Megan Marino was an active-duty captain in the Air Force when she got pregnant (she has since become an active reservist). Around the time she had her baby, a lot of her military friends were also starting families—which is how she first learned about SNOO.

Megan’s baby arrived three weeks early and was a restless sleeper, often refusing to snooze anywhere but on Megan or her husband. The sleepless nights weighed on Megan.

“I had a good friend who had a baby two weeks after we had ours. I was texting him about lack of sleep and how hard it was. He was like, oh it’s not as hard for us because we have a SNOO,” Megan remembers. “Literally that night at 3 a.m. we placed our order.” 

Once Megan’s daughter was in SNOO, she put her super-short sleeping stints behind her and started dozing in longer and longer stretches. 

“In SNOO she’d sleep for four hours, then six hours, then eight hours. It kept creeping up as she grew in age. She would wake up happy and was less fussy,” Megan says. “Our life went from, How will we manage? to Life is great!

Shuteye was particularly crucial for Megan, whose husband is frequently on the road for work in his role as a marketing consultant. 

“Getting a good night’s sleep is essential because I’m basically a solo parent Monday through Friday,” she says. “It was not fun going through those newborn phases by myself.”

Fortunately, Megan’s daughter continued to blossom into a good sleeper through the rest of infancy…and beyond! Because her daughter was so tiny, Megan says they were able to max out her use of SNOO. And, transitioning out of SNOO ended up being a breeze.

Megan eased the cot transition by opening up SNOO Sack’s armholes to allow her daughter to sleep arms-out and turned on weaning mode.

“The first night in the crib, she slept for eight hours,” Megan says. “She sleeps 11 to 12 hours a night now as a toddler, and I truly attribute her awesome sleeping habits to SNOO.” 

Following her experience, Megan has heartily recommended SNOO to other families. 

“I’m a huge promoter of SNOO. I joke that I need a referral code,” she says. “I tell people to reach out to the amazing customer service team with questions. Customer Care was phenomenal and provided great solutions.” 

But she won’t be relinquishing her own SNOO anytime soon. 

“We’ll use it for our second whenever it’s the right time,” she says. “We are huge believers in SNOO. It has been a life-saver.”

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