Scandinavian nurseries are trending, not only for their sleek style, but their emphasis on minimalism and practicality, which so many parents are embracing today. A signature Scandinavian nursery is usually heavy on clean lines, monochrome graphic prints, and neutrals, like white, gray, black, and natural wood tones—and light on clutter. Think: Cosy, sweet, clean, and relaxing. At the same time, Scandinavian parents do love infusing their little ones’ rooms with small splashes of wonder and colour. Here are some lovely Scandinavian nursery ideas to inspire your own Nordic creation!

Beige Reigns

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: @thistle.harvest

Pale, cool, almost-pink tones paired with a natural wood dresser, leather pulls, and wicker is spot-on for any Scandinavian nursery. This room sighs 'girl' without screaming it. Swoon.

Black, White & Scandi All Over

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: @at.home.with.the.marchants

Pinky-browns paired with the black and white accent wall keeps this small nursery stylish and clean. The sophisticated SNOO and Sky Mobile finish off the lovely look!

Wooden Trinkets

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: @scandinursery

Minimalism in the Scandi nursery is not about the absence of kids' things…it is about intentionally using them. Gather a small, colour-coordinated collection of toys and decor items to assemble on shelves or furniture tops throughout the room, changing them out seasonally or as Baby grows. 

Layers of Love

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: Houzz

The rug on rug, the throw pillows and blankets, a woven ottoman, plus the beauty of a floor plant all work to create a cosy, natural, and Nordic space for Baby.

Bright Whites

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: Forever Amber

With all the fun colour options to explore, white is a bit of an unsung hero in nursery design. This baby room proves that you can create a truly special space with white on the walls, ceiling, and furniture. Pops of gold and cream offer the ideal amount of warmth to this Scandi-inspired Baby room.

Looking Up

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: M | Monroe Design 

This Scandinavian nursery is all about the subtle Wow. The colourful, bold ceiling and the textured nubby throw rug are beautiful compliments to this simple and modern nursery. 

Cosy Canopy

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: @valeriehanna05

The gauzy, sweeping, whimsical look created by a canopy is a trademark of the Scandinavian nursery or child’s room. When situated in the corner, it makes for a perfect play or reading nook.

SNOO Goes Scandi

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: @jessi_mally

Another take on black, white, and wood tones: The black raindrops perfectly illustrates how clean, Scandinavian style can also be full of whimsy. And, of course, SNOO adds just the right amount of sophistication (and sleep safety)!

Animal Attraction

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/ThreesyPeasy

Scandinavian nursery design and adorable woodland animals can easily go hand-in-hand when the art is all about balance and clean lines. These cute creatures easily fit with a minimalist and playful vibe.

Simple Play Area 

Scandinavian nursery ideas

Neutral bins and bags tucked into an easy-to-access cubby makes for a fun play space in Baby’s room without living in clutter. These parents got it right, while keeping it cute.

Neutral Beauty

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: @amanda.seibold

Wallpaper is not reserved for the bold and bright! Here, neutral tone florals make a beautiful statement in this Nordic-inspired nursery.

Rainbows This Way  

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/BearandRoseCompany

Who says rainbows need to be bright? This wooden decoration offers the perfect clean and wondrous touch to any Baby’s nursery. 

Subtle Brights

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: Emily Henderson

The warm neutrals! The practical and pretty toy storage! The pops of bright! And…that faux sheepskin rug! All of it adds up to Scandi cosiness to adore.

Twinkle Twinkle

Scandinavian nursery ideas
Photo: @oh.eight.oh.nine

Pretty details with just a touch of whimsy: A string of lights is a beautiful way to bring style and wonder into your Scandinavian nursery. 

Cosy & Clean

Scandinavian nursery design
Photo: Urban Walls 

Comfort and cosiness are key to the Scandinavian or Nordic nursery. Accomplish this with texture on the walls, a plush rug, and cute animal friends scattered about. 

Hooked on Whimsy

Scandinavian nursery design

Photo and to purchase: Smallable 

Natural wood + woodland creatures = ultimate Scandinavian cuteness and practicality. How can you resist?!


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