Busy toddlers need a place to make all their creativity and curiosity come to life. For many parents, piles of toys and books in the corners of the sleep space are a solid, No, thank you, especially at the end of a long day when all you want to do is shut the door on the mess and leave it for tomorrow! Creating a dedicated play area for your young children allows you to do that, but more importantly it fosters independence, problem-solving, and of course promotes lots of fun for the littles. Whether you have a large dedicated space for the kids or are working with a smaller play area (or even a corner of said sleep space!), here is some of our favourite toddler playroom inspiration... 

Toddler Playroom Wood Toys

Photo: @nestling_and_nook 

In a world where plastic reigns supreme, it’s so important to remember to take things back to basics with little kids. Wooden toys are more environmentally conscious (and let’s face it, aesthetically pleasing), and they also promote open-ended play that is good for your little one’s developing brain.  

Nugget Couch for Your Toddler Playroom 

Photo: @polishedplayhouse

You might have to beg, borrow, and find a “cart buddy” to make this score happen, but if you can get your hands on one of these coveted couches for your little nuggets playroom, they’ll be thrilled. The innovative cushion system can be set up in countless ways for unlimited fun and relaxation from the toddler days, on into the years to come.

Accessible Shelving for your Toddler Playroom

Photo: @mom_onthemove_

Curious little bookworms need access to the goods! These floating shelves placed less than a foot above the ground are a great way to make reading time—and clean up—a breeze for both them and you. (Peep more playroom book display inspiration!) 

Toddler Playroom Cosy Seating

Photo: @neely.alyse 

Little kids—and their weary parents—need comfortable options for the quiet moments in between bursts of active play. The Pottery Barn “anywhere chair” is a great option for your toddler playroom, and this couch is, too.

Toddler Playroom Dress-Up Nook

Photo: @ourlifeinrosegold 

Playing dress-up is one of the most magical parts of childhood. Keep it all upright with a rack like this, or make things simpler with a bin it all gets tossed into. Either way, store dress-up clothes together to make life easy while they don their favourite capes and crowns. 

Toddler Playroom Labeled Bins

Photo: @goodorderdc

Your toddler might not be able to read them yet, but babysitters and big siblings will like knowing where everything goes after play with this DIY toddler playroom idea. Also, this streamlined system will make your heart happy at the end of the day, especially when clean-up involves no more than dumping things into a labeled basket.

Toddler Playroom Indoor Slide

Photo: @bumbleandhiveltd

You have no idea how much fun everyone is in for when you add this simple piece of wood or plastic to a corner of your toddler playroom. Especially on rainy or chilly days when the park is not an option, an indoor slide promotes active play inside and keeps toddlers and bigger children entertained and full of joy. 

Toddler Playroom Climbing Apparatus 

Photo: @stuart_house_creations 

Pikler triangles, indoor play gyms, or anything that involves a ladder is a big yes for a toddler play space. Promote physical activity and creative learning at once with this magical addition to your toddler’s playroom.  

Defined Spaces in a Toddler Playroom

Photo: @plumepompon 

Cut the chaos and let the playroom grow with your toddlers into big kids and beyond by dedicating small spaces to different types of learning and play...like a colouring corner, doll baby area, play kitchen, reading nook, and so on.  

Toddler Toy Room Ball Pit

Photo: @sarah.bassett_1 

We’re not gonna lie—cleaning up the balls that end up littering your playroom floor is not going to be your favourite part of the day. Buuut, watching your tots live their best ball-pit life for stretches of time long enough to allow you to enjoy your coffee hot may be!

Prettify Your Toddler Playroom 

Photo: @nikki.vs

Is how a toddler playroom looks the most important factor? No. But rest assured, elevating the playroom decor from a simple toy dump to a visibly pleasing room that you actually enjoy spending time in is going to make parenting more functional and fun going into this season of life. Happy decorating, mums and dads!

Clean Slate Toddler Playroom

Photo: @play.thedayaway

If you are someone who doesn’t handle clutter well, cut down on the colours and make your toddler toy room palette as neutral as possible. This makes toys easier to spot and hide after play time, and renders the room overall more adaptable as your children grow and their tastes change.

ABC’s and 123 Toddler Playroom Station Idea

Photo: @_karlafrias  

Post up those letters and numbers to promote early learning and also give a whimsical, child-like vibe to your toddler’s playroom. We love these sweet posters!

Toddler Playroom Bulletin Board

Photo: @fortheloveofingenuity 

Pin up reminders, daily art projects, found objects, or anything that suits your little ones’ fancy with an easy-to-update bulletin or pegboard on the wall. 

Toddler Playroom Learning Nook

Photo: @raisingkindandmindful

This sweet little area is set up for a “unit” on weather and we are absolutely swooning. A bare-bones IKEA, or any, simple bookcase can create a rotational learning space that lets you bring education into their all-important play time.

Fabulous Toddler Playroom Shelfie 

Photo: @closedhandmadehearts

When you display your tot’s books in pleasing ways, they’re more likely to reach for them. A fun shelf with toys and art interspersed among their books is a sweet treat to give your toddlers in the playroom. Switch it up throughout the months and years to keep things interesting and fun. 

Add “Grownup” Elements to Your Toddler Playroom

Photo: Meghan Basinger

One of the best parts of childhood is playing at adult behaviours and routines. Make sure to bring elements of your own world into the toy room for hours of fun, like the cash register and tea cart seen here. Other ideas include a makeup table, tool chest, and doctor kit.

Add a Desk to Your Toddler Playroom

Photo: Style by Emily Henderson

Even if your tyke isn’t old enough to use it with any regularity yet, place a desk in your toddler’s playroom if you have the space. Learning should be fun, and colouring is a part of the program. As your little one grows (which happens really fast), it will be so important for them to have a space among their toys to do something creative. 

Corral the Stuffies in Your Toddler Playroom

Photo: Oh Happy Play

They may not be your favourite part of parenting, but excessive stuffed animals are just bound to happen. Instead of letting them cramp your playroom style, create a cute and easy storage solution like these parents did to manage their volume while still allowing the kids access to them whenever they want to play.

Add a Rainbow of Books to Your Toddler Playroom

Photo: @bump.tobaby

Organising books and toys by colour is one of those mildly obsessive but oh-so-worth-it parenting tricks that really makes you feel like you have your life together even on days when that’s maybe not the case. Also, kids love it! (Related: Get inspired by these rainbow nursery designs!)

Tie Your Toddler Playroom Decor Together With a Busy Rug

Photo: With Marble 

There are tons of options when it comes to playroom floor coverings. In the baby days you might want to consider a wipe-clean playmat—especially if you’re dealing with hardwoods or other firm flooring beneath. But once they’re a little less likely to eat fistfuls of fuzz off the floor, invest in a cheerful patterned area rug like this one to keep the eye moving and allow for spills and stray marker moments while also making the space feel more adult-friendly. 

Final Thoughts on Toddler Playroom Ideas

Now that you’ve seen some of our favourite toddler playroom ideas, it’s time to start decorating your own! If you need any additional inspiration for decking out your toddler’s special space, then check out some more resources below:

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