange County

Their little sunshine is a cute theme for any time of year, but it rings especially relevant in summer months. You can go subtle or really big with this—bring on the yellow, orange, and bold golden hues for a sunny celebration to remember.  

Beachy Summer Baby Shower

Summer baby shower decorated with a beach theme 

Image: 100 Layer Cakelet

Seaside charm creates an inspired fete for a little guppy. There are so many ways you can interpret a beach-themed baby shower from classic to fantastical—if the parents-to-be are beach bums, they’ll dive right in, whether you bring them to the beach or the other way around.

Carnival-Themed Summer Baby Shower 

 Living room decorated with carnival theme decorations

Image: Unoriginal Mom

Under the big—or little—top, you’ll toast that sweet baby with popcorn, cupcakes, circus animals, and bold primary colours

Vintage French Country Summer Baby Shower

Table decorated in a French theme for a baby shower 

Image: Something Vintage Rentals 

There’s something effortlessly summery about a vintage French countryside-inspired shower. Create a rustic, yet elegant, picnic or serve guests inside with linens and silver. The decor should be minimalist and tasteful; the food heavy on bread, eggs, and produce; and the rest of the details are all about pretty flowers and excellent company. 

Pool Party Summer Baby Shower 

Hand-painted sign announcing a pool-themed summer baby shower 

Image: 100 Layer Cake 

As anyone who’s been pregnant during the summer can tell you, the best treat is being able to beat the heat. Add a cool splash of fun to your summer shower with a poolside soirée Refreshing beverages and snacks are a must! 

“One in a Melon” Summer Baby Shower

 Table decorated for a watermelon-themed summer baby shower

Image: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Fresh, juicy watermelon is a summer delicacy some look forward to all year long. This tasty summer shower idea is easy to pull off — even down to a magnificent “baby carriage” watermelon centerpiece. You can skew a watermelon themed baby shower red and green for a neutral or boy’s shower, or pick up pink tones for a baby girl.  

Bright Summer Flower Baby Shower

Table decorated with bright flower-themed decor for a summer baby shower 

Image: PMQ for Two 

Floral themed baby showers are always a perfect pick, but you can ramp up the colour and energy in summer. There are so many stunning seasonal stems that can spark inspiration— from rhododendron to daisies and lilies to sunflowers…or any number of wildflowers. 

Nautical Summer Baby Shower

 Decorations for a nautical-themed summer baby shower

Image: Etsy/FreshMintPaperie

Who doesn’t love a rhyme? This verbiage brings something extra to the nautical theme for a baby boy shower, but you can just as easily make it work for a little girl… “Daughter of the Sea,” anyone? Anything water or boat-related is adorable in summertime.  

Sweet Summertime Baby Shower Idea

 Brightly colored centerpiece for a candy-themed summer baby shower

Image: HWTM

The best things in life are…sweet! A candy-themed baby shower is bright, colourful, and whimsical. And the perfect time of year to host one is in the sweetest season of them all–summer, of course!

“Little Squirt” Water-Themed Summer Baby Shower 

 Baby shower guests soak their feet at a water-themed summer baby shower

Image: 100 Layer Cake

Water is always a good idea on super hot summer days. If this is a kid-friendly baby shower, consider water balloons, a water table, and similar activities. If it’s adults only, keep things upscale but cool with water-themed elements, flavored drinking water, and blue and white decor. Misting fans or foot bath stations would be a brilliant touch.  

Ready to POP-Sicle Summer Baby Shower

 Balloons that spell "ready to pop" hung along with popsicle decorations

Image: Project Nursery

A little play on words and a lot of icy fun in or out of the sun! All you need is one cute pun…and this one is perfect for a summer parent-to-be. A “ready to pop” shower is sweet on its own with balloons and champagne bottles, but make sure your summery version has a Popsicle station as part of the desserts display to really drive it home. 

Lemonade Stand Summer Baby Shower 

 Cake and cupcake decorated with icing lemons for a summer baby shower

Image: One Stylish Party

There’s nothing like sweet (and sour!) nostalgia, and lemonade stands are just that. A lemon-themed baby shower can lean super elegant or kitsch. Either way the parent-of-the-hour will be reminded of precious summer days from their own childhood as they embark on making new memories with their own growing family.

Early Morning Summer Baby Shower Brunch 

 Outdoor table set with white flowers and linens for a summer baby shower

Image: @amberveatchdesigns

From a practicality standpoint, throwing a morning baby shower allows the expecting parent to rest back at home by the time the heat rolls in. Morning glories are a late summer flower that can drive the theme home. We love this table decorated in whites and neutrals, too. 

Shrimp Boil Baby Summer Shower 

 Cookies decorated as lemons and shrimp for a shrimp boil-themed baby shower

Image: @bakeoreatsweets

It doesn’t get more creative than combining a time-honored shrimp, crab, or crawfish boil with a baby shower theme. For a seafood-loving parent-to-be, this fishy theme is sure to please. Not to mention, this fun and messy shower is laid-back and easy to pull off, perfect for unfussy mums and dads.

Tropical Summer Baby Shower 

Colorful balloon arch for a tropical-themed summer baby shower 

Image: @sugarplumeventco

Take your guests to the tropics with palm trees, bright colours, and even some whimsical animal friends. You might be miles and miles away from the nearest island, but all it takes is an imagination and some great backdrops to set the scene for this summery soirée. 

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