The coldest time of the year can be a particularly challenging time for keeping little kids entertained. Cabin fever is real, and it can be brutal. But with a few supplies that you probably already have around your house, you can turn a boring, cold day into a fun adventure filled with activities that activate your child’s imagination. Check out these 30 chilly time activities for toddlers that you can try right now. 

Sticky Snowman

winter activities sticky snowman

Image and activity via Happy Toddler Playtime

Kids LOVE to make messes, and parents…well, parents aren't quite as rapturous about cleaning them up. That’s exactly what makes this project so much fun. Kids will have a blast making a sticky mess without destroying the house.

Snowball Launcher Activity

winter activities snowball launcher

Image and activity via Little Bins for Little Hands

Why not sprinkle in some science to your day? Check out this snowball launcher activity that easily turns into a game for the whole family.

Snow Dough Activity

winter activities snow dough

Image and activity via Powerful Mothering

Kiddos keep their fingers busy working with some homemade dough resembling freshly fallen snow. Bonus: This snow dough is “taste safe,” which means kids won’t get sick if their curiosity prompts them to take a nibble. 

Snow Painting Activity for Toddlers

winter activities snowball painting

Image and activity via Brilliant Little Minds

This snow painting project is perfect for young toddlers. Plus, it makes for pretty, wintry décor!

Fake Snow Sensory Box Activity for Toddlers

winter activities snow sensory bins

Image and activities via The Best Ideas for Kids

Go outside and grab some pinecones, and then mix in a few ingredients from the kitchen to make this sensory box that emulates snow and will give your kids some tactile delight.

Frozen Paint Activity for Toddlers

winter activities frozen paint

Image and activity via Busy Toddler

If you face the challenge of having your kids whip through activities at breakneck speed, then this will definitely help slow their roll. Freeze your paint into a popsicle and have your kids create works of art as the paint begins to melt.

Magic Snowball Activity for Toddlers 

winter activity magic snowball

Image and activity via Entertain Your Toddler

This sneaky STEM project invites kids to drop snowballs into jars and then watch them explode with colour. Talk about a bright idea!

Felt Tree Activity for Toddlers

winter activities felt tree

Image and activity via Inspire Uplift

This is perfect for little kids who can’t keep their hands off the real tree. Create your own felt version of a Christmas tree and let your kids go to town decorating (and redecorating) their own.

Pinchy Bags Sensory Play Activity for Toddlers

 winter activities mess free sensory bag

Image and activity via A Little Pinch of Perfection

Sensory projects are so much fun but they tend to get pretty darn messy. Try this cleaner twist and watch your child have a great time without worrying about picking up later.

Little People Ski Ramp Activity for Toddlers

winter activities ski ramp 

If you have an old cardboard box and some imagination, you’re halfway there! With this activity, kids get to try death-defying ski jumps without ever getting hurt. 

Blanket Fort Activity for Toddlers

 winter activities blanket fort

Image and activity via Blanket Fort

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned blanket fort? Try dressing yours up with twinkly lights, pillows, cozy's the perfect nook for reading, playing, or even sipping hot cocoa!

Giant Gingerbread Man Activity for Toddlers

winter activities giant gingerbread man

Image and activity via Toddler Approved 

Kids can decorate these larger-than-life “cookies” to their hearts’ content! If you don’t have a roll of craft paper, try cutting up brown paper grocery bags or using the white side of old wrapping paper. 

Ice Scoop Transfer Game for Toddlers

winter activities ice scoop

Image and activity via Busy Toddler 

This activity for toddlers is perfect for busy bodies who love to have something to do. Fill one tub or bowl with ice and another with coloured water. Then, let your kiddo go to town moving the ice to the water to see what happens.

Snowman Bowling Activity for Toddlers

winter activities for toddlers snowman bowling 

Image and activity via 5 Minutes for Mom

Grab the recycling bin and get busy painting some cans to create the equipment you’ll need to play this DIY game. Toddlers will especially love tossing bean bags at the stacked cans.

