If there’s anything more exciting than promoting your littles to Big Sib status, it’s sharing the news with others! These sibling pregnancy announcements let the soon-to-be Bigs in on the fun and make for some unforgettable photo ops. Here, 15 memorable sibling pregnancy announcements...

Give Big Sibling a Bump

sibling pregnancy announcement - big sis sitting on bump

Photo: Instagram/lifeasmadisondavis

The baby bump is a great place for a big bro or sis to take a seat, and a simple photo big sister pregnancy announcement like this is a very sweet way to spread your baby news.

Status Update Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

sibling pregnancy announcement - big sister wearing baby announcement t-shirt

Photo: Instagram/snapshotsbystephanie

From Only Child to Big Sister (or brother), your little one is about to change roles, and this cute sibling pregnancy announcement t-shirt says it all!

Balloon Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement with balloons

Photo: Instagram/theawesomecompanyof

What little kid doesn’t like balloons? Reveal the gender of the new baby to your big kid or kids using a bunch of balloons on the couch and snap away. These priceless pictures are a perfect way to announce your pregnancy with the help of your older child(ren).

Big Sib Outfit Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement - big sisters in matching outfits.

Photo: Instagram/ourlifeinrosegold

Say it with a dress (or shirt, in the case of big bro), to make a simple, stylish statement with the quick click of your camera. These big sisters were ready to share the news far and wide… and pink-and-blue coordinated outfits are a great choice if you have more than one big sibling and don’t know the sex of the baby yet. 

Book Sibling Pregnancy Announcement 

Sibling pregnancy announcement - big siblings reading a book

Photo: Elena S Blair Photography

There are many new-baby books for kids out there; pick the one that means the most to your family and get a shot of the big sib or sibs reading it together. This is another simple sibling pregnancy announcement for the bigs. 

Sidekick Coming Soon Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement superhero sign

Photo: Raising Bell

Deck your little superhero out and get ready to melt hearts with an inspired sibling pregnancy announcement that uses wording like this. (Hint: the same idea works for princesses, miniature rockstars, and so on… make it relevant to your little one and have fun!).

Kisses for Baby Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement - big sister kissing mommy's belly

Photo: Instagram/ida_cookiesboutique

A bump-smooch is just about the sweetest thing; you’ll want to blow this photo up and hang it prominently in the home. In the meantime, it makes a pretty special pregnancy announcement featuring the big brother or sister-to-be. 

Waiting on My Bestie Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement letterboard

Photo: Instagram/manuathwalheran

Letterboard signage is big right now; use it creatively to spell out a message that feels authentic to you, and let Big Sib’s cute face do the rest of the talking. This “bestie” sibling announcement messaging is absolutely adorable.

Baby Party Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement with confetti

Photo: Instagram/ashleykrogman

With or without a parent in the frame, a mini party with balloons or light-up “BABY” wording and confetti gets your exciting message across. That authentic look on Big Sib’s face makes this special and festive sibling baby announcement a fun, modern choice. 

Matching Outfit Sibling Baby Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement with matching outfits

Photo: Instagram/annnabielewicz

I mean, does it get cuter? Sibling matching in the early years is one of those things that we may have rolled our eyes at as kids but get a kick out of as parents. Get a jumpstart and share your pregnancy news beautifully with inspiration from this cute big sister sibling pic.

Only Child Expiring Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement - only child expiring letterboard

Photo: Instagram/kendallware87

This idea works well with a cot eviction notice too. Only child status expiring? Cue the tears… and the laughs from family and friends at this absolutely priceless sibling baby announcement!

Bellies on Display Sibling Baby Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement - mom and brothers showing off bellies

Photo: Little Adi + Co Blog

1...2...3! This big brother pregnancy announcement is a heart-melting way to share the news. And definitely another framer on our list of sibling pregnancy announcement photo inspiration!

Another Adventure Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement - family travel photo

Photo: Meg O on the Go

Go to a special place and take a family picture like this that says it all! A new baby announcement is certainly an adventure to be celebrated. 

Sibling Reaction Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement - crying brother reaction

Photo: Instagram/yo_floyd

Whether your kiddos are overjoyed or overwhelmed, capture the moment you share the news with them to create a truly special—and unforgettable—sibling baby announcement.

The Future is Female Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement - family wearing future is female shirts

Photo: Uptown with Elly Brown

Expecting your first little girl after a pack of boys? This is the sibling baby announcement to beat! 

More Pregnancy Announcement Ideas:

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