So, you’ve decided to buy SNOO…now the only thing left to figure out is when you want SNOO to show up at your front door. Unlike your baby’s arrival date—which is unpredictable—you can schedule SNOO to arrive when you’re ready!

So, when should you schedule your SNOO? 

Your SNOO date is…your due date!

We recommend picking a ship date about a week before your due date. It takes three business days to process your order and up to five business days to ship. We can always change your ship date if Baby arrives early...just reach out to us!

To get the most out of SNOO, it’s really important that SNOO is ready for your little bundle of joy on day one. Here are four big reasons to order SNOO early so that it’s all set up for your baby’s first day on the planet (okay, technically your baby has been on the planet, but they have yet to leave the mothership!)…

1. SNOO recreates the womb-like environment that makes babies feel calm and happy.

For the past nine months, your baby has been surrounded by movement and sound as were tightly cuddled by the soft walls of your womb. There, babies are exposed to noise that’s louder than a vacuum cleaner and the constant motion created with each of your breaths and movements. So, imagine how strange it is for them to emerge into a world where they’re placed in a pin-drop quiet room on a stationary surface! It’s no wonder why babies love to be held and rocked in your arms…and that’s also why babies love SNOO. SNOO mimics the snug feel, low rumbly sound, and gentle motions that comforted them inside their mamas, making their transition from womb to room much easier.

2. You can stay better rested when you’re at your most exhausted.

Let’s face it, those last couple of months of pregnancy can be pretty exhausting…and then there is the labor of labor and delivery! Having a new baby starts out with both wonderful excitement and deep fatigue. From the very first day of your baby’s life, your whole sleep routine will be turned on its head. Being up all hours of the night rocking, feedings around the clock, and changing poopy diapers will become your new normal.  

Of course, your baby needs to eat frequently (every hour or two all day long and frequently through the night), but even a newborn can reliably sleep for a couple of three-hour stretches—often even a four-hour stretch—at night given the right, womb-like reassuring rhythms. That’s why, in the past, so many parents have resorted to strapping their babies in the car seat and hitting the road for late-night, drowsiness-inducing drives. SNOO is like driving your baby all night long...except you won’t ever having to leave your cosy bed. That means, while your baby sleeps, you can rest up too!

3. Your baby builds healthy sleep habits from birth. 

SNOO gives your baby cues to create the best sleep possible. While a quiet room all night may be nice for adults, for babies that deep stillness is oddly jarring. The buzz of the day helps them sleep, so it’s no wonder by 1 to 3 months so many babies get their days and nights totally flipped and upside-down! Starting babies in SNOO from day one allows them to immediately pick up on the cues that it’s time to sleep…and these cues can help them sleep better for months to come!

4. You get the “extra pair of hands” you need when you’re recovering from childbirth.

SNOO is your 24/7 helper, ready to help hold and soothe the baby. You’re supposed to have your mother, sister, and next-door neighbor’s older daughter helping you when you have a new baby. Unfortunately, most of us have much less help than that. The SNOO is an extra pair of arms to hold and comfort to baby when you go to the bathroom, take a shower, fix a meal, or get an hour or two of extra sleep…and this is especially crucial in those first days postpartum when you’re still recovering physically (and getting the hang of this whole parenthood thing!).

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