When Virginia mum Emily Davis went in for her 20-week sonogram, she got the surprise of a lifetime: She was carrying twins! For Emily, this meant that her brood of 5 would grow to 7.

“Having seven kids 10 and under, we looked at what we would need to survive because I don’t have family in the area and neither does my husband,” Emily says. “We are a homeschooling family, so we don’t get a break during the day with the kids away. We knew that sleep would be really important for us not to tank.”

Emily had seen the best and worst of baby sleep with her first five children, so she knew how precious a good night of zzz’s could be. 

“Every baby has been different. We had a couple babies who completely were dream babies, and we had some where I was bone tired and was having health issues because of physical exhaustion,” she remembers. “We knew even if we had the best sleepers in the world this time around, we would need help.”

At first, she and her husband set out to find a night nurse, but it was expensive. Then, she learned about SNOO.   

“We had heard from another twin parent that SNOO was like having a robot nurse, so we were like, we should give it a try,” she says.   

Sure enough, SNOO was able to support the Davis family as they added their two tiny new members. The twins started sleeping in SNOO right away when they came home from the hospital—but it wasn’t just the added sleep that eased the Davis' transition. 

“If I’m tending to another child or the other baby, it buys us an extra few minutes to get settled,” she says. “When a baby’s crying, the neurons in your brain are going crazy, and to have a few extra minutes when a baby is crying is really valuable. Especially during the night, you can hear them start to grunt and wake up, and then if they’re not hungry you can get a few extra minutes of sleep which is really valuable.”

And having a curious toddler in the mix, Emily also appreciates SNOO’s sturdiness. 

"I really like that it’s stable. It’s a solid piece,” Emily says. “Because it looks streamlined, parents might wonder if it’s stable, but I don’t have concerns that when my 3-year-old comes over and peers over the top to see the babies that it’ll fall.” 

Overall, Emily says SNOO has been a "sanity-saver."

“Having an extra set of ‘hands’ to soothe the babies has been absolutely invaluable.”

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