Arizona mums Morgan and Casey Dresser are used to serving others. Morgan is an engineer and EMT with the fire department (one of just 75 women out of a department of 1,500!), and Casey is a retired Army drill sergeant. But when it came to baby sleep, they realised they needed a solution that served them.

As a front-line worker, it’s essential that Morgan stays healthy…not just for her family, but for her community.  She’s on the job for 24 hours at a time, then is off for 48. When she’s on the clock, she’s often up two to five times a night…and sometimes all night (there are some days when she’ll have to run 25 calls in 24 hours)!

Sleep is crucial for Casey, too. Not only does she need to be alert as she juggles the day-to-day demands of motherhood, but she also struggles with seizures—a lingering effect of a traumatic brain injury sustained during her time in the military—and PTSD. 

“With my PTSD, the seizures are easily triggered because they are stress induced. Not getting enough sleep can easily cause stress to the body and mind. Therefore, causing seizures,” Casey says.

Morgan Dresser: Firefighter mom holding infant

So, when their son, Jackson (now a toddler), had trouble sleeping, they sprang into action.

“He seemed like he had colic for sure. He would cry from 5 to 9, and the only way we could get him to sleep was to swaddle him, use white noise, and dance,” Morgan recalls. “I thought, there’s got to be something else.”

Shortly after watching the Happiest Baby on the Block video, they discovered SNOO, and then realised that they were eligible for Happiest Baby’s military discount.

“We were like, we have to try it,” Casey says. “Then, when we did, it was like magic. It was such a relief for us. We could take a deep breath. We knew Jackson would be okay.”

Less than two years later, Casey gave birth to their daughter, Marley, who was able to use SNOO from day one, which meant everyone was sleeping this time around.

Casey Dresser: Woman in recovery, mom holding infant

“I never know what I’m getting into at work,” she says. “Having SNOO lay the foundation for Marley’s sleep helps me be refreshed and ready. With SNOO keeping her asleep, I can join my family again and know I’ll be able to sleep through the night.

Plus, SNOO has helped alleviate some of Casey’s anxiety.

“Having this seizure condition is very scary, especially with children. My biggest fear is having a seizure while holding my 2-month-old daughter,” Casey says. “SNOO has been a huge lifeline to my health and my daughter’s safety.”

Safety has always been a big priority for both mums. In her role, Morgan goes on a range of medical calls, and sadly, has seen more than her share of tragedies. 

“Knowing that Marley’s safe in SNOO is a relief. I can worry about work stuff, but I don’t have to come home and still worry,” Morgan says.

“Marley coming home and going straight into safe place made it so that we weren’t jumping up every second to make sure she was okay. It built that comfort in our house that we didn’t have with Jack before,” Casey adds. “When we had Jack stationed in the Pack-and-Play, I would sleep on the floor because I was afraid of being too far away. With Marley, I just go to sleep. Anyone who asks, I say it’s worth the investment. It’s peace of mind.”

Morgan and Casey Dresser: Two moms holding child at firehouse

After their experience, Casey and Morgan have enthusiastically spread the word about SNOO (even passing their SNOO to a fellow fire family during a firehouse baby boom!).

“All I know is I freaking love it,” Casey says. “When people see SNOO, they’re like ‘you’re so fancy,’ but it’s not like I have a lot of money. It’s just if I’m going to invest, it’s going to be in my child’s safety.”

Photos by Wildbird Photography

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