Fall of 2017 has been a terrible one for natural disasters in America, with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastating areas of the south and southwest and fires raging through Northern California.

Of the thousands of families who had to flee their homes, a few Happiest Baby customers wrote to us to share how SNOO helped them through the experience—some even brought their bed along when they evacuated! In their own words:

We live in Napa in an area where most homes have burned down. We are very fortunate ours is still ok. We had to evacuate at 1am Sunday and only had minutes to get out of our house. We were only able to grab our babies and dogs.

Yesterday the police escorted us back home and gave us 3 minutes to only get any critical items. The only item we absolutely HAD to have was our Snoo! Our 2-month-old has used it from day 1 and it’s a savior. We also have a 19-month-old who was an awful sleeper. Snoo has given us a much happier and peaceful life with our new baby! We now have a tiny bit of normalcy with our Snoo in our hotel room with 2 little ones. 
–Allison, Napa, CA
We abruptly evacuated before Hurricane Irma hit as conditions seemed to be worsening. The Snoo’s sleek design enabled us to easily remove the legs and pack the bassinet in the trunk of our car. Without the Snoo, I would’ve been anxious that our son wouldn’t have slept, and worse, that he would’ve kept our generous hosts up all night. Because our son was sleeping so well for naps and through most of the night (except for feedings) in the Snoo, we didn’t want to take a chance that the trip caused him to regress.

Caring for a newborn in the midst of a natural disaster is troubling and traumatic. Fortunately, our son slept well in the Snoo, which kept him calm and manageable throughout the trip, but for very few fussy moments. We’re forever grateful for Snoo, not only for its help during Hurricane Irma, but for the tremendous impact it’s had every step of the way during these first months as new parents. –
Alexandra, Boca Raton, FL
We were under voluntary evacuation and our family decided that it'd be the best to evacuate given that we have a 4 months old. Before we evacuated, our daughter was using the SNOO when Harvey made landfall.  She slept through the storm without a peep. The SNOO helped to keep her asleep while my husband and I prepared the house for evacuation and for possible flood.” - Maria, Missouri City, TX 

We are so happy that SNOO helped these families during stressful times and to get updates that Allison, Maria, Alexandra and their families are happy to be back safe in their own homes!

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