Everything about E baby names feels fun, fresh, and like a clean slate. This versatile vowel can usher in a name that’s got biblical roots, a home in Japan, an elegant finish, or a snappy feeling, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re on the hunt for the best baby names starting with E, check out our extra-special list. 

Baby Boy Names That Start With E

Easton: This baby boy name starting with E is skyrocketing in an era when names that sound like this are super popular. But we also love that this one is a long-standing name and not recently invented. It’s from the English meaning “east facing place.” 

Edison: With major vintage smarty pants vibes (thank you, Thomas!), this cute baby name starting with E might be staged for a comeback. It’s an English family name meaning “son of Edward.”

Ellington: The English place name (“Ellis’ town”) makes a handsome and dignified pick for a baby boy.  

Emilio: It’s a gorgeous Italian and Spanish baby boy name translating to “rival,” which was more often heard in the late 1980’s and 90’s thanks to the actor Estevez, but could be ready to pick up steam again.  

Elon: The Hebrew name meaning “oak tree” of course belongs to business phenomenon Musk of Tesla fame, so imparting it on your little guy would be a cool nod to technology, innovation, and success!  

Elwyn: Quirky and adorable, the English name meaning “noble friend” makes a sweet choice for your little guy. 

Emmanuel: Another Hebrew baby name starting with E, this one meaning “God is with us.” It’s such a gorgeous ancient baby name selection and shortens easily to the cute nickname, Manny.

Emrys: A rare baby boy name that starts with the letter E, it’s the Welsh version of Ambrose meaning “immortal,” for a tough yet lyrical name to consider for your boy on the way. 

Ender: Modern sounding, cool, plus easy to pronounce and spell? We’ll say check, check, check on that list with this incredible one that only sounds like a newly invented baby boy name starting with E but is actually of Turkish origins, meaning “very rare.”

Enoch: The biblical baby name gets less play than your Elijahs and so on, but it’s pretty adorable and special nonetheless. Enoch means dedicated or disciplined, a nice message to impart on a son. 

Ephraim: Another baby name from the Bible, we couldn’t pass up this charming boy name with an E, meaning “fruitful, increasing.”

Everett: Thanks to its approximation to a mountain by a similar name, this one just feels epic right when you hear it. Coolly, the German-to-English baby boy starting with the letter E name means “brave boar.” 

Ezekiel: Sweet when shortened to Zeke or in its full glory, this Hebrew baby boy name means “God strengthens.”

Baby Girl Names That Start With E

Edie: There have been too many cool Edies or Ediths in history to count, but Sedgwick and Wharton come right to mind. Consider this classic baby girl name that starts with E and never look back! Edie, the diminutive of Edith, means “prosperous in war.” 

Eilidh: A common Gaelic choice not heard nearly as much in the States, this glowing girl name means “sun” or “radiant one” and could be a proper name selection if you intend to use the popular nickname Ellie. 

Eleanor: Another long version for Ellie, this old-fashioned name is having a major moment! It also can be shortened to Nell. In Greek, it derives from Helen meaning “bright, shining one;” our modern-day Eleanor is actually the English take on the French Provençal version of Helen—Ailenor. 

Electra: It’s got that same meaning as Helen from the Greek—“shining, bright,” but this stunning girl baby name starting with E has a much edgier feel.  

Ella: One of the most popular girl names right now makes our list even though we’re sure it’s already on yours. The beautiful English/German name meaning “all, completely,” but also “fairy maiden” shares its roots with the French as well; as “elle” means “she,” this might just be the quintessential girl name that starts with E.  

Elise: More boho vintage name inspiration for your little girl... the French version of Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God” is adorable. You might consider swapping the “i” and “s” to turn it into Elsie for your little girl. 

Elodie: The French really know what they’re doing when it comes to E names for girls, and here’s another gem. This beautiful baby girl name means “foreign riches” and is the French version of the Greek name Alodia. 

Elu: A rarely heard Native American name, Elu originates from the Zuni tribe and means “fair, beautiful.”

Emmeline: It’s an old French name deriving from the German Amal, or “work,” and it belonged to the British pioneer of women’s suffrage, Emmeline Pankhurst. You can also spell it Emmaline; either way this pretty girl name starting with the letter E has lots of shortened options including Emmy, Emma, and Linny.

Emiri: This sweet Japanese baby girl name has multiple meanings depending on the kanji (Japanese characters) used to spell it. These include “flower, petal, fine, bright, beautiful, and village”... so you can pick the one that means the most to you!  

Esme: The French/Persian name meaning “esteemed, beloved,” and also, “emerald,” is a shining choice for a baby girl.  

Etta: It has beautiful diva connotations thanks to American superstar crossover vocalist James, and we also love the fun feminist meaning this pretty name imparts on Baby Girl: “estate owner.” 

Everly: With a fairytale-esque feeling (Happily ever after…), this English baby girl name meaning “wild boar in a woodland clearing” hits the perfect note for parents who want something girly with a bold sentiment attached. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With E

Eden: After the garden, and because this unique biblical place name gives off all the fabulous nature vibes and an air of rebellion, too. It’s a gender-neutral name starting with E meaning “place of pleasure, delight.” 

Edris: The Welsh/Arabic name meaning “lord” or “studious” feels unique to Edward or Iris but also familiar in the shared sounds to those better-known names.  

Egypt: A very cool place name with an exotic feel, the country that links Africa and the Middle East is a beautiful one after which to name a child. 

Ekin: This Turkish name for boys or girls means “harvest,” making it a gorgeous E baby name for a fall baby or a child born any time of year.  

Ellery: Meaning “an island with elder trees,” this gender-neutral beaut has both a cool sound and a storied, beautiful meaning. Elliot is a similar name that’s also gender-neutral. 

Ellis: The Welsh name meaning “benevolent” is an unexpected and cool gender-neutral name choice with an E. We love that it sounds just as good for a boy as a girl, and will pair perfectly with pretty much anything you put in the middle spot. 

Embry: An English surname meaning “flat topped hill,” this one also brings forth a natural feeling thanks to its proximity to Ember. 

Emerson: From the German, meaning simply “son of Emery,” it’s gained popularity in recent years and can be given as a nod to Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ezra: Anything with a Z is always a favourite, and this guy (or girl!) doesn’t disappoint. While traditionally given to boys, the Hebrew name is gathering movement as a gender-neutral pick as well; Ezra means “help.”

More Extra-Special Baby Names:

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