Life is about to get a little more magical with a new baby on the way. Disney mums and dads (or parents-to-be!) will delight everyone in the kingdom with a magically adorable pregnancy announcement. Whether it’s your first baby or you’re adding a new set of ears to the pack this year, there are so many cute ways to pull off a Disney-themed baby announcement—no matter if you’re shouting your news from the Parks or from the comfort of your own castle. Check out some inspiration from cute Disney families around the Web, and get ready to share the next chapter of your fairytale far and wide.

Balloons by the Castle Disney Pregnancy Announcement

A Disney pregnancy announcement photo taken in the Magic Kingdom with balloons 

Photo: Instagram/danigoes2disney

It doesn’t get more iconic than a Mickey balloon at the Parks. This classic piece of nostalgia in pink or blue is a perfect way to announce your news.  

Mickey, Minnie, and MINI Shoes Pregnancy Announcement

 A Disney pregnancy announcement with two adults posing in red shoes next to a pair of child-sized Minnie Mouse shoes

Photo: Instagram/definitionofwanderlust

What’s red and white, and cute all over? Mickey and Minnie themed shoesies are such a sweet lineup. 

Mickey Ears on the Sonogram Pregnancy Announcement

 A Disney pregnancy announcement with a pair of Mickey ears an sonogram

Photo: Instagram/ericareneerodriguez

A perfect example of a Disney-themed pregnancy announcement that can be executed at home or at the happiest place on earth: Just add ears to your ultrasound and let the magic begin. 

The Princess & The Bump Disney Announcement

 A mom-to-be poses in a princess dress holding a sonogram photo to announce her pregnancy at Disney

Photo: Instagram/mademymagicsteph

Embrace your fairytale fantasy—bump and all—for a glowing Disney pregnancy announcement fit for a princess.

TWO Infinity & Beyond Disney Pregnancy Announcement

 A big-brother-to-be is dressed as Buzz Lightyear and holds an ultrasound photo to announce a pregnancy at Disney

Photo: Instagram/happilyeverabbie

Next up? Kid number two! What a cute and fun way to involve a big brother or sister in your Disney pregnancy announcement. 

Our Greatest Adventure Disney Pregnancy Announcement

A couple dressed in safari gear holds Mickey ears and a sonogram in a Disney pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Instagram/thekarenstyle

Suit up safari-style, and take your friends and followers on a journey into welcoming the newest addition of the pack.

Disney Pregnancy Announcement Onesie 

 A Disney-themed pregnancy announcement onesie

Photo: Instagram/foodiedreamsofdisney

We love a pregnancy announcement onesie, and Disney families will find there are tons of sweet options out there. 

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bump Disney Pregnancy Announcement

A pregnant woman wears a shirt that says "Bibbidi Bobbidi Bump" in a Disney pregnancy announcement 

Photo: Instagram/kaylaanne23

Because Fairy Godmother’s favorite adage was “due” for an update! (See more pregnancy announcement tees!)

Big Sis Disney Pregnancy Announcement

 A Disney pregnancy announcement photo where a little girl wears Mickey ears that say "Big Sis" at the Magic Kingdom

Photo: Instagram/shana.cunningham

Those ears do it every time – sweet, simple, and timelessly Disney. (Peep more sibling pregnancy announcement ideas!)

SNOO Disney Pregnancy Announcement

Disney pregnancy announcement photo of a Mouse ears onesie and Mickey Mouse dolls in a SNOO bassinet

This pregnancy announcement pairs the magic of Disney with the magic-like SNOO! (SNOO aids a baby's pixie dust needed!)

Beauty & The Beast Pregnancy Announcement Tee

 A pregnancy announcement t-shirt that says "there's something that wasn't there before" with an illustration of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast

Photo: Etsy/DianaCustomCreations

From the actual Parks to your local park, or just a living room selfie, a sweet Disney pregnancy announcement tee does all the talking. We love the bump-friendly ruching on the side of this one, paired with a cheeky quote from Mrs. Potts to up the awww factor.

