Bay Area mum Melody White describes her parenting style as “data-driven”…so when it came time to pick out a baby bed for her daughter, she began looking for evidence that could point her to the best choice. She didn’t have to look far!

At her tech-adjacent job in Berkeley, she found herself surrounded by gadget-loving, number-crunching coworkers whose partners were expecting around the same time that she was.

“They were like, ‘you need to get SNOO’—their wives hadn’t given birth yet, but they had done the research,” Melody remembers.

So, Melody started a fact-finding mission of her own…which included getting a play-by-play rundown on newborn life from a friend who had recently had a baby. As Melody mulled over what she’d learned about SNOO—plus what her friend had told her about the sleep-deprived first weeks of parenthood—an answer quickly snapped into focus.  

“I thought, an extra two hours of sleep—shut up and take my money!”

Melody’s mental calculus paid off immediately, with her daughter, Laura, sleeping well from nearly night one in SNOO.

“We only had two or three nights where she was waking up every two to three hours,” she recalls. “That wouldn’t have been sustainable.”

True to her data-driven nature, Melody also appreciated the “sanity check” the app provided. 

“We can see where she had a two-hour chunk of sleep or where she was awake…we see white-red-white-red,” she says. “Otherwise, time is meaningless for a new parent. It’s just a fog of diapers and vomit and crying and the cycle repeats over and over again. So, having the SNOO and being able to track when she’s in it helps us…we’re still feeling tired, but we know we could be more tired.” 

Overall, Melody recognises what a game-changer SNOO was in helping her family get the rest they needed.

“I think too often women don’t prioritise their mental health in the postpartum phase. They think this sacrificial role is okay, but it doesn’t help the baby or the mum or the dad,” she says. “I haven’t had a day go by where I could not shower. I have that balance. I feel like a full person. I know other women who don’t feel that way for a long time.” 

For Melody, SNOO’s ability to help her retain some sense of normalcy during those first weeks of parenthood was money well spent.

“Babies are human, but mummies are human, too. Their needs and concerns are just as important as a baby’s. Every tool you can have in your arsenal that makes sure everyone in the family’s needs are being met is priceless," she says. 

And now, she’s become just as big of an evangelist for SNOO as her coworkers once were.

“I tell everyone as soon as I find out they are pregnant to start saving now—get the SNOO.”

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