Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Minimalism is big right now. Or should we say, small. The lifestyle trend of the decade is revealing itself to be a lack of excess. Purge, keep what you need and love, and create and uphold spaces that feel clean, uncluttered, and attractive for their simplicity. Now, not all new parents or parents-to-be subscribe to the minimalism trend (all the gear babies need kind of invites maximalism), but plenty of parents are hoping to create a serene minimalist nursery for their newest little love. Here’s some minimalist nursery inspiration… 

Minimalist Nursery Birch Shelving

Photo & to Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

These simple shelves serve two purposes: Visually, they’re a perfect continuation of the minimalist nursery vibe you’re angling for, because they look natural, simple, and unobtrusive. Practically, they house knicknacks, toys, clothing, books, and whatever else you need to keep up, away, and off the floor to reduce clutter in the nursery. (Related: Peep more nursery storage solutions!)

Minimalist Nursery Line Drawings

Photo & to Purchase: Etsy/ThePrintableConcept

Complement your clean and simple nursery aesthetic with artwork in this vein. You can even make your own with pen and paper for a personalised touch.

Floor Baskets for a Minimalist Nursery

Photo & to Purchase: Crate & Kids 

Let’s face it: Babies need a lot of stuff. Keep it corralled without overthinking, and in a way that will be easy to maintain in the busy months and years ahead. A few generous baskets set about the room will keep clutter (and stress!) at bay. 

Minimalist Nursery Clothing Racks

Photo: @jstenc

If you’re tight on closet space, or using that area to house furniture, consider an industrial, bare-bones clothing rack to display and store Baby’s clothes in the nursery. Clean lines and a neutral colour round out the minimalist nursery effect. The base of the rack serves as additional storage for bins and baskets to keep trinkets and blankets up off the floor. 

Neutral Coloured Minimalist Nursery

Photo: @ecruandivoryhome 

Creating a pale, soft colour scheme of whites, creams, and beiges is a great way to carry out the minimalist theme in the nursery. Even the rocking horse and rainbow decal above the crib here are colourless, so whimsy and charm is brought in effortlessly and without jarring the eye in this simple, boho baby room.  

Convertible Minimalist Nursery Furniture

Photo & to Purchase: Target

Invest in furniture that has more than one purpose; not only will this tactic save you money in the long run, it also makes each corner of the room more functional, meaning less stuff is needed. This convertible changing table and bookshelf will grow with Baby through the years and features a clean, minimalist design that’s pleasing to the eye.

Minimalist Nursery Vertical Storage

Photo: @renovationrun

Basic Amazon floating shelves with rods or hooks below let you use the wall space in the room for storage to cut down on bulky furniture and keep the drama out of decorating Baby’s serene minimalist nursery.

Baskets, Basics & Books Minimalist Nursery

Photo: @imthu

White furniture, woven baskets, and sleek shelves do the heavy lifting for this clean and simple minimalist baby room.

Minimalist Nursery With Earthy Vibes

Photo: @asimplebohome

Naturally inspired elements, potted plants, and rattan or wicker furniture and decorative accents are the perfect touches for a minimalist nursery. These pieces create colour, interest, and texture without feeling busy. 

Natural Minimalist Nursery

Photo: @kelli_murray

No-frills doesn’t have to mean no style! This neutral minimalist nursery design keeps the accessories to a minimum and leans into a barely-there palette, but adds interest with a variety of natural-looking textures.

Neutral Rocker for a Minimalist Nursery

Photo & to Purchase: Crate & Kids

Many parents will tell you that the most-used item in their child’s nursery was the rocking chair. From late-night feeds to early-morning cuddles and mid-afternoon reading or quiet play, you’ll want to invest in a chair (and ottoman, too) that are comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Skip the wild patterns or colours and go for a streamlined look to carry out your minimalist baby room.

Simply Beautiful Shelves for a Minimalist Nursery

Photo & to Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Minimalism doesn’t always have to be boho, though the two often go hand-in-hand. If you lean more toward a more art deco look, consider sleek shelving with gold or marble accents to help you create a minimalist effect that still feels elegant and chic.  

Minimalist Nursery Basics

Photo: @lovefrankieart 

A key component to the minimalist nursery is to only have what you need. It’s okay to have more items in Baby’s room than you would in, say, your own. But truly fine-tune and edit out the excess to create a minimalist nursery that only showcases the absolute needs of your child. This will be the perfect way to welcome your bundle without that feeling of excess you’re fighting.

Minimalist Nursery Blanket Ladder

Photo: @trouvaille.decor

You often see them in living rooms and other shared spaces, but this trend certainly has a place in the baby’s room, too. Blanket ladders are great for storage and rather than a trunk or basket, they take up very little space to keep the room as neat and pared-down as possible.  

Bright White Minimalist Nursery

Photo: Little Crown Interiors

We are swooning over this gender neutral baby room that manages to be both glamorous and simple at once. Lush, white rugs, a crystal chandelier, and modern finishings round out a space that will be soothing for parents and child.

Simple & Sweet Minimalist Nursery

Photo: Rios Talk 

Since what you’re aiming for is simplicity, sometimes narrowing it down to just the easiest and most important details is what does it. This boho mama nailed a minimalist and neutral nursery for her little one.

Clean Scene Minimalist Nursery

Photo: @bethaniabaray 

Bright whites, soft gray hardwoods, a hanging rack for necessities, and a basket-inspired lighting fixture are just some of the best elements of this charming, minimalist nursery that could work for a little boy or girl.  

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