We live in a world of rapidly changing technology, so when using a smart product, it’s natural for users to have questions about the safety and security of that device. And because SNOO is the world’s first smart bassinet, parents may wonder if SNOO can be hacked.

Can SNOO Be Hacked? 

We’re proud to say that SNOO’s safety is proven by two simple facts: Infants have slept more than 76,000,000 hours in SNOO, without a single reported injury, and no family has ever reported a breach of their SNOO.

Happiest Baby is continuously fortifying SNOO’s safeguards to protect against intrusion. We’re obsessively dedicated to reducing new parent exhaustion and exhaustion-related suffering. That’s why our world-class team of doctors and engineers spent five years building, testing, and perfecting this special bassinet. 

It is important to note that SNOO has always had built-in hardware limiters that prevent the bed’s calming sensations from ever going above a safe level. For example, it’s impossible to make the bed sounds exceed the level of a baby’s cry and the platform cannot be made to move more than 1” to either side, which is similar to the motion experienced by a baby riding in a car on a bumpy road. 

We hope it gives extra peace of mind knowing that SNOO has always come with a Wi-Fi off switch to allow concerned parents to completely disconnect from the internet, while still giving their baby all of SNOO’s sleep and safety benefits. 

Safety is Happiest Baby’s top priority, and SNOO is the safest baby bed available. Today, the greatest risk new babies face—and their parents’ greatest fear—is infant sleep death. Each year, 3,600 U.S. infants die suddenly while sleeping. Almost 50% of these deaths are caused by stomach sleeping and there has been little reduction in these deaths over the past 20 years. SNOO was invented specifically to keep babies on the back and prevent these tragedies. 

Finally, parents can sleep with the peace of mind that their baby will sleep safely while they get much-needed rest, too. 

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