Infants can get stressed just like grown-ups. If your child resists sleep, take a minute to make sure her problem isn’t a sign of stress. She may be troubled by:

  • Yelling or fighting—in real life or on TV.
  • Scary situations, including barking dogs, loud noises, an unfamiliar bedroom or a new or unfriendly people (a new sitter or teacher, or even a grandma who hasn’t visited in a while).
  • Separations, such as having to stay with sitters or having a regular caregiver suddenly leave.

These can especially upset fragile, super cautious infants who tend to get scared, lonely and extra cranky when unexpected changes occur.

If you think stress is part of the problem, do what you can to protect your honey from these upsets and start a great bedtime routine to get her back in balance.

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