With her first child, British mom Francesca Sardone hardly slept. Thanks to silent reflux, her son, Leo, woke up around the clock. As he got older, he slept better, but it wasn’t until he was 3 that he actually slept through the night.

“It was horrendous,” Francesca recalls. She vowed the next time would be different.

“After having a child that didn’t sleep consistently through the night for three years, I wasn’t taking any chances with the next one,” she says. “That’s why we had to get the magical SNOO.”

Francesca’s second child, Rocco, has been in SNOO from day one, and right away, it was a completely different experience.

“Instantly Rocco was sleeping an hour and a half. Then, that went up to 3 hours,” Francesca says. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, Leo never slept like this until he was months and months old!”

These days, 4-month-old Rocco is sleeping even longer stretches, and sometimes sleeps through the night—something Francesca couldn’t have dreamt of with her oldest son.

“At 4 months, Leo was waking throughout the night,” Francesca remembers. “I was on my knees. I was a broken woman.”

And this time around, it’s not just baby Rocco who’s sleeping better with SNOO.

“It has helped me mentally. Sleep deprivation is like torture, isn’t it? If you’re going through that for months and months and months, it starts to have an impact on you,” she says. “Because I’m sleeping better, I’m feeling so much better.”

Francesca has more energy and time for Leo—and even has time for herself (she recently joined a Pilates class!).

“[SNOO] has had a massive, massive impact on all of us, really,” she says. 

In addition to the added sleep, Francesca loves the fact that SNOO promotes safe sleep by keeping Rocco on his back all night. “When you’re a first-time mum, there’s so much anxiety about safe-sleeping…[SNOO] instantly takes that off your mind.” 

And as sleep has become a focus for the whole family, it’s something little Leo has picked up on too.

“Leo has gotten to the point where he’ll tell us, ‘I slept great!’” Francesca says. “He knows the importance of sleep now.”

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