Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Soft, sweet, and oh-so-adorable… llamas have taken the nursery design world by storm. More and more cute llama nursery decor has popped up on shelves in recent years, and whether you are putting together a nursery for a baby or girl, or you’re “team green” and creating a gender-neutral baby room, we have some of the cutest llama nursery inspiration to get you started!

Whimsical Llama Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & To Purchase: Spoonflower

Have fun with paper that brings personality and style into the baby’s room. These llamas dancing among the cacti and flowers create an undeniably delightful feeling in a girly llama-themed nursery. (Check out more cute nursery wallpaper designs!)

Oversized Llama Nursery Plushies

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

Is it even a nursery reveal if there isn’t a hugely adorable stuffed animal lurking in at least one corner? These precious plush llamas from PBK are a hit for the baby’s room! 

Boho Llama Nursery Mobile

Photo & To Purchase: Anthropologie

Something about those cute faces and their neutral colouring lends llamas easily to a boho themed nursery. If you’re looking to pull off this type of aesthetic, definitely consider adding some llama-rich macrame as in the example of this mobile for above the cot—or any cool corner of the room. (Browse more boho nursery ideas here!)

Pink & Green Llama Nursery

Photo: The Mindful Mama Collective

Cacti and llamas just work together, and the charming desert theme is pretty sweet for a baby girl room. You can just as easily swap out the blush elements for baby blue, white, or a punchy orange for Baby Boy. These parents pulled off a thoroughly thought-out baby girl room that delights. (Peep more pink nursery picks here!) 

Neutral Llama Nursery

Photo: Jacquelyn Clark 

A printed rug paired with llama motifs bring this neutral nursery to the next level. Fill in with whites, grays, and solid pops of black to create an alpaca-rific nursery that wows your little love. (Need more neutral nursery inspiration? Check out our fave neutral nursery designs here!)

Fabulous Llama Nursery Storage

Photo & To Purchase: Wayfair

Functional nursery storage solutions are key to the modern baby room; you need somewhere to stash blankets and bibs, towels and toys. Consider upping that game with a truly unique piece of llama nursery furniture: an ottoman that doubles as a cosy footrest for late-night feeds and a spot for discreetly stowing essentials away.

Bright & Cosy Llama Nursery

Photo: Oilo Studio 

Because they’re soft, fluffy, and white, llamas blend well in a white and cream nursery with lots of cosy textures. This gender-neutral example is sheer perfection.

Blush & Breezy Llama Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery

The faux fur ottoman and pillows, luxe glider, and festive curtains make this blush and white llama nursery inspiration pretty enough for any little princess.  

A Bright Llama Nursery Idea

Photo & To Purchase: Target

An adorable llama lamp with poms hanging off the shade brings a gender-neutral party feeling to your themed nursery for a boy or girl.

Mint & Cream Llama Nursery

Photo: The Georgian Goose

Soft, neutral creams, and grays work beautifully with mint elements in a llama-themed nursery for your sweet dreamer.  

Llama Nursery Rocker

Photo & To Purchase: Burke Decor

 Whimsical toys that double as decor are golden picks for the modern nursery. We are all about this llama rocker for the tiniest member of the pack. 

Llama Nursery Wall Mount


Photo & To Purchase: Hallstrom Home

An absolutely precious wall mount adds dreamy wonder and charm to the nursery; the frame around him makes it feel more fairytale-like and profound at once.

More Nursery Inspiration

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