Iceberg Hop Activity for Toddlers

winter activities iceberg hop

Image and activity via Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

If your kids have ever pretended that the floor is lava, this activity is the game for them. Create a few icebergs out of paper or fabric and turn your floor into an Arctic ice field that your kids must hop around to navigate. 

Sparkling Ice Activity for Toddlers

winter activities sparkly icicles

Image and activity via Kids Craft Room

You’ll want to help your toddler with this one. With just a few materials, you can work together to create sparkling icicles that you can save as ornaments, decorate a window to catch some sun-rays, or even turn into a mobile to hang in your child’s room.

Maple Syrup Snow Candy Activity for Toddlers

winter activity maple snow candy 

Image and activity via Little Bins for Little Hands

Using snow and some maple syrup, your kids can make their own delicious candy that will double as a magical memory when they grow up.

Bubble Wrap Run Activity for Toddlers

winter activities bubble wrap runway

Image and activity via Hands On as We Grow

This activity looks like too much fun! If you are one of those people who saves bubble wrap to reuse, then you’ll have plenty of pop for this project.

Discovery Bottle Activity for Toddlers

winter activities winter discovery bottles 

Image and activity via Teaching 2- and 3-Year-Olds

It’s amazing what you can fit into a bottle with this discovery activity that is perfect for little kids. Combine some small objects with glitter in a clear plastic bottle, and you’ve got some sparkly on-the-go entertainment.

Squirt Gun Painting Activity for Toddlers

winter activities snow squirt gun painting

Image and activity via 123 Homeschool 4 Me 

Grab some food colouring and suit up with this activity that will get the whole family outside and playing in the snow.

Exploding Snowmen Activity for Preschoolers

winter activity exploding snowmen

Image and activity via Mombrite

Want to have…a blast? This activity blends science with pure delight.

Marble Run Activity for Toddlers

winter activity marble run

Image and activity via Happy Toddler Playtime

This activity for toddlers can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be, which is perfect for little kids. Grab a cookie sheet, a marble, and some snow, and make your own marble run.

Salt Crystal Snowflake Activity for Kids

winter activities salt crystal snowflakes

Image and activity via Living Well Mom

Make some DIY salt crystals that you can decorate your windows with. You can create colourful, sparkling snowflakes that will last the rest of the season. 

Tissue Paper Snowprint Activity for Toddlers

winter activities tissue paper snowprints

Image and activity via Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten 

Sometimes little kid art makes the perfect gift. Sit down with your toddler and make a bunch of fun tissue paper art projects and then give them to friends and family. 

Freezing Bubble Activity for Toddlers

winter activities freezing bubbles

Image and activity via No Stress Homeschooling 

This is the perfect activity for the little Elsa in your life. With the magic of science, your toddler can freeze bubbles and then watch in wonder at the colourful pile.

Hatching Penguin Activity for Kids

winter activity paper plate penguins

Image and activity via Kids Craft Room 

Not only is this an art project that kids will love but it’s also a puppet show! Your chicks will have fun creating a hatching penguin but why stop there? Create hatching birds, lizards, dragons, aliens, anything your child can dream up.

Hot Chocolate Slime Activity for Toddlers 

winter activities hot chocolate goop

Image and activity via Raising Little Superheroes

Yup. You can make hot chocolate slime! Kids will love getting their hands lost in this gooey messy fun.

Playdough for Toddlers

winter activity playdough 

Image and activity via Playdough to Plato

This set of DIY playdough comes in mint, hot chocolate, and pine. It might be hard for the grownups to not play with it, to be honest. 

Hole Punch Snowflake Activity for Kids

winter activity hole punch snowflakes

Image and activity via No Time for Flashcards

Sometimes kids need to focus on something for a while to help ward off cabin fever. This hole punch snowflake project is perfect for kids with too much energy who need somewhere to direct their focus. Bonus? You can decorate your house with their creations when they’re done! 

DIY Bird Feeder Activity for Kids

winter activity bird feeders

Image and activity via Learning and Exploring Through Play 

Teach your kids about local birds by creating these fun cookie cutter bird feeders that you can hang outside your windows. Watch and learn as birds stop by to munch a treat.

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