Old-Listen up… You’ve got to pick a good name for that baby, ‘K? While word on the street is that Karen is down for the count (or should we say kount?), there are plenty of classic and contemporary K names to consider. Our list has all the freshest K names to absolutely knock it out of the park for your little guy or gal! If you’re keen, take a look…

Boy Baby Names That Start With K

Kabir: An Arabic name meaning “the great,” it’s a gorgeous selection for a baby boy.

Kamari: This three-syllable K name for boys means “moonlight” in Swahili.

Kane: The Celtic name meaning “warrior” is also adjacent to the biblical name Cain, for an extra meaning (“spear”) and a more contemporary spelling. 

Kaiser: Growing in popularity in recent years, the German name is perfect for the tiniest new ruler of your household; Kaiser means “Emperor.”

Kaius: Even more rare than the spelling Caius, this handsomely unique name translates to “rejoice” in Latin. 

Kenton: The short version Kent is great on its own, but if you’d like a longer option for your little guy, the dignified Kenton—“the royal settlement”—is perfect. 

Kevin: He’s a classic, and we’ll never not love little Kevvy. This well-known name means “handsome” with Irish roots. 

Kian: Another Irish name peppering our K list, it’s a take on Cian and both mean “ancient.” 

Kingston: A princely pick for your baby boy, because who doesn’t love a royal name? Just as its spelling implies, this one means “king’s town.”

Kipling: What a cute idea for Baby; an English surname/place name which sounds refined yet sweet in long form and absolutely precious as a nickname, Kip. 

Knox: Any baby name containing an X is going to be popular with modern parents, and this Scottish baby boy name meaning “round hill” is no exception. Knox has risen fast in popularity in the past 10 years.  

Koda: The cool Japanese baby boy name meaning “friend” is an adorable K name for your new bestie.  

Girl Baby Names That Start With K

Kadence: Once rarely heard and now a steady chart climber, we love the musical word name in its original spelling or with a K; both refer to a rhythm and beat. 

Kaimana: One of the rarest names on our list with one of the most intricate and lovely meanings—it’s a Hawaiian baby girl name translating to “power of the ocean.”

Karina: The original spelling Carina is Italian (translating to “little dear one”), but the K version is claimed by Scandinavian, German, Polish, and Russian cultures—it means “pure.” 

Katherine: It might be old-fashioned-sounding but modern parents still embrace this standby which also means “pure,” from the Greek. You can shorten it to all manner of cute K nicknames, like Kate, Katie, Kitty, and Kat.

Kayla: A beloved K name across cultures, it has mixed Hebrew and Arabic roots meaning “crown” or “laurel” and offers up cute nicknames Kay and Lala. 

Kenna: Definitely a trend-driven pick, it’s the feminine version of Kenneth meaning “knowing,” from the Scottish.

Keziah: The Hebrew name starting with K meaning “cassia tree” packs a major punch, not only for its central “Z” but also the three-syllable construction. Kizzy is a super-cute nickname. 

Kiki: Long used as a nickname, this cheeky pick has staying power on its own as well. It has mixed Japanese and French roots meaning “double happiness.” 

Kimi: Another beautiful Japanese baby name, this one meaning “righteous,” it’s a popular pick in its country of origin even if rarely heard elsewhere.  

Kinsley: The English baby girl name meaning “the king’s meadow” is another one of royal proportions to bring something special to our K list.  

Kira: The Russian name Cyrus is the root of this feminised name meaning “throne.” Your little princess will adore it! 

Kylie: Minogue and Kardashian put this one on the map, but it’s pretty cool in its own right; the Aboriginal name translates to “boomerang.”

Gender Neutral Names That Start With K

Kai: This gender-neutral Hawaiian name meaning “sea” is a crowd-pleaser; in 1979 it was barely in the top 1,000 names and this past year earned #93 for boys. For girls, it’s still more rare. 

Kallen: A Scandinavian nature name meaning “river, stream,” it is equally adorable for a baby boy or girl.  

Karma: With word names remaining popular, the Hindi concept of destiny and spiritual force that was traditionally given as a name only to girls is now considered a relevant gender-neutral choice.  

Karter: The “K” spelling makes a classic (whose meaning, “cart-pusher,” is admittedly someone underwhelming) feel new and attractive.

Kassidy: A version of Cassidy meaning “curly-haired,” it’s just as cute as the original for a more unique spelling to give your baby boy or girl.  

Keaton: It has a trendy modern sound but is a long-standing English baby name meaning “shed town,” which works as a nod to the actress Diane if you’re a fan. 

Keelan: We love this rarely heard yet cool-sounding gender-neutral Irish baby name meaning “slender and fair.”

Kendall: An adorable English baby name that works for a girl or boy, Kendall means “valley of the river Kent” and is familiar in feeling but not overused. 

Kennedy: The solid Presidential name is an ever-popular pick for both boys and girls, rising steadily for the latter in recent years. It’s not as heard as it was back in the 1960s, but remains relevant to this day. 

Kenya: We love this stunning African place name that parents of children of either gender may consider. As a nod to your cultural roots or simply because it’s a beautiful place, Kenya is a contender. Coolly, this one has a double meaning; the Russian translation is “harmless, innocent.”  

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Beyond K Baby Names:

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