What is a mid-century modern nursery, anyway? Aside from being thoroughly on trend without being trendy, mid-century modern is a throwback to a classic aesthetic from the mid-1940s to the late 1960s. Mid-century modern nurseries feature clean lines and graphic shapes. They either sport muted and earthy tones or brighter, vibrant hues. They have got a lovely mix of organic and manmade materials. And they are stunning and so easy to grow into. Here, some gorgeous mid-century modern nursery ideas to get your juices flowing!

Retro Love 

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: ms_ida_pearl

Into thrifting? Then a mid-century modern nursery is for you and your baby. From the lamp to the dresser-cum-changing table, these nostalgic finds are perfection! 

Geometric Dreams

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: hesheandpup

Mid-century modern is all about clean lines—both organic and geometric. Here, you have got a mix of both thanks to the stunning angular statement wall and the classically mid-century SNOO.

Eames It Up

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: Small Fry

It does not get more mid-century modern than a classic leather Eames chair, first put out in 1956. These beauties are the absolute pinnacle of design for this period! Bonus: They are super comfortable and easy to wipe clean.

ABCs Rewind

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/JULYartprints

The simplicity of mid-century modern design is the just-right style to introduce Baby to the ABCs!

Looking Up

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: @houseofrounds

Mid-century modern light fixtures are statement pieces in and of themselves. This gold wonder elevates this nursery beautifully. (Plus, that green wall is spot-on for the period as well.)

Atomic Kitty

Mid-century modern nursery ideas 
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/Spoonflower

There is a distinct area of mid-century modern design that meshes slick shapes with space-age fun…and we are here for it! This iconic kitty design will be a perfect retro touch in any nursery.

Brown & Blush 

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: Room for Tuesday

Typically, we associate mid-century modern design with a palette of greens, reds, and neutrals, but blush pink can be the perfect complement to an otherwise brown and taupe nursery scene.

Oodles of Art 

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo and to purchase: Society6

This mid-century inspired gallery wall is something to swoon over! A mix of bold retro designs and quirky pictures make this nursery a dream come true. (Use simple, wooden frames to carry out the theme.)

Not Your Average Rainbow

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: Jennifer J Sullins

There are the standard rainbows the lighting up the sky (or your baby’s nursery) in all of their primary colour glory…and then there are mid-century modern rainbows. Metallic or muted, these rainbows still have all the whimsy of traditional ones, but with a touch more sophistication. 

Colour Blocking Beauty

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: 100 Layer Cakelet

Mondrian-inspired colour blocked closet storage (or pillows, or wallpaper, or anything!) make for a charming splash of mid-century influence in this perfectly conceived Baby’s room.

Sweet Simplicity

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: @in_vest_homes

There is no need to overdo this design concept—much of mid-century modern design is quite minimalist, like this stunner. The Eames rocker and painted ceiling for-sure take the style up a notch!

Throwback Toys

Mid-century modern nursery ideas

Retro toys add the ideal touch of throwback-fun to any mid-century modern nursery! (Wanna see the rest of this mid-century nursery? Look no further!)

Embrace a Theme

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: The Parker Project

Vintage cars mesh well with mid-century shapes and styles in this cool retro nursery. The simple wood cot and end table are mid-century modern perfection.

Pop of Colour

Mid-century modern nursery ideas
Photo: morgan.l.west

A brightly-painted arch statement wall paired with a classically retro bureau is a lovely melding of boho and mid-century that all will adore! 

 Sophisticated Chic

Mid-century modern nursery ideas 
Photo: Project Nursery 

Mid-century modern may be an adult-skewed style, but man oh man, it looks great in a nursery! Loving the Mad Men and 007 vibes coming off of this slick space.

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