Whoo’s looking to put together an adorable owl-themed nursery for their little boy or girl? This gender-neutral baby room theme is a win with parents everywhere because it’s easy to add your own personal touches, doesn’t feel overdone, and lends well to a soothing colour palette. Owls are special animals; many cultures believe they possess magical powers, though they’re also universally known for their wisdom and endurance. They are protection and insight animals revered for their keen powers of perception.

If you’re loving the symbolism or just want to incorporate those sweet faces into your little one’s room, we’ve looked high and low for the best in owl-themed baby room decor. Whether you plan to ramp it up with owls everywhere, or are craving a simpler space peppered here and there with renderings of the wise old birds, our list has some of the cutest and most special owl baby room inspiration around!

Realistic Plush Nursery Owl

Photo & To Purchase: Macy’s

It wouldn’t be childhood without stuffed animals; up the ante with one that looks like the real deal! This cutie would make a statement perched anywhere in Baby’s owl-themed nursery.  

Purple & Pink Owl Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & To Purchase: Litfad 

Whites and browns might come to mind with an owl nursery, but remember this is your baby’s room, and you pick the colours. A feminine take could include blush-and-purple paper as shown, which will take your theme to the next level and allow lots of other girly elements to infuse the owl-specked space.  

Owl Nursery Themed Bins

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

There is always a need for storage in the baby’s room; make your choice stand out by pulling in the owl theme with a utilitarian basket or two. (See other stylish nursery storage solutions).

...and Owl Nursery Hampers

Photo & To Purchase: Crate & Kids

Two things babies always bring on: big smiles and heaps of laundry. Streamline the loads with an owl-themed laundry hamper that keeps the mess at bay and looks adorable, too.  

Owl Nursery Nesting Toys

Photo & To Purchase: Target 

Russian nesting dolls get a twist that’s a real hoot! Is it us, or are these nesting owls the absolute cutest for Baby’s toy bin, bookshelf, or elsewhere in the room as decor?

Pink Owl Nursery Wastebasket

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/PicturePerfectDecor

Glittery bows and a pale pink background are sure to charm your baby girl. This owl-printed waste bin can alternatively be used for blanket or towel storage if you don’t need somewhere to chuck trash in the nursery.

Sweet Owl Nursery Lamp

Photo & To Purchase: Bed Bath & Beyond

Create a soft glow to read and play by with an owl lamp resting on a table or ledge in the baby’s room. This one is extra-special because its shade is decked out with tiny stars.

Owl Nursery Ornaments

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/Whimsylandia

These felt cuties are a charming way to work in your theme without having to commit to huge-scale owl items or wall coverings. When Baby outgrows their nursery decor, it can be used as a keepsake Christmas ornament for years to come.

Owl Nursery Print

Photo: Ollie & Hank

Aw! Whoo’s the fairest bird of all? Your baby’s little floral-crowned owl friend, of course! How sweet is this print for the nursery? (See more nursery art ideas!) 

Macrame Owl Nursery Decor

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/MiniwoodHandcraft

Thinking about a boho owl-themed nursery? Macrame anything is big right now, and even better if these artful little creations match your theme so perfectly. (Browse more boho nursery ideas!)

Rainbow Owl Nursery Art

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/IreneGoughPrints

There’s plenty of natural, neutral territory to explore with an owl theme, but no reason to rule out rainbows if a splash of colour is more your thing. A print like this paired with a splashy rainbow rug and some other bright pops would look lovely in Baby’s owl-themed room. (See more rainbow nursery ideas!)

Dark & Romantic Owl Nursery Art

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/BabyJessArt

A stunning owl print can set the stage for a baby room decked out in deep, ethereal touches like an emerald rug and gold cot…that’s one way to kick your wise old bird angle up a notch! 

Crochet Owl Nursery Baskets

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/SmileBabyShop 

Here’s another take on owl-themed nursery storage that’s a bit more childlike and fun. It all depends on your preferences and the look you’re going for, but crochet is another idea to explore if wicker baskets aren’t your thing.

Pink & Gold Owl Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & To Purchase: WallShoppe 

Another girly take that proves your owl-themed room can be perfectly pink without losing any of that natural charm. Add white furniture and rugs for a light, bright, airy baby girl room filled with style. (Check out more nursery wallpaper ideas!) 

Owl Nursery Decor that Takes Flight

Photo: @little.life.inside

An owl nursery mobile is the epitome of precious for the baby room, and it’s a classic touch you won’t regret incorporating. This flying owl among hearts, moon, and stars is seriously the sweetest.

Pastel Owl Nursery Cot Sheet

Photo & to Purchase: Target

These little guys are cute and simple. Sometimes paring down and aiming for baby-like is the right idea. We also love that the cot sheet is muslin, making it breathable and soft for your little one. 

Refined Owl Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & To Purchase: Wallpapers to Go

This subtle owl nursery wallpaper would work beautifully in a boy or girl’s room—and could complement any colour scheme. Plus, how absolutely debonair is this print?

Owl Nursery Clock

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/DecoyLab 

Equal parts modern and classic, this cute little wall clock is an owl-themed win for the baby’s room. He would look great alone or as part of a bit of a wall collage surrounded by family photographs and other art.  

Owl Nursery Statue

Photo & To Purchase: Amazon

A stately black-and-white owl motif could be perfectly perched on a shelf, by Baby’s books, or anywhere throughout the room to keep the eye moving. (Browse more black-and-white nursery ideas!)

Personalised Owl Nursery Pillow

Photo & To Purchase: Shutterfly

Adding Baby’s name to any accent in the room is a great way to make the space their own. We love these personalised throw or accent pillows that can be used later for toddler sleep. 

Owl Nursery Quilt

Photo & To Purchase: Faire

Cosy, cuddly, and oh-so-cute… a thick owl quilt in pleasing neutrals is a perfect addition to the nursery whether hanging over the side of the cot by day or wrapped around Baby while you sing them sweet lullabies. We love pieces that grow with Baby, and an heirloom-quality quilt is just that!

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