Finding out your baby’s gender is an exciting part of pregnancy—so it’s no surprise that parents are eager to share the big news in a BIG way. In fact, gender reveal ideas and social media announcements have exploded in recent years, evolving from a simple “It’s a ...!” stork on the front lawn to full-on gender reveal parties. 

From pink or blue smoke bombs to hilarious videos featuring the older siblings, there are so many baby gender reveal ideas to choose from. You could gather friends and family to share in the joyous news with a splashy gender reveal, or plan a private photo shoot with just you and your partner. Whether you’re looking for a quick-and-easy idea for your gender reveal or one that’s over-the-top, you’ll want to peep our list of creative gender reveal ideas for inspiration! 

Blue & Pink Cupcake Gender Reveal

Photo: @cakedbysamantha

You can drop off a sealed envelope with the baby’s sex to the baker, who will fill your gender reveal cupcakes with blue or pink frosting. 

Smoke Gender Reveal Idea

Photo: @moniquecallijurio 

The simplicity of this photo is part of what makes it so beautiful: a neutral palate in the decor and outfits, and that burst of gender reveal smoke! Purchase gender reveal smoke bombs on Etsy or Amazon.

Confetti Gender Reveal

Photo & to shop: Target

Can you even call it a party if confetti isn’t thrown?? Target has tons of fun, affordable products to help make your gender reveal party extra-special, and these confetti air cannons top the list. Bonus: They’re only $6 apiece!

Piñata Baby Gender Reveal

Photo & to shop: SuperSweetParty via Etsy

Guests will love getting involved (or just watching the excited parents go ham with a bat) when the big news is concealed in a sparkly gender reveal piñata like this handmade version found on Etsy ($20).

Build Up Excitement With Balloons

Photo & to shop: AllEventsPrints via Etsy

No matter how you choose to reveal the baby’s sex, a pink and blue balloon arch is a decor staple of any baby gender reveal party.

Say It With Fancy Sweets

Photo: @prettybites_

Cookies and cupcakes are darling… but macarons are très chic! (And, inherently gluten-free, in case that’s helpful for you and your guests). How beautiful are these confections? The inside layer of jam or creme reveals baby’s sex in the first bite.

Make a Game of Your Gender Reveal

Photo & to shop: SignandSelfieFrames via Etsy

Before revealing the gender, you can entertain guests (and yourselves!) with an Old Wives Tale guessing game, like this version from Etsy. 

Make a Gender-Reveal Handprint Heart

Photo: @thegenderrevealshow

Bright pink or baby blue? Have your partner dip their hands in paint while Mama is blind-folded, and place them on her belly to create a heart revealing Baby’s gender. Or, you can both just do this together and create a photo shoot gender reveal announcement for social media—and as a keepsake you can frame!

Gender Reveal Chocolate Bars

Photo: Pick Any Two

Hershey chocolate bar gender reveals are so easy to pull off. Grab some markers and get to coloring, because this affordable gender reveal idea could not be sweeter!

Lashes or Staches Gender Reveal

Photo & to shop: GiftShopBoutique via Etsy

No matter how you decide to execute the perfect gender reveal, rocking these t-shirts will make it extra photo-worthy! A unisex fit means Mom can wear her typical women’s clothing size over the bump with no issues.

Dart Art Gender Reveal Idea

Photo: Sweet Smiles

The best part of this DIY gender reveal idea is that once dried, it makes lovely abstract nursery wall decor and will remain a treasured memento for years to come. If you go this route, make sure to take a video of the parents-to-be taking aim at their paint-filled balloons.

Nursery Decor Gender Reveal

Photo & to shop: ChalkItUpDecor via Etsy

Hang a precious sign outside the baby’s bedroom and let family and friends open the door to discover the gender based on the nursery decor. 

Buy a Special Gender Reveal Outfit

Photo & to shop: HelloHappyBaby via Etsy

Nothing is more precious than baby clothes, so sharing your gender reveal news this way is absolutely perfect. Once Baby has outgrown the onesie and shoes, you can recreate the initial image in a shadow box for a lasting keepsake. 

It’s a… Balloon! Gender Reveal

Photo: Diary of a Fit Mommy 

Grab a custom balloon off Amazon or Etsy to spell out the big news! This blogger made it a family affair and took these stunning pictures to capture the moment.

Paint Fight Gender Reveal

Photo: Nancy Whiley Photography

This is an especially fun idea if you get an older sibling involved. All-white outfits are a must for this colorful gender reveal idea. Find DIY tips for this project on Pinterest

Say It With Sprinkles

Photo: @OurLifeinRoseGold 

A special gender reveal doesn’t have to be over-the-top… sometimes the simplest details say it best. Pink or blue sprinkles on toddler tootsies in a big-sibling gender reveal? Pretty sure it doesn’t get cuter than this.

Balloon Box Gender Reveal

Photo: Life with my Littles

That thrill that comes when opening the top of a box loaded with pink or blue balloons cannot be matched. Make sure your balloons are fastened securely to the bottom of the box so they don’t fly away!

Baby Shoe Gender Reveal

Photo: Pixaby

All you really need is a baby bump and a pair of shoes to pull off this understated gender reveal. Buy newborn size booties so the baby can wear them for pictures in the early days as well.

Silly String Gender Reveal for the Win

Photo & to shop: OnceUponAPartyCo via Etsy

What party couldn’t use a little silly string? Cheap, simple, and oh-so fun, this is a great way to get guests or big siblings in on the action.

Be a Good Sport

Photo & to buy: GenderRevealParties via Etsy

Etsy has lots of options for the athletic parents-to-be, including soccer and tennis balls that reveal the baby’s sex. They also make for action-packed photo shoots, as pictured here! 

Surprise Dough Gender Reveal Idea

Photo & how-to: I Can Teach My Child

If Baby has an older sibling, try out this easy and fun DIY gender reveal idea at home. Make playdough that turns pink or blue when activated by the warmth of big brother or sister’s hands! 

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