The Fourth Awakens Pregnancy Announcement

 A Disney pregnancy announcement that looks like a movie poster and says "The Fourth Awakens" with a picture of a family dressed as Star Wars characters

Photo: Neyssa Lee

Star Wars fans can’t help themselves, and why should they? The force is strong with this baby, and if it’s a fourth (4th baby or 4th family member!) for you too, this phrasing couldn’t be more perfect.

Disney Pregnancy Announcement Pins

 A disney pregnancy announcement photo: Hands hold a sonogram and Disney pins that say "Celebrating Mommy to Be" and "Celebrating Daddy to Be"

Photo: Instagram/djjordannelson

All you need is a marker and a Disney button to spell out the most magical news ever! 

Disney Pregnancy Announcement Dress

 Disney pregnancy announcement photo: Two big-sisters-to-be are dressed like Minnie Mouse and hold a smaller Minnie dress at one of the Disney parks

Photo: Instagram/ashleypease

“Passing down all these dresses one more time because Baby Number 3 is a girl!” If that isn’t the cutest sister act ever, we’re not sure what is.

“Oh Baby” Mickey Mouse Ears 

 A Mickey Mouse ears cut-out with the words "oh baby" written inside them used for a Disney pregnancy announcement

Photo: Instagram/LMVDesignsCo

Disney Mouse ears are a simple shape that evoke so much feeling. A beautiful photo of these ears will work as a pregnancy announcement, and then they can be hung as nursery decor. 

His & Hers Disney Announcement Tees

Two Disney pregnancy announcement t-shirts: one that reads "drinking for two" and one that reads "snacking for two" with silhouettes of Disney Parks foods and drinks 

Photo: Etsy/QualitySoftDesign

These tees are perfect to wear around Epcot or your favorite local dive, plus they make for a funny yet adorable pregnancy announcement. 

Romantic Disney Pregnancy Announcement

 A couple poses in Disney's Magic Kingdom to announce a pregnancy

Photo: Instagram/planesandprettythings

Get caught up in the moment with a whimsical pregnancy announcement featuring you, your partner, and your best accessory yet—the baby bump!

Waiting on Anna Frozen Pregnancy Announcement 

 Disney pregnancy announcement photo: A little girl dressed as Elsa from Frozen poses next to a sonogram photo, beneath her text reads: Every Elsa Needs Her Anna

Photo: Instagram/poonam.jollysidhu

If you’ve got a big-sis-to-be and her mini-me on the way, there is no cuter theme than Disney’s beloved sisters to tell the story.

Disney-Themed Baby Shoes

Disney pregnancy announcement photo: A pair of baby shoes that are embroidered with the house from "Up" and the words "Our Greatest Adventure" 

Photo: Instagram/buttermakesmehappy

Pretty much any Disney favorite can be made into a shoe, and a simple photo of baby shoes is one of the most precious ways to announce your news. UP is a heartfelt choice filled with emotion and whimsy.

Digital Disney Pregnancy Announcement 

 Disney pregnancy announcement photo: A letterboard that says "see ya real soon Baby Jones" placed next to a Mickey Mouse doll

Photo: Etsy/LovelyChaosPrints

This is the easiest way to announce a pregnancy; all it takes is a few clicks and a name change and you’ve got your Instagram-perfect pic ready for posting. (Take a look at more digital pregnancy announcements!)

Magic Mum Disney Pregnancy Announcement

 Disney pregnancy announcement photo: Pregnant woman wears a shirt that says mama and holds a pink Mickey Mouse balloon

Photo: Instagram/shopfridayapparel 

Say it with a tee that states your new role boldly. Paired with a Mickey balloon, against your favorite Disney backdrop, or with a crown or ears added, this is an easy and adorable Disney pregnancy announcement idea.

“Baby Story” Disney Pregnancy Announcement

 Disney pregnancy announcement photo: A toddler dressed as Woody from Toy Story poses in a box next to a sign that says "You've got a friend in me best friend due October"

Photo: Instagram/bohohatco

Every little cowboy needs a best buddy. This Toy Story themed pregnancy announcement is what childhood dreams are made of.

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