Getting ready for the big day is an exciting time, but it also calls for a little bit of preparing on your end! We know you've been planning all the other little details like the nursery and what baby gear to buy. Here we'll help you plan for what to pack for the hospital and when to pack your hospital bag. 

When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

This isn’t something you will want to wait to pack once you’re in labor. You should pack your (and your partners) hospital bag a few weeks ahead of time. Leave it in a convenient location – like by the front door - so when the time comes, it’s easy to grab and head out the door! Some women even prefer to keep it in the car…that way in the midst of the chaos nothing is forgotten!

What You Need During Labor in the Hospital 

It might be hard to decide what you really NEED in the hospital versus what’s a convenience. It’s important to have a balance of both. Hospitals aren’t exactly known for feeling warm and home-like so it can be comforting to bring a few personal items like your pillow and a robe. Try not to overdo it though…you don’t want to roll in with a giant suitcase full of stuff you’ll hardly use!

Hospital Bag Checklist


  • ID and insurance card
  • Birth plan (bring multiple copies)
  • Cord Blood Registry information
  • Long phone charger – labor is a long process, so make sure you have the proper charger that can stretch from the wall to your bed
  • Lip balm
  • Hair ties
  • Clothing to go home in for you and baby
  • Soft, comfortable nursing bra
  • Toiletries

Nice to haves 

  • Robe – this makes nursing easy and can be more comfortable than a hospital gown post-birth
  • Comfy clothes, pajamas, socks and slippers 
  • Snacks – treat yourself to something nice (hospital food isn’t always the most favorable), plus labor can work up a serious appetite! Honey sticks can be an easy and effective energy boost in the last hours of labor.
  • Bluetooth speaker – set the mood for labor and have your favorite playlist on when you bring your baby into the world
  • Essential oil diffuser – like music, scents (like lavender) can really set the mood and help ease your mind
  • First photo props - capture his first moment's with a cute printed swaddle, beanie and letterboard!

What Should I Pack In My Hospital Bag Video


    What's on your hospital bag must-have list? Tell us in the comments below! 

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