During a time that’s marked with morning sickness and swollen feet, baby showers are one of the more fun parts of pregnancy. Unfortunately, coronavirus has put a stop to baby showers as we knew them…but that doesn’t mean you can't partake in baby shower fun.

For some expecting parents, a virtual baby shower is an elegant solution that allows friends from all over to come together to celebrate the mum- and baby-to-be via video call. But others may crave an analog interaction, and, in places where COVID cases are going down, it might be an option to throw a socially distanced baby shower. Socially distanced baby showers let guests gather and catch up…from at least two metres away. 

However, if you’re determined to have an in-person socially distanced baby shower, important to note that just because we’ve been under lockdown for months, we’re not back to business (or partying) as usual. Coronavirus is a serious illness…especially for pregnant people. Recent medical reports have shown that pregnant mums may have more serious issues dealing with COVID-19. So. if you are going to throw an in-person baby shower, please do so with caution! Here are a few tips to follow to ensure that your socially distanced baby shower isn’t just fun…it’s safe, too!

Consider a drive-by baby shower.

Drive-by parties have become part of our new COVID normal…whether you’re celebrating a graduation or a birthday. In this super-socially-distanced twist on baby showers, your besties swing by in their cars to celebrate the baby, drop off a gift, and maybe pick up a yummy baby shower dessert or fun baby shower favour. The plus-side of drive-by baby showers is that you get a little bit of one-on-one catch-up time…without putting your health at risk.

Stage your socially distanced shower at a spacious venue.

We’ve seen that coronavirus is less likely to be transmitted outdoors than it is in confined spaces. Gather at a public park or in a large backyard. While you’re choosing a venue, opt for a space where there’s room to spread out, so that your guests can maintain at least two metres of distance from one another.

Trim your guest list or stagger arrivals.

Limit your guest list to no more than 10 people (including the mum-of-the-hour). If you have a lot of friends, consider having multiple small showers. Or consider staggering your guests in shifts: Have two to three well-wishers stop by at a time to keep things small and manageable. If you have lots of friends, you could also throw multiple mini showers. 

Make masks required party attire at your socially distanced baby shower.

Masks are an important tool when it comes to slowing the spread of coronavirus! Everyone should wear masks when they aren’t eating. But, masking up doesn’t have to put a damper on the festive atmosphere. Try turning mask-wearing into a fun game: If you’re doing a gender reveal at your shower, you could have guests wear a pink or blue mask to showcase their guess about whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Skip the shared baby shower treats.

Now is not the time for a buffet or a platter of communal macaroni salad or a bowl of party mix that everyone has to dig into with their hands. Opt for single-serve snacks instead (cupcakes, for example). Set up hand sanitiser near any food you’re serving, so guests can disinfect before they go for seconds.

Prioritise health and safety over celebrating.

Even if you are having a small shower and mandating masks, you should still maintain other safety measures. Have everybody sanitise or wash hands as soon as they arrive and before serving themselves food. Greet each other with warm waves rather than hugs and kisses. And, make it clear that if anyone feels sick, they should decline your baby shower invite. You may even want to do a quick temperature check when guests show up to make sure nobody has a fever. Yes, that that may feel out-of-sync with typical baby shower revelry…but these are not typical times. Remember, most people with the virus don’t have ANY symptoms. So, don’t assume everyone is well, just because they feel fine.

Register for the ultimate baby shower gift.

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