|| T H E 💤 S N O O || And just like that it’s time for Harry to move out of the SNOO . Not going to lie this SNOO costs more then my first car so I felt very lucky to be gifted this beautiful bassinet from @happiest_baby Sorry to all my vague DM responses surrounding this subject however I wanted to experience the full 6 months before I gave an uneducated response to anyone. Firstly I just wanted to note the touch , smell , warmth and love of a parent will NEVER compare to an electric machine . Also every baby is so different so this is HARRY & I experience only . . || P R O S || • First setting (calming motion) was Harry’s favourite and settled him to sleep 95% of the time . This also would settle him when we woke and wanted to go back to sleep . Life saver for me as I remember endless hours and sleepless nights of rocking Harvey to sleep . • Built in swaddle - escape proof ! No fussing like I endlessly did with Houdini Harvey • Knowing Harry will be on his back all night gave me relief and comfort for his safety • Connection with my phone via the Snoo App allowed me to know what motion Harry is in if I am not in his room and if he needs my care . || C O N S || •For safety standards no blankets . If your baby is cold you need to redress them rather then tuck a extra blanket in . • Expensive at $1160 . $6.44 per day for 6 months • 4am wake up to “Harry Watts needs your care” notification on your phone when your staying in a hotel with your husband for your anniversary. No I couldn’t get back to sleep although I did know he is in safe hands with my mother in law . • Last setting Harry hated too loud and SNOO moved to rough for him . By this stage I knew it was a pick up Harry moment . • parents can limit the levels of motion if they want to do so, by using the SNOO app . So the question is have I been blessed with a great sleeping baby or is it the SNOO ? I’ll never know the answer however all I can say is oh how I wished this was around when Hurricane Harvey was born !!! Any questions please comment people and I’ll get back to you as best I can . #HarryLionelWatts #SNOO #happiestbaby #parenting #babybassinet

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