Every parent wants the absolute best for their children, and in the early years of life that often means showering them with lots of toys! Toys can be a valuable tool in helping babies’ and kids’ brains develop, keeping them happy and thriving, and allowing a moment of peace for Mum and Dad. (Well...depending on the toy). 

But as fun and necessary as toys are for our kiddos, they can be absolutely maddening for parents when they’re strewn across the floor. That’s why establishing easy-to-use and visually attractive toy storage systems can be a fantastic way to keep the peace in the playroom or baby room. Here are some of our favourite toy storage ideas for keeping your space clutter-free (or as close to clutter free as a parent can hope for!). 

Wicker and Rope Bedroom Toy Storage

Photo: @restoreorderhome 

...and shelving oh my! A great way to keep tiny hands involved in the picking up of toys is to make their storage spaces visually appealing. This easy-access open shelving unit employs an array of colours and other stimula to remind the kiddos that cleanup can be fun, too. Try a variety of bins and toy storage baskets to help.  

See it Clearly Toy Storage Idea

Photo: @thehomeedit

The trick to using clear bins for toy storage is you can’t just toss the mess in if you want them to look good. However, organising by colour or kind solves that problem easily. The clear toy storage bins are perfect for kids’ toys because it makes it easier for them to get to the items they want to play with on a given day, rather than ransacking the entire playroom looking for that one toy. 

De-Box Your Toy Storage Space

Photo: @theorderlylifestyle

“Bagging it” is a great way to cut down on clutter! Instead of hanging onto all those clunky boxes that take up tons of space, house all the pieces of each individual game or puzzle together in one pliable toy storage spot like a muslin or plastic baggie. 

Easy Access Toy Storage Ideas

Photo: @mirandajlehmann

A big part of setting up a smart toy storage system is that you want the kids to be able to help you clean up… and eventually, handle that chore pretty much on their own! These low cubes with pull-out toy storage bins are just right for a toddler, and the stepping stool makes it easy for them to reach objects that are placed up higher. 

Toy Storage Labels Idea for Organisation

Photo: @done.neatly

It works in grownup spaces, and can absolutely help for the kids. Even if your little ones aren’t reading yet, labeling everything helps caregivers put toys back in their correct spaces. You can also use colour or picture labels so the tiniest helpers can see blue things go in this bin, cars over here, and so on.

Petite Row Shelving Toy Storage Ideas

Photo: @alwayschasinglife 

Toot toot, beep beep! These narrow toy storage shelves are absolutely genius for toy cars and all sorts of other small toys like figurines, playhouse accessories, and so on. This is a unique and space-saving toy storage design that also makes it easier for kids to help clean up their own stuff. 

Picture-Perfect Toy Storage Ideas

Photo: @clutterawayla

“Let me take a shelfie!” is what you’ll be thinking if you take the lead from this blogger and create a bright, enticing storage space in the kiddos’ bedrooms or playroom. Even if every single item doesn’t have a home, per se, they can work together to become more than storage but actual decor, if you keep it minimal and bright. 

Closet Toy Storage Idea

Photo: @clutterawayla

Got a coat or guest room closet that’s lacking a practical use? Give it one! Dress-up on hanging rods, games on shelves, bits in drawers… then close the doors!

Toy Storage Meets Grownup Storage

Photo & to Purchase: Homary 

Maximise a small space by combining storage for grownups and kids. The top half of this bookcase-meets-toy-bin is a great place to front-face your favourite coffee table, design, or research books; magazines; and day planners. The bottom door and shelving spaces keep toys, games, and more up and off the floor. It’s a great concept to consider for the living room or any other shared space.

More Playroom and Nursery Inspiration: 

Toy storage can give busy parents peace of mind by cutting clutter. You know what else adds precious peace of mind (plus more sleep)? SNOO Smart Sleeper

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