For many parents, sleepless nights lead them to SNOO. But for Samantha Sevilla, it was her son’s daytime habits that drew her to the smart sleeper.

While her little one was a great nighttime sleeper, his naps were another story. He struggled to doze off during the day, requiring long, exhausting stints of rocking to settle. And then, once he did nod off, he’d wake again quickly.

“To fall asleep, he needed to be rocked. Then 30 minutes into the nap he would start rustling and want to be rocked again,” Samantha says. “I would joke that my left arm was getting really strong because I was constantly rocking the bassinet while I was working with my right hand.”

Under ordinary circumstances, this would be a challenge…but unfortunately for Samantha, it was all happening in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic…and she was balancing both a day job and her PhD dissertation. Plus, her husband is a firefighter who works 24 hours at a time.

This meant many days, Samantha was juggling work, school, and a newborn all by herself.

Though she’s been able to work remotely, the nonstop rocking cut into the time she was able to focus. And, in her field (computational biology), she really needs 1-2 uninterrupted hours at a time to focus on the coding her dissertation requires.

Without coronavirus, she might have escaped to her office or a coffee shop or invited in outside help. Instead, she found herself in an endless cycle of soothing her baby to sleep and then re-settling him when he woke up.

When she mentioned her problem to a group of mum friends, they chimed in to say that SNOO could do the rocking for Samantha, so she looked into it. Since her son was already 2-1/2 months old, Samantha and her husband decided that SNOO’s rental program would be the perfect way to find out if SNOO could help soothe her son at naptime.

Samantha was sold—and fortunately, SNOO was able to successfully settle her son during naps.

“SNOO has been a saving grace during this pandemic when I'm working from home, as it allows me to work for longer periods without having to settle my little one throughout the day,” she says. “Now I at least know that I have time to finish what I’m doing before I have to pick him up again.”

It’s been a boon not just for her productivity, but for her well-being. She knows that even if she hears her son fuss during a nap, 9 times out of 10, SNOO will lull him back to sleep. 

“Not having to get up every 30 minutes has been so good. It’s made my mental health much better,” she says.

Samantha’s so relieved that she’s found a way to work on her dissertation while her son develops good sleeping habits.

“The pandemic has made SNOO that much more valuable,” she says. “It’s really well made and has made our lives a heck of a lot better.”